Craving Carmen

Craving Carmen

By:  Dimpho Ntoi  Completed
Language: English
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Carmen was found on shores of the Pacific as baby. King Cyrus of the country of Kineti, took her and raised her as his own. The child discovers her hidden abilities but advised to keep them a secret as she might be burned for having them. When she becomes a woman she uncovers the hidden truths about who she truly is.

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80 Chapters
Little Carmen
King Cyrus was in distress, tormented by the beautiful memories of the woman he loved who had suddenly departed. And when he closed his eyes, all he could envision was her countenance, her grin, her figure. All he desired was to hear her voice once more and the sound of her charming, innocent giggle. Jordan, his advisor, was greatly concerned about the King. "Ugh, not again!" King Cyrus shouted in fury. Jordan grabbed the bowl of ink and cautiously placed it on the table. "Your majesty, I think you need to move on. It has been two years now," said Jordan in a calm voice. "Carla is different, she is the only woman who was willing to understand me. But you are correct; she has been gone for a long time. I need to find it in my heart to accept that. Jordan, I need your assistance." The king sobbed. "That is why I am here, my Lord. What is troubling you?" The king sighed. "It has been a while since I've sailed the sea. I need someone to look after things here while I am away. Can you
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Best Friend
"She is a stunning woman, sigh." Jordan added. "She could even be the queen of Iceland, and still, I wouldn't want to see her this late. Take me to her." Jordan led the King to the dining area, where the woman was awaiting their arrival. The woman was certainly breathtaking, with long lustrous crimson hair, a slender physique, and a smile that illuminated the room. As soon as she noticed the King's entry, she rose from her chair. "Your Majesty," the woman said, curtsying. "Who are you, and why have you come so late?" the King inquired. "Please excuse my intrusion, Your Highness. I have been a nanny for many years and have cared for children of all ages. I heard that you have a new baby and wanted to offer my assistance." Jordan grinned and led the King aside. "She's impeccable, my Lord. She's a genuine lady, who could teach your daughter to be a resilient woman. Look at her clothing, she's tidy," he whispered. Jordan and the King redirected their attention to the woma
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Stranger in the woods
As the evening wore on, Carmen was overcome with a strong desire to walk in the forest. She carefully climbed out of her bedroom window, her hands and feet sticking to the walls like a magnet. Slowly, she descended the walls, moving as gracefully as a spider. Once she reached the ground, she darted off into the forest, moving at a lightning-fast pace without even realizing it. The scent of something familiar caught her attention, causing her to stop in her tracks. Suddenly, a mysterious woman appeared before her, shrouded in a red hooded gown that concealed her face. Carmen didn't feel afraid in the woman's presence, but rather safe. "Who are you?" she asked. The woman stepped closer and brushed Carmen's cheek with a cold hand. "You've grown up," she said. "Who are you? If you don't answer me now, I'll scream," threatened Carmen. The woman smiled. "Don't be hasty. I won't let any harm come to you, nor will I harm you." "Then why are you in the woods alone at night?" Carmen inqu
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Friend's Depart
There was a sudden knock on Carmen’s door. "Come in." Shiandra entered. "What is going on a here, why are you crying child?" She asked, seeing that Carmen was wiping off the tears from her rosy red cheeks. "My father said that I am not his blood, was he telling the truth?" Carmen asked, looking at her reflection on the mirror. Shiandra grabbed a comb, then began to brush Carmen's hair gently "So is it true?" The princess asked. "When did he say that?" Shiandra asked, with a concerned look in her eyes. "Today! I overheard him talking to Jordan." There was an awkward silence in there room. "You should not worry yourself about anything. You are a queen and you will rule one day." Carmen found the words comforting, she stopped being sad. Shiandra left the room but caught Alex walking away from the door as if he had been listening over to the conversation and indeed he was. Shiandra was very upset. "Hey you! Stop right there." She commanded. Carmen was lost in sleep by
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First skill of being a wife
The next day, Alex packed his bags and was ready to depart. However, to his surprise, Jordan arrived with King Cyrus and Carmen. "Were you planning on leaving without saying goodbye?" The King inquired. "Alex always does that. I'm used to it now," Jordan explained. Alex felt remorseful. "I-" The King interjected, sensing Alex's hesitance. "Don't worry. I understand. I have a canoe that you can use for your journey." "Thank you for the offer, but I don't have the money to pay you if it becomes damaged. I'm not the most skilled paddler," Alex admitted. The King chuckled. "I'm not asking you to pay for anything. The boat is yours to keep." Alex was taken aback. "What?!" he exclaimed, his face breaking into a wide grin. Jordan was also amazed. "Wow, this is incredible," he said, tears welling up in his eyes. "Come on, Jordan. We've been friends for how long?" the King asked. Carmen approached Alex and hugged him tightly. Jordan was concerned about how the King would react, but he
