Closer To You

Closer To You

By:  TheLa  Ongoing
Language: English
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A dream was meant to be only a dream... But what if it always leads you to one thing? One person? That's what happens to Gale Blackwell. After surviving an airplane crash, Gale awake with no memories of his past. The only thing that keeps coming back to him was a dream about a girl's name. In each dream, he would say that he loves her. Everything in Gale's previous life is fading into the darkness - everything but Ava Shelley.

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jihan alya diba
that was a good story❤️❤️ Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep going auuthor nim🙏🏻🙏🏻
2021-06-02 21:36:33
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Dwita Lestari
GOOD STORY!!! I’m super curious about what will happen next and also wondering about his past. KEEP GOING PLS ⭐️⭐️
2021-05-26 23:36:09
52 Chapters
Chapter 1
I was born gifted with power. I was born trapped with a curse. They both coexist like yin and yang. Circling one another in an infinite loop. I have the power to grant any wish from the person I fall in love with. And I was cursed to never be able to get together with the person I am in love with. It sucks, isn't it? Luckily, I never fall in love in the twenty-three years of my life. Not even once! At least, I don't know what to expect and I don't make any expectations about my love life the moment my dad told me about the curse when I was only six years old. But I think, my luck is running out now...   My name is Gabriel Blackwell, I'm going to turn twenty-four this year and I am just realizing that I am deeply in love with my best friend; Ava Shelley.   -----  
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Chapter 2
The last five years were a long and hard time for Gale. The first time he opened his eyes after three weeks in a coma; he can't remember anything. The doctors had explained to him that he was one of the twenty-one survivors of an airplane crash. He went for a holiday with his family to Golden and was on their way back to Toronto when the accident happened – his dad, mom, sister, and brothers were killed. Gale was disorientated. He didn't know what he had to do. He should mourn, but he doesn't remember who he should mourn were. He couldn't remember them. He was almost out of his mind in the first month of his recovery. Thankfully, Meryl had come into his life. Ever since then, Gale was increasingly getting better. The first two years, Gale and Meryl had become good friends once again. She helped him with his study and also helped him become the real Gale Blackwell. He depends on Meryl so much to fix his life – his forgotten lif
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Chapter 3
A month after Meryl broke off their engagement, Gale made up his mind that the search for Ava Shelley couldn't be postponed any longer. The curiosity and the need for clarity have been consuming him alive. He needs to know who Ava Shelley is.But Gale was disoriented.He tried looking for an Ava Shelley on the internet and unfortunately, it didn't lead him to something – anything. There are too many women named Ava Shelley and he had seen hundreds of profiles belong to Ava Shelleys, and nothing rings to him. He needs to find another way to seek her, but he doesn't know what to do.Looking for her was like looking for a ghost and it drained Gale's energy.If people notice a change in Gale's behavior, they don't tell.But that doesn't include Finn – one of Gale's closest friends. The apparent change was extremely drastic for him to just wave it off.One day when the time for the lunch break comes, he interrogates Gale."You'
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Chapter 4
When he talked to the hospital board about taking an extended break, he expected that they would merely give him a week or two. But instead, they informed him that he can take a break for five weeks if he wants to. Since he became a doctor at the age of twenty-seven, Gale never takes a leave from work. He enjoys his job so much he didn't feel the need to go on holiday and it made his annual leave got accumulated. Meryl once got angry at him for refusing to come with her to London and stay for a couple of days with her family there. He felt bad about it, but he was persistent with his decision, and in the end; Meryl never invites him to come with her again. As a neurologist – the field that he chose in the hope for him to find a way to treat himself – Gale was always busy and he simply didn't have any reason to take a leave. That of course, until Ben decided to settle in Golden. Ben is Gale's cousin from his dad's side. They were not blood-rel
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Chapter 5
Gale hit the road two hours earlier from his original schedule. All because he couldn't stop thinking about the dream he had last night. He was scared but also curious. He never had such dreams before. It was always him and him alone; talking to himself, talking about Ava Shelley and how he was desperately in love with her. Last night, it was different. He saw a woman. He heard a voice. And he can't forget about them. How slender the woman's figure; How melodious her voice. It drives him crazy. He jerked out of his reverie when he heard his phone ringing. He slowed down the car and look at the caller while still focusing on the road.   Incoming Call Finn Wade…   Gale took a deep breath and released it before answering.   "Hey, what's up?" Gale said as nonchalantly as possible. He smashed the loudspeaker icon and placed the phone onto the phone holder.
