Caught Between Two Billionaires

Caught Between Two Billionaires

By:  Grace Flowers   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Please Evelyn, we can make this work" "Pierre please, it's not working out, I can't continue, goodbye my love" she began to walk away from him. "I own you Evelyn Spells, I'll come back for you....even if I have to tear down mountains to get you" Three years later, He's the chairman for the board of CEO's for the Anon project. Now she has to face her obsessive ex lover and her boss who she thinks might be falling in love with her.

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Evelyn didn't own a car yet, so she walks a little farther from the house until she reaches a t-junction and waits until she gets a cab.Immediately, she hadn't seen the vehicle coming...WOOSH! .....She shreiked in disbelief.The car had splashed dirty water all over her. The driver was gone and didn't stop. She looked at the direction of the car in anger, until it was out of sight. At that moment, a cab pulls up in front of her...."Great" she muttered "Hello ma'am ""Hi, to the gold-market please" she said, fuming"25 dollars ma'am ""Yeah".She'd shop real quick, and go home, she thought to herself, as the only thing she could think of was lying in her warm cozy bed. The audacity of whoever it was. She gritted her teeth as she rummaged through with her thoughts. Hugo Galverra was lucky he hadn't hit the young woman. It might have added to his problems tonight.He was really pissed. How dare those foreign bastards overwhelm him. He was trying to get a project done quickly, but
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She was furious, who the hell did he think he was? She was done with her shopping, when she recognized the car that had splashed her ditch water. Now he wanted to buy her off? Did he think he was going to offer her money and just buy her? Did she look cheap to him? Or he felt every woman could be bought with money? She wasn't gonna lie, he was a really attractive man, but without manners! That's the problem with these rich guys, they never have manners. She hated his type, such proud, egotistic man. "What a rude goat!"....she murmured. She was going to forget about him, he didn't matter. She hissed as she waved at a taxi. She got home, made pancakes, then showered. She got into bed, took her laptop and began to work. She slept off on her laptop, she had a very important presentation tomorrow. "Who was that little elf?" Hugo Galverra thought to himself as he drove, he had never apologized to anyone before, let alone a woman. He was the one who always received the apology. She
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Evelyn was up the next morning. She had dozed off and hadn't done much last night. She hurriedly tried to finish up the presentation, and arrange her slides well. She was done, she quickly showered.She had no idea what to wear, at last she decided on a bright red colored body con dress. It was really pretty on her and settled well around her hips area. It showed a little cleavage, but she didn't mind. She needed to look very good for the presentation today. She needed to prove to her boss that she was the one for this job and be able to convince the French partners coming in today. She had heard that they were a tough nut to crack, well, they just had to wait and see how she'd convince them. The most important thing was that her CEO would be coming in today. She had never seen him before, but she knew a little about him. She knew his name was one Mr Hugo Galverra, and he was a Spanish billionaire who was very successful in the US. He might be some old bulging man with grown kids
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Hugo couldn't believe any of what was happening. So this woman was a staff in his company. He hadn't been able to get her thoughts out of his head since his encounter with her. Here she was! Isn't fate just wonderful? As soon as he entered the conference room, he noticed a woman go limp in her chair, but he didn't see her face until now. She was looking so radiant, she was a true beauty. She had also recognized him, because she refused to look up since the meeting began. She had her face bent slightly downwards. He was going to watch and see if she had anything upstairs or she was just "all mouth and no brains". About an hour later, it was her turn to continue the presentation for the project. She delivered very smoothly. She wasn't just mouth after all, but also brains. He was particularly most impressed at how composed she was, despite the friction she felt. He had asked her some questions, to throw her off balance, but she answered all very smartly. She had truly done well.
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Today was Friday. She was grateful for the weekend that followed. She prepared for work and left. She hoped for the best today. As soon as she got to her office, her boss requested her presence. She got to his office and greeted him."Hello Evelyn, please sit""Thank you sir""I want to congratulate you once again for a job well done, you really did well""Thank you sir" she smiled "Uhmm Evelyn, there is something I need to tell you"Her heart sank as she listened to her boss.This was it!! she thought to herself, they were going to fire her. The CEO was going to humiliate her this way? What a wicked man!! "Evelyn?....Did you hear me?"Uhmm..." She shook her head."I said you've been promoted Evenlyn."What?" She blurted out. A promotion? She didn't understand what was happening. This was definitely not what she had expected."Relax Evelyn, it's not much of a promotion but it's a good thing. I guess Mr Galverra was very impressed that he's asked that you work for him as his secretary
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