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The house of Kish
“The first thing you need to do is place the plate 5 centimeters in front of you.” Carmen followed the instructions with her own plate. “Next, place the soup bowl on top of the plate. Do you know why?” “Not really,” she replied. “It's because the first course will be soup. When you’re done eating the soup, the bowl will be taken off the plate and washed in the kitchen basin to remove all stains,” explained Shiandra. Carmen smiled. “Oh, that makes sense now. Does that mean the dinner plate will be used for the second course?” she asked. “Yes, you're very quick. And for every meal, you'll need this,” said Shiandra, raising the cutlery for Carmen to see. “A fork, a knife, and a spoon. Is that the same spoon we used to eat soup with?” Carmen asked. “Yes, it is. And when you’re done using it, gently place it inside the soup bowl before placing it in the kitchen basin. It's crucial to put the fork on the left-hand side of the plate and the knife on the right-hand side of the plate.” explaine
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The Beginning of Winter
The weather was frigid. The nights were even chillier. The Kineti royal attendants lit a blazing fire in Carmen's chamber to keep her warm through the night, but her hands remained icy. They never warmed up, even in the summertime. However, Carmen was unaware of this. She learned of it only once when she and Alex were playing as children. Carmen was never susceptible to fever. Her cells were resilient enough to fight off any illness that attempted to invade her. "It's getting colder, you need to consume some oil to keep your blood circulating throughout the winter," Shiandra proposed. She had purchased a bottle of cod liver oil that she trusted would work miracles during the colder months. "You know I never drink that," Carmen objected. "But my lady, it has other advantages as well. It will make your hair silky, robust, and radiant like mine." "I will never touch that bottle, nana. You can advocate for the oil as much as you want. I will never drink it." "One spoon, my dear. Just
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Shiandra is attacked
Suddenly a knock came to Shiandra's door."Come in!" She shouted.Jordan entered."Advisor. What brings you here this late?" "I cannot sleep""What is troubling you, did something happen to Alex?" "I can't stop thinking about you."Shiandra was confused."What do you mean by that, have I done something wrong?""Yes! you stole my heart. I love you Shiandra." Jordan walked closer to Shiandra.Her eyes widened."Your breath reaks alcohol." She said. Jordan chuckled. He walked even closer."What are you doing?" Shiandra shouted"I want you now. Please tell me you want me back."The odour from Jordan's mouth each time he exhaled was too strong.Shiandra turned her face away from the man.But he walked even closer. Suddenly, he grabbed Shiandra by the arm."Let me go this instant." The man was reluctant to let go. Jordan pulled Shiandra to himself and began to kiss her forcefully. Shiandra tried to fight him off, but he was not willing to let her go that simple. He went as far as grab
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Jordan's new illness
The next day, Shiandra packed all of her belongings and prepared to leave. When Carmen knocked on her bedroom door, she teased Shiandra about not having prepared a hot bath for her as she usually did. Shiandra replied that Carmen was no longer a child and did not need her. Carmen was surprised by her response and asked if she was leaving without saying goodbye. Shiandra confirmed that she was, stating that she was no longer needed as Carmen was now a grown woman. The princess insisted that Shiandra should at least say goodbye before leaving, and ran to fetch King Cyrus when Shiandra refused to do so. The King was surprised when he heard that Shiandra was leaving and asked her if she was doing so because of what had happened with Jordan. Shiandra admitted that this was the reason for her departure and refused to be persuaded to stay. She told the King that she would always be inferior in his eyes, and that he had defended Jordan even after he had forced himself on her. The King tried t
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Alex's Returns
Five days had passed since Alex had received news of his father's illness and he had returned to Kineti as soon as he could. He had transformed into a handsome young man, with a changed posture, bigger muscles, and a neatly trimmed beard. Upon seeing his father lying in bed, he knelt down and tears began to flow down his cheeks. "I'm sorry for taking so long to come to you. I was preoccupied with work and I had no idea things were this bad," he said to his father. Jordan tried to smile, but it was weak. Alex was shocked to see his father move. "You can move!" he exclaimed happily. Dr Collins was also surprised and began to analyze Jordan's condition. "This is the first time he has moved in a while. He must be very happy that you're here," he said. "Really? Then I'll visit him as often as I can," replied Alex with a smile. Jordan smiled, and the doctor noticed the improvement in his condition. "Indeed, the gods have answered our prayers. There is hope for your father," said the docto
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