Craving For Her

Craving For Her

By:  Lilac Everglade  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You are nothing but a whore like your mother!" He had snarled and left her with crutches in the rain. That was the last thing he had said to her years ago. Now she was back in his life as his PA... or was she? **** After a high school relationship that never should have been, Louis breaks Zoe's heart when she needed him the most and blamed her for his father eloping with her mother. After years of picking up the broken pieces of her life and heart, they meet again. But Zoe Carter is here not for an income, she is back for revenge. She was assigned the mission of intimately investigating billionaire bachelor, Louis Rodriguez as an undercover detective working as his employee. His ties to the mafia and drug underworld, she hopes will be his undoing. However, things get complicated when unwanted craving rise from the dust and then the unexpected happens when her mother is found. Beaten, tortured and with her memories lost. Soon it is clear someone or something is out for the woman's blood. She finds out that the perpetrators are the very organisation that Louis is suspected to be tied to. The Mafia. What Is it that Zoe's mother knows that makes a target? Where is Louis' father? Will Zoe alone face this new woe in her life and get the revenge she so desperately wants? Or will she be pushed into the arms of Louis, her enemy when she goes asking for help? Especially when she is the mother to his child that he does not know exists. Find out in the thrilling enemies to lovers novel "Craving For Her".

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Dear author I'm waiting still for your daily updates is that possible or you really drop this book? ...
2023-04-02 22:28:44
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I like this story if there any updates or the author will discontinue the story??
2023-03-17 04:39:21
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Trina Shayna Chua
I was trying to see his this book goes.. To my surprise a pleasant one, I like this book... Hopefully the update is regular..
2022-12-14 08:00:49
52 Chapters
The Outcast
Zoe's POV"Whore!" The students behind me yelled. I knew who they were talking to, but I ignored them. They could all go to hell. I picked up my notebook, and I felt something hit my head."You can't be disgusting and deaf at the same time," came Nessa's nauseating voice. "You better answer me."She got no reply from me as I continued reading my notebook and even momentarily looked out the window, just to get on her nerves."Answer my sister when she is speaking to you!" An unexpected but familiar voice called out to me.Again, I refused to turn around and let out an exasperated sigh as I heard approaching footsteps. I turned around to face him. It was Louis Rodriguez, Nessa's older brother.The guy that girls would kill for. From his olive skin to his eyes that held the ocean to the unruly raven curls that adorned his head. With the build of a Greek god, yet he was just like the others. A rich, overbearing dick. Who loved to see me suffer.I watched in disgust as he came close enough
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Unexpected Saviour
Zoe's POVI wandered a little bit, contemplating my life and everything else. I felt like was being pushed to the brink of insanity. This person didn't understand what it entailed to survive when you are dirt poor. Sure the part my mother took was not the most ideal but... she had three mouths to feed. She never showed affection towards us like she had when I was growing up. But I couldn't blame her, her job took all she had. She would come home exhausted and bruised. Her customers were monsters. I couldn't imagine; a depraved man letting out all his demented lust and violence on a woman beneath him. Sadly that was what my mother had signed up for.I couldn't completely see her as innocent or wise. She threw her life away for a bastard at nineteen. He had been twice her age. She ran away with him just to be used as an object for sex. She ran away again but she was already in deep. She was penniless but no matter how broke a woman was she could always pay in other ways. Luckily or unl
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Her Denial
Zoe's POV The next day was a Thursday, and I made my way to school, dropping my brother off before heading to my own class. As I reached the gate, I paused and inhaled deeply, putting my nervousness to the back of my mind. I planned to thank Louis for saving me but then avoid him like a plague afterward. To be honest, I didