Chasing Arieon

Chasing Arieon

By:  Nifemi_11  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't touch me!", Arieon yelled at him as tears fell freely from her eyes. She was breathing heavily from the way she ran down the stairs. "You'll harm yourself, be careful!", Enzo snapped at her angrily. She glared at him, "The only harm that will come to me is you, so stay the fuck away!". He rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs. The more steps he took towards her,the more she moved backwards. Her back hit the wall and she cursed internally. He grinned in triumph and placed his fingers on her jaw making her to look at him. "Mi cara, you're the only good in my life. You and our unborn child", he placed his hand on her stomach and she felt her heart flutter. "Stop running away", he leaned closer to her. "And if I don't", she asked in a hushed tone. Their eyes locked and he grinned, "I'll keep chasing you, Arieon".

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Very nice novel and straight to the point. I also love the ending. Kudos to the author.
2023-11-27 16:55:37
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Joyce Nartey
I loved it and I'm proud of the author.
2023-11-11 22:13:07
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Tawny Stroh Beck
Really good but would have liked a better ending
2023-11-11 17:08:23
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you guys should please comment so I can know your thoughts .... Thank you in advance
2023-09-15 16:06:04
58 Chapters
Arieon watched distastefully as her mother continued to talk about the wedding party they were going to attend the next day."Arieon, pay attention child!", Elisa scolded her daughter who was narrowing her eyes at her. With an eye roll, she continued with what she was saying."Mother, do I really have to go?", Arieon asked. Elisa glared at her stubborn daughter, "You're going to that wedding no matter what. We need to present ourselves there as a family". "Dear, take it easy on her", Lucas walked in holding a cup of coffee in his hand.'Thank you!', Arieon screamed in her head as her mother's shoulders sagged down."Has Tiffany sent your dress?", Elisa asked her daughter. She nodded, "I got it this morning"."You and your sisters are going to the spa later this afternoon", her mother said. With an annoyed sigh, she nodded and stood up to leave.Eliza watched in frustration as her daughter left the living room."She as grown to be a beautiful woman", Lucas said as he sat beside his wi
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"Please reduce her intake of sugar and salt. She needs to take it easy on the number of sweets she eats", Arieon told the woman who had a girl on her lap."Will she be okay?", The worried woman asked as she looked down at her five year old daughter. Little Lilith had a heart stroke and it was a mighty battle of wills before they could revive her.Arieon smiled warmly at the woman, "She's a strong little girl. She'll be fine". After prescribing drugs to her, they bid their goodbyes. Arieon's phone began to ring. She looked at the caller and frowned.Her father was calling her.He rarely called her so why was he calling her now?"Yes, dad?", She picked up. There was a shuffling in the background. "Sweetheart, how are you feeling?", He asked. "I'm fine, thank you. May I ask why you called?", She asked with a frown."I just wanted to hear your voice, darling. I miss my girls so I decided to hear the youngest first", he said with a small laugh."Okay", she said still not convinced but bru
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Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at the triplets' birthday party. Their parents hosted a large birthday party in their grand mansion. Many people were invited from far and near to come and celebrate with the De Mevius."Where's Alison?", Addison asked her younger sister. She shrugged, "Maybe kissing Dylan". Addison cringed at the image of her sister kissing and immediately shunned the image."Don't give me creeps", she told Arieon who laughed at her. "Your expression was priceless", she said."Any suitors?", Addison asked. Arieon rolled her eyes, "I told them I'm not interested". "I'll not be surprised if you married at the age of seventy", Addison shook her head at her sister. Arieon glared at her, "Don't be surprised if I got married before you". Addison cocked an eyebrow, "Is that a challenge?". "I think it is", Arieon pipped. With a laugh, the two sister shook their heads and began to search for their sister to complete their trio.Feeling a burning stare at her back, Ar
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He watched as she slept peacefully on the sofa. They were flying back to Italy so he could check on one of the warehouses. He wasn't the type to see woman cry. Damn, if his sister would shed a tear he'd wreck havoc in the nations of the world. He wasn't the one to feel guilty but then he felt it. It wasn't his decision to have her. It was his father's. Unlike his father, he didn't want to settle down for anyone knowing they'll be his weakness. Vincenzo Armani had no weaknesses. The name alone was enough to get one shaking in his or her shoes. He hoped that she wasn't a bad choice. Arieon opened her eyes slowing to see a man staring at her. Groggily, she rubbed her eyes and sat up straight. She tried to move her neck but whimpered when a pain shot through it. "Shit", she cursed as she raised her hand to massage it. "I'm guessing your neck is stiff", the man said making her look up. She winced when her neck hurt. "Allow me", he stood up and walked over to her. Her breath seized w
