Claimed by a God

Claimed by a God

By:  González  Completed
Language: English
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In another time a strong woman is forced to make a choice. The consequences of her choice will form the lives and deaths of thousands of people. What becomes of the princess, when the men of the supernatural see her beauty?

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loved this book.
2021-10-28 00:00:46
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Eulo Gonzalez
very good. I love history
2021-07-31 07:34:23
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this is good, keep going 👍🏻 do you have any social media that i can reach out?
2021-07-23 16:24:31
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Akira Sham
is beautifull history. veey good.
2021-07-21 19:41:33
29 Chapters
Chapter 1
  "Princess, we have little time what is your command?"   My heart was racing, even though my face showed nothing but a calm exterior. I knew what they demanded, the army that was now threatening to break our walls. They wanted access to my kingdom, to my people. Their blood was to sustain them, their rule was to be obeyed and respected. The letter I had received 1 week ago, was demanding us to do as they wished and if we agreed, they would be reasonable, letting no vampire to drink from a child under 15 they would only kill when forced to, or when they where to protect them self. If they spoke the truth, and this was a promise they would keep, no one could ever know. 'How can I bow down to this evil? How can I tell my people to obey. They would never forgive me for opening the gates, I would never forgive myself for doing so. But if I order them to fight, to go to war, there was a little chance anyone would survive. Most would be slaughtered, and t
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Chapter 2
  Blipp…blip…blip the clinging sound filled my ears and mind. It was so sweet like water drops falling down on a Chrystal glass. I felt at peas like there was nothing in the world that could ever get me out of my happy state. 'Am I with the gods, have they blessed me to become part of paradise?' Blipp.. blipp.. SMASH I heard it before I felt it, the burning sensation that pinched my face the throbbing that ached in my cheeks from the blow I just received. My eyes flew open and as I realized I could not focus my sight. I got more aware of my body, it hurt and screamed in pain at me. 'I am still alive, but why?' "Why?", It left my lips in a murmur. But I got no answer, and started to wiggle my body in a weak attempt to escape. But my body did not move much and I felt my arms being restrained. Darkness threaten to overtake me again, but then I felt a strong hand grasp my head and I immediately looked into
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Chapter 3
 Alicia The blood covered almost every surface on the floor, and what was left of the bodies were thrown into a pile. Most vampires seemed cheerful and also a bit high from the rush the blood had provided them. He however seemed to be unaffected by it. As if is he could handle more then the others. His clothes, arms and face where dripping of blood as he turned towards a few people in the back of the room. "Clean this mess up! And fix me a bath in my new chamber," he said with a strong voice and turned his attention toward me at his last comment. I was curled up as far away from the thrown and the scene as the chain allowed me. My arms were crossed over my chest and tears seeping down my chin. 'What did just happen? What have I done? How could I ever allowed it? Oh let me die now.' my eyes where gazing toward the non-existing horizon and my breath were quick and ragged. The fear had taken a hold of my body a
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Chapter 4
licia My eyes were glowing and I was observing the connection between us. His arm across my stomach and went around my waste. His broad shoulders and toned chest felt like a rock behind me, completely unyielding.I could here my own heart beating hard and loudly in my chest and my body was rigid. The air around us where filled with the blended smell of sweat and blood. The minute past by and nothing was said between us, it was as if he tried to make me understand whom I belonged to. He held me so tight it hurt my ribcage and it was not until a knock on the door interrupted the strained moment, that he let me go. He stood up, leaving me completely empty sitting on the floor. "Enter, " he shouted a bit to loud. "Master, you called for me. " It was Elza's pithed high voice. My back was faced the door so I could not see her. "Take Alicia with you, make sure she is cleaned up and put t
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Chapter 5