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Chapter 6
Finn and Meryl were right; Gale was dead tired. It was a total of 49 hours trip instead of 38 hours like G****e Maps said. He didn't expect the trip would take that long. He forgot that human needs to sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Tiredness took over him and he had to stay the night at the nearest motel he could find after 16 hours driving more or less (Because Gale was a git; no B&B would take him in without a reservation. He thought he didn't need to stop at B&B and could easily sleep in his car if he needs to. What a stupid notion.) The motel was located somewhere in Thunder Bay, Ontario. At least the bed was comfortable. The night he spent there was a dreamless night. He slept like a baby and honestly it was relieving and he needed the rest so much. Gale was determined to continue the trip before seven am. And so he did. He checked out from the motel at six. He drove for another 23 hours with around 1 to 2 hours accumulated rest on th
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Chapter 7
"So, that was what happened. And by the look you are giving me now, I assumed you don't recognize anyone by that name..." Gale had explained to Ben and Molly about his relationship with Meryl and how it slowly broke apart even before the engagement. He had explained to them that he treated Meryl badly and how she deserves someone who can cherish her fully. He was not that person. He tried but he couldn't. At first, Ben and Molly thought that the one who suggested to end the engagement was Gale. They were unmistakably disappointed that Gale chose to pursue someone who most likely doesn’t exist over Meryl who has been there for him and helped him to assemble his life after the accident. But when Gale told them it was Meryl who wanted it and suggested it; they were baffled. Gale told them that Meryl chose this and if she never asks to end their engagement they probably still have engaged up until now. And Gale had tried to stop it but in the end, he relented and let her
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Chapter 8
"What are you thinking of?" I asked while hugging her from behind. Her head tucked under my chin. She shrugs her shoulders and plays with my fingers that are resting on her stomach. "I know you are thinking," I said against her glorious red hair. "Hmm," she only humming to answer me. She distangled my hands, stood up, and run away from me. Her laughter is echoing through the woods. Her braided hair is bouncing while she runs. Her long blue dress is waving behind her. Why did she choose to wear that dress today? That's her favourite dress, the one that she wears only for special occasions. Bright sunshine is hovering above us magnificently, making her glowing against the dull green of trees and brown of ground and rocks. "Catch me, and I'll tell you what I think!" She said without looking back.
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Chapter 9
Gale and Ben had just got back from their adventure on Rotary Trails. That was a pleasant journey. They decided to stroll around the trails with bikes and were very happy as they enjoyed Golden's view. The bridge was amazingly huge for a pedestrian bridge. Gale didn't remember anything when he was there, but there's a feeling inside his heart that made him feels warm. It's like his body was familiar with the surroundings, and he was in his element. Gale loves that bridge. He loves standing in the middle of it while looking at the stream. It calms him. He believes there are lots of beautiful memories from that place. If only he could remember it... When they got home, Gale doesn't feel quite satisfied with the outdoor activity despite the fact that he had already been outdoor since six in the morning. Ben said that he was crazy for not feeling tired as he automatically slumped to the couch the minute he stepped into his house. Gale only laughs it off.
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Chapter 10
Molly had been trying to contact Denise for the last fifteen minutes after they arrived at the hospital. She didn't pick up. Alex had been in the ER and got intensive care before he could get to the x-ray room. His leg might not be open fractured, but the discoloration gets worse on their way to the hospital makes Gale uneasy. Not to mention how bent Alex’s leg was. Alex was a champ. He holds himself from crying all the way to the hospital. However, the moment the curtain around his ER bed drawn close and Julia was in the waiting room with Molly, Alex finally cry. He holds Gale's hand tightly, and at that moment, he lets out the frustrating sob that he had buried so Julia wouldn't see him cry. Gale stroked Alex's head slowly and gently while the ER doctor examines his leg. "Thank you, doctor Gale." He said after the doctor finished his examination and left them alone. He was already stopped crying "No need to thank me." Gale said while
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