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It has been four days since Arieon set her eyes on Vincenzo, not that she was complaining though. She had the time to explore the mansion. She didn't forget to yield to his warning fearing he may hurt her. "I think orange goes better with it", Agatha told her. "Isn't it too bright?", Arieon frowned. "Well, oranges are bright", Agatha shrugged. Agreeing with her, she decided to paint oranges on the tree. They were in the sun room at the highest part of the mansion. Just like it's name, the sun was shining bright in the room. According to Agatha, anyone could watch the sun rise and set from here. Arieon and Agatha became good friends over the past few days. "It looks good", Arieon said with pride as she looked at her artwork. A scenery of a beautiful garden. Arieon loved to paint. It was a talent she got from her father. "While you don't", Agatha chuckled making her look down at her apron. There were stains of different colors on it. "I'll wash it later", she said as she removed
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The sun wasn't even out yet and Arieon was already awake preparing for her wedding. How ironic?Wasn't a woman meant to be happy and excited on her wedding day? Well, that's not the case for Arieon then. She didn't even have a smile on her face as Agatha gave her a full body spa.After getting dressed in a white sundress and her hair pulled up in a neat bun, she made her way downstairs. "After breakfast, Capo asked you to meet him at the court", Agatha told her as she served her. Arieon nodded and began to eat. After enjoying her meal, two guards escorted her to the slick black Escalade waiting for them. They arrived at the court and she was escorted in. She saw Enzo and the lawyer talking. Sensing her arrival, he turned around and their eyes looked. Feeling the heat rush to her face, she averted her eyes to the ground. The lawyer smiled at the tension. "Hello, Ms. De Mevius, I'm Mr. Blaze", he said trying to ease the tension. "It's nice to meet you sir", she raised her head to l
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With a soft yawn, Arieon woke up and sat up straight. She rubbed her eyes sleepily as she got off the bed. She looked at the bed to see that Enzo wasn't there.A sad frown formed on her lips but then she rolled her eyes. Typical Vincenzo.She decided to get ready for the day since they were going back to the mansion today.By the time she was dreading up, Agatha walked in. Her hair was pulled in a messy bun and she was wearing a black sundress. She looked beautiful without makeup which made many girls jealous."Good morning, Arieon", she greeted. "Good morning to you too, Agatha", Arieon smiled at her as she braided her hair. Then her eyes landed on the red spots on Agatha's neck. They were about five. "What's that on your neck?", Arieon asked. Agatha's eyes widened as her hands flew to her neck. "N-nothing!", She stuttered as she pulled her hair out of the bun.Yup, that's a hickey, Arieon giggled at her flushed state. "I'm sure Matteo treated you like a queen", she teased. "More l
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For the past three days, Arieon refused to come out if her room. Not that Enzo actually minded but that was too dramatic on her part."Capo", one of his men walked in. "Yes, Ben", he looked up from his paperwork. "The French Mafia is trying to invade the warehouse in Varese."Prepare the jet", he ordered and Ben nodded before walking out. With a sigh, Enzo stood up from his chair. As he walked out of his office, his phone began to ring. With an annoyed huff, he picked it and brought it to his ear. "What?", He asked. "Hello to you too, best friend", Matteo said sarcastically. "State your business", Enzo rolled his eyes. "I wonder if you actually love me", Matteo said with a pout. "Be serious", Enzo said. "I am serious", he defended. Then again, when has Matteo ever been serious?"So are you heading to the warehouse?", He asked. "Yeah", Enzo replied as he walked into the living room. "I'm already in Varese. I was taking care of some shit. I'll handle it for you and give you updates",
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Everyone here was wearing red or black. The women's dresses screamed money and so was their makeup. At first, Arieon felt out of place but when she saw how some of them looked like plastic dolls, she felt comfortable in her own skin."You look beautiful", a woman approached her. She looked like model even though she was old. "Thank you. You look exquisite too. Is that necklace Tiffany's?", Arieon asked. The woman chuckled and nodded, "I love their brand of jewelries mostly". Arieon nodded in agreement, "They are very artistic"."You're a very smart woman, Mrs. Armani", the woman said. "Please call me Arieon", Arieon told her with a smile. "I'm Mrs. Rossi but you can call me Milani", she said and Arieon nodded."Where's your husband?", She asked. "He went to make a call", Arieon said and she nodded. "How are you liking Italy?", Milani asked her as she flagged down a waiter. "It's a beautiful place", Arieon said as they picked a glass of champagne from the tray the waiter was holding."
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The next morning, Arieon woke up with a very painful headache. "God", she groaned in pain as she held her head with her hands. A frown formed on her lips as she felt something heavy weigh her down as she tried to move.She raised her leg up and winced in pain as her lower region throbbed achingly. Her eyes widened as she realized that she was naked under the covers.She tried to sit up straight but something heavy was holding her down. She placed her hand on it and discovered that it was an atm. She looked to her side to see the owner of the arm and her heart dropped. Vincenzo was fast asleep looking as peaceful as a baby. Her mouth went dry as she tried to remember what happened last night. They got drunk and went home, that was a she could remember.Tears formed in her eyes as she failed to remember what happened next. She peeled the cover away from her body and her eyes zeroed on the evidence of last night's events on the bed. A sob left her mouth as she began to shake Enzo. "Enz
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