Alicia As I walked forward I noticed how I was trembling, and my legs were wobbling. It was even hard to take the few steps that brought me to my old bed, where my master was lying. His eyes roamed over my body like a hungry predatory and I could see how his eyes was slightly glowing. All I wanted to do was to run the opposite direction and flee from whatever that was going to happen to me.I put my knee on the bed and pushed up upon it, feeling the soft material of the sheets as I watched him carefully. "May I know your name, master?", I asked with some hesitation. "I am your master and I do not see a reason why I should tell you my name, since you will not call me by it," he answered plainly. He was still observing me as he took my hand in his slightly pulling me towards him. I resisted and pleaded with my eyes. 'I don't want to.' But then something took control over me again, a
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Chapter 6
  Alicia My eyes went wide and I screamed as the horror from my dream was beginning to come true. I could hear my master chuckle behind me, as he lowered his head down to my neck. "No please," the sound of my voice hardly escaped my lips. He was placing feather light kisses along the vain that were noticeable through my fair skin. It made me shiver. His breath was warm against me, but I felt frozen and now I was trembling. Master Cain took a deep breath in, filling his nostrils and his chest tightened behind my outstretched body. "Your blood smells even more enticing when you are afraid princess, " he whispered in a low and seductive voice. "It would be a waste to drain you all at ones." He continued while nuzzling my neck. "Be a good girl and don't move, the first bite always hurt." Before I had the chance to react I felt his cold hard fangs get pressed
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Chapter 7
 Alicia I don't know for how long I had been in the cell they had put me in. I was cold and chained up by my ankle. The chain was attached to a moist stonewall that I rested my body against. The cell was no bigger then 20 m^2 and was crammed with 10 persons of different ages. All of us were dirty and smelled sweat and blood. The most overwhelming sense, was the horrible smell from the two corpses in the corner. It´s intensity almost made me hurl. They had died a while ago, as a vampire decided to drain the two small women. He left them to take their last breathes in this cell. We had all witnessed it, without being able to interfere. He had been beyond ruthless and did not even try to calm them into submission. He simply demanded it through his actions. I felt empty at the thought of that scene and also when I thought about what I had been through for the past
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Chapter 8
 Alicia I almost fell down from the ledge into the deep part of the bath as my body was released from the hold the debt had on me. All the physical and psychological tension that was inside of me suddenly flew away from my body and I felt more relaxed then I had in a very long time. The feeling was the same as if you had drank a bit to much wine; I could not really focus or find the strength to control my body. It was as if my muscles had been on vacation and just got back. My master catched my body and helped me up into his lap. The water felt soothing and warm, and the petals softness against my skin made me shiver. By instinct I stiffen as I was placed in his lap, remembering what I had just been asked to do. I became more aware of the fact that the both of us where naked. His body felt hard behind me, and I could feel his erection pressed against me. I tried to t
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Chapter 9
  Alicia When he reached me and towered over my small body sitting in the corner he picked me up in one swift move and carried me back to the bed. Even if I wanted to struggle free my body wouldn't resist him, somewhere deep inside of me, I wanted to be in his arms. It probably was the effect his blood had on me. He laid me down carefully, and I watched him carefully with my tear strained eyes. He tuck a tendril of my hair behind me ear and continued to study me. The minuets passed, neither of us saying a word. When he turned his face away from me I could see that his focus was on something going on outside of this room, something was happening. It was evident that he was listening in on something; with their enhanced hearing it could be anything going on within the castle. Suddenly he got up and charged out of the door and before I had the time to react I was all alone in m
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Chapter 10
Alicia The sun was shining brightly in my eyes and I loved it, the blue sky and the warm wind comforted me and made me forget all of the troubles of the last few months. 'I can barely believe it has been so long already. It is not that far of until my 20th birthday, not that I expect it to be celebrated but anyway. At least now he are being a bit easy on me. ' Two weeks ago just after the first time both Adras and Cain had bitten into me, I had grown ill. I could barely move, speak or eat which of course was not a sign of good health. The doctor that master Cain had brought to me, suggested air, sunlight, healthy food, some special medicine and less draining of my blood. The last part had not gone down well with my master and even though I was quite out of it when the doctor told him I still remember the fight that toke place. That was until Yura reminded him of his other sources. I knew vampires whe
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