Cielo: Chronicle of untold truths

Cielo: Chronicle of untold truths

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A ruthless mob boss and an undaunting and impulsive female spy; love they say, finds us when we least expect it. Cielo is a 23 year old lady who works as a spy for an illegal institution in Italy. Many years ago, her parents were murdered in cold blood at their home. She losses her brother and grows up to be one of the best in her field. Giovanni Cherisi is the young and ruthless crime boss of Palermo city. He breathes fire, and walks on thorns. He is the perfect image of a walking god. Their path crosses when Cielo's boss sends her on a mission to steal information from Giovanni and the meeting sparks an uncanny romance between the two. Giovanni is a raging fire, Cielo is a melting ice. Would fire and ice ever blend? Or will one consume the other? Life, love and the truth are all at stake as the secrets in their life slowly unfolds before them and they find themselves wrapped in an even bigger plot.

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90 Chapters
1. Sixteen years ago
Her father tapped her few times and she turned on her bed, pulling her pillow closer.“Heyy, wake up.” her dad called lowly, but the urgency of his voice couldn't be mistaken. She fluttered her eyes open before staring at her father with sleepy eyes.“Dad. What's…” “Shhh. Be quiet, Cielo” her father interrupted. His tone low, but strong enough to let her know something was wrong. She stared from her father to her brother that was standing few feet beside him looking uninterested in what their father was saying. She sat upright on the bed, rubbing her eyes with her palms as she waited for her dad to speak again. She still felt sleepy. “Let's go." Her father stated, matter of factly and helped her get out of the bed. She got down from her bed quietly and put her legs into her flip flop slippers before her dad pulled her out of the room. They walked into the lobby where they heard a loud banging on the entrance door. She wanted to scream, but not for her father's hand that went instin
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2. Mr Anonymous
“How are you preparing for the charity event?” Angelo Cherisi asked as he walked into his brother's office. His hands were tucked in his pockets as he walked over to the large oak table in the room. “Why do I need to prepare?” His brother asked, raising a quizzical eyebrow at him. Angelo plopped down on the seat in front of his brother before taking out a stick of cigarettes from his breast pocket. “Because you are Giovanni Cherisi, head of the Cherisi family and mob boss of palermo.” Angelo stated with a boyish smile, making his brother smile widely. “Do I need to remind you that you would be delivering a speech and making a major donation?” Giovanni faced turned sour at the sound of that. He hated making those public appearances, especially one that involved him meeting with the corrupt officials of the city. He hated the city politicians, he hated the city people, infact, there were only a few things he didn't hate. Family and wealth topped that list. “Why can't you make the spe
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3. Cielo
The Charity event soon ended and the crime families soon returned to their base. There was only one thing on their agenda. Find Mr Anonymous!The Charity event had realized up to twenty million dollars that was to be used to do carry out projects in the city.“What the fuck was that?” Alessio screamed at his underboss as soon as they stepped into the foyer of the house. “Who is the anonymous person?” he questioned, walking to the bar and taking out a bottle of whiskey. He turned a quantity into a glass, drinking from it before turning back to face him.He had donated the least amount of money. The Verrilli family wasn't even financially buoyant to make such donations, but it was mandatory for all the crime families to donate. The Verrilli family had lost a whole lot of money in the past two years. After a drug deal with the Venice mafia had failed to pull through and their parcel intercepted by the federal cops, they had hit the rocks of financial crisis. Alessio was prone to making b
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4. Find the space ghost
In a dark empty almost empty room, a man sat at the center, in front of a computer set. He was dressed in a black expensive suit and his face was covered in a mask. A glass of wine and a cup was on the same table as the computer and a paper carrying a long list of item.He stared at the video footage of the charity event, watching as Giovanni gave his speech before zooming in on the female that was moving. Somehow, she looked too familiar, but after looking at her face for some minutes he couldn't place where he knew her from, so he swiped, continuing with the video. Nothing looked suspicious so he ended the video, relaxing into his rocking chair. He popped the wine into the glass and took a quantity.He had made the donation the previous day for multiple reasons. He knew what to expect. He had studied the dynamics of the Palermo crime scene and he knew which card to pull and when to pull it and he had just pulled his first card.Giovanni Cherisi, Alessio Verrilli and Romano Rossi, th
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5. An alliance
