Chasing Darkness

Chasing Darkness

By:  Nowhere Gray  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nobel Paranormal Investigation is a paranormal group that investigates paranormal occurrences within the country. As Nobel, the leader of the group went to London to attend a paranormal conference, he left his group and his beloved girlfriend Ariz Jones in California. At first everything seems alright, until Ariz met a guy who was requesting for an investigation in his due to high paranormal activities happening in his mansion. The moment Ariz accepted the case, NPI found themselves in their one bizarre and dangerous case yet. With Ariz being kidnapped and an Psychic psycho serial killer on the loose, find out how will Nobel and the gang discover clues in order to find the suspect and bring Ariz back.

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5 Chapters
Prologue Mountain of papers were making her desk looks like a wide trash can. But the woman behind the desk couldn't care less. She's currently busy reading a file in a folder, while sipping coffee and making herself comfortable in her office chair. There's no need to rush everything. She needs to read this file thoroughly before deciding on it. Or else it will be another waste of time. "Nathalie?" Her friend called, now standing in front of her. "Aren't you going home yet? It's already nine thirty." "You can go first, Jen. I still have plenty of things to do." She said. "I'll stay for another hour." "Ok, if you say so. Then be careful on your way home. There has been a report that some pervert is running loose near this area." "You're also a woman, that applies to you too." She flipped another paper and read its contents. "A haunting, I see." "So, you're still accepting cases related to paranormal huh? I thought you already stopped a long time ago?" She nodded. This case came
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Every day was the same for Ariz Jones. School, part time work and twice a week she meets up with the irregulars of Nobel Paranormal Investigation. Sometimes when he's not busy, Ranka Taniyama the NPI Japanese resident monk or Ran for short teaches Ariz something about exorcisms and some warding spells. While Serenity Sinclair—another psychic specializing in making charms showed her how to draw and make some of them so that she could use it whenever she's in an uncompromising situation with the paranormal. Serenity also helps her in her studies. Since Serenity is like a mother to her, she's the one Ariz could turn to whenever she's having difficulties in some subject. Butter Mayers is still doing her work as a celebrity medium and Ariz admits that she's a fan of hers. It's not like she can't talk to spirits but every time she watched Butter on TV, she couldn't help admiring the medium for her calm and cool personality. Lian Sanders—the intel of the group, didn't agree wit
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Chapter 2
The wind blows mildly, bearing the scent of half winter half spring night. Sounds of rustling leaves mixed in a bit with the blowing wind making a melody of stillness and peace, kind like a lullaby. She looks up the evening sky and shivered at the coldness of the night. The sky was a bit unclear, stars are merely visible due to fogginess and she could only see a faint glow of yellow light underneath the cloud that covers moon. Her eyes shifted on her surroundings. It was dark. There were lamps but neither of them generates light. Tombs are neatly aligned on both sides. Some have withered flowers and unlighted candles, while most of them have none. She frowns... 'A cemetery?' The wind stopped and silenced enveloped the whole place emphasizing the emotion of sorrow, pain and loneliness. "I'm here father..." A gentle voice echoed from somewhere. She looks around trying to find the owner of the voice. But aside from her the place was empty. "I got back. I'm sure you're going to b
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Chapter 3
The sun was shining bright and the gentle breeze of the cool wind is kissing his cheeks conveying a rather exhilarating feeling. Nobel ran a finger in his jet black hair as he opened his eyes, only to be greeted by a breathtaking cloudy blue sky reflecting on the calm endless blue sea. There were white birds flapping their wings and gliding in the air with so much contentment flying in the horizon. Seems like a painting bathed in white and blue color. It was downright beautiful and to be able to stand in the middle of this amazing place only meant one thing. He's dreaming.He turns around and saw an auburn haired girl looking up at the sky with her brown eyes wide open. Her long wavy hair was gently swaying along with the wind. Nobel blinked and frown."What are you looking for?" he asked Ariz."An airplane vapor trail," she replied, then smiled at him. "Look! There's one over there! Look Nobel! There!"His brows deepened as he looked up. It's too bright and he can't see where Ariz w
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Chapter 4
"Ariz..."Ariz?"Ariz, tea..."Tea?"Miss Jones..."Jones..."Idiot...childish...""Little girl!"Little... Girl"Ariz."Ariz...Different voices played continuously inside her head, and the girl felt like she was sinking into the deepest pit of the ocean. Little by little her body was submerging deep down in a place where no one could reach.Her memories played like a film before her, and whenever she tried to reach for the fragments, they flew away. Everything that was left in her was slowly forgotten. And in a matter of time she would become a mindless, voiceless creature. Just a pile of blood and flesh.'I'm sorry, I arrived late...I'm very sorry, Ariz.' A male voice echoed in the whole place. It was gentle and caring, but she could feel how worried this voice was.Ariz...'Who is Ariz?''I promise...I'll protect your memories...I'll protect you.'Promise...Promise...Promise...Me?'Me? I wonder...I wonder what's happened to me? Me?...I..I?''I don't know...I really don't know..
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