“I want an alliance. An alliance between the Verrilli family and the Rossi family. An alliance until we find the anonymous man.” Alessio stated with an impeccable tone. “Why?”“Why? Cos I think we should be united.” Alessio answered, still holding his gaze. Romano cleared his drink, drinking from his glass again. He relaxed into his chair, picking up a stick of his favorite cigarette from the table.“These things don't work that way, Alessio,” he said, his voice coming out unusually calm. “It should be a beneficial relationship, grattami la schiena, io gratto la tua.” Romano spoke up.“It would be quite beneficial for both of our families,” Alessio argued, making him scoff.“Do you have access to the dock? How many businesses do you have, real estate, gold? Do you have a relationship with the Russians?” he questioned, all in a bit to spite him. He knew the Verrilli family lost all these. They were the poorest of the three families, plus they were already in debt with the Italian godfa
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6. Step two
She stared at him, gulping as she took in his features again. He was standing very close to her, she could feel the heat radiating from him.“Or maybe I was looking for you.” she replied flirtatiously. She had to put her plan in motion. He stared at her with interest. What did she mean by she was looking for him? Did she know who he was? Ofcourse she knew. Everyone in the city knew.“Do I need to make an introduction?” he questioned.“Yes. Not everybody crawl on your feet.” She replied, her tone, challenging. He gave a small laugh at her audacious tone before walking closer to her, placing his head near her ears.“I am Giovanni Cherisi, you don't want to mess with me.” he said icily and chills ran down her spine. This was the first time she was standing very close to a very handsome man like him. Her targets were always older men. He looked dangerously at her, his features hard, yet soft. She Shaked slightly as she stared at him before clearing her throat to clear the awkward silence s
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7. Mia Dante
Cielo sat up from the bed, resting her back on the head rest. Her head was pounding slowly as she stared round the room. It looked strange to her. This wasn't her room. It was beautifully painted and decorated with white and a touch of light blue. The furnitures in the room were made of maple and gold. Her head was blank as she stared at the round in awe.“Finally awake?” that one voice she was trying not to get used to asked. She spun and saw him sitting on a chair by the edge of the bed. How didn't she see him since?“You. What are you doing here?” She questioned and he chuckled.“You are in my house. This is one of my guest rooms.” he answered and she almost screamed. She was in his house!She stared at his face for any sign to show that he was joking, but found none. His face was hard as stone. She looked round the room again. The blanket she was covered with was all soft and smooth. It all made sense now.“How did I get here?” She questioned.“You passed out.”“What?” She screamed
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Who are you?
“I've found everything about her.” Angelo announced, stepping into the room. Giovanni turned quickly to face him, his glass of drink whirling in his hand.“Who is she?” he asked, sudden panic surging through him. He could explain the feeling he suddenly felt at the pit of his stomach.“Mia Dante, born February, nineteen ninety eight, She's twenty three. She's from Florence, works for the government and is an orphan.” Angelo listed out and he heaved a sigh of relief at his revelation.“Any bad records on her?” he questioned.“None that I can lay my hands on.” Angelo replied, watching his gaze. He watched him relax after the statement.“Good.” He replied, drinking from his glass. Angelo stood there, watching his brother, his mind going in wavy thoughts. He still didn't trust the girl, but he had no say now that he could find nothing on her.“Are you gonna let her stay here?” he questioned, after Giovanni had dropped his glass.“Huh? She's gonna stay untill she's fit to return.” he replie
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9. Piece of the puzzle
“Who are you?” he asked and a chill ran down her spine. She looked at him him straight in the eyes. “Did he find out about her?” she thought, trying to read his eyes. “What do you mean?” she asked lowly.“I want to know more about you. I found your card, it states your name is Mia, but I'm curious. I want to know more.” He replied and relief washed through her. He was yet to find out anything. She just had to be careful.“Yes, my name is Mia, Mia Dante. I work for the government.” She replied.“I know all of that already. Tell me what I don't know.” he replied and when he noticed the uneasy look she had, he added. “Let Mr leave you to rest, we will talk later.” with that, he walked out of the room, closing the door softly.Cielo heaved a sigh of relief as he walked out of the room. She had thought he already found out her secret. She closed her eyes to relax and fluttered them open immediately. She had to contact her boss immediately. She searched for her purse in the table and when s
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10. Perfect night
Giovanni walked in to Cielo's room to meet her standing by the window, looking out. The weather was cool, the sun had gone down and was now replaced by dark clouds that showed that it was going to rain.He stood by the door watching her. The thunder roared, and she stood unfazed by the window. She turned and saw a figure by the door and almost screamed.“Shit! You scared me.” She stated, leaning on the wall to face him.“Nice to hear that.” he replied sarcastically and he huffed.“Why would you even walk into a lady's room without Knocking. Are you a perfect?” her tone should her annoyance. She was carrying out her pent up anger on him. He took quick steps and in few seconds, he was standing in front of her, his right hand on her neck, choking her. She coughed as he stared at her with with bloodshot eyes.“Don't you ever open your mouth to say shit about me in my house.” he warned, still choking her.She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it after coughing multiple times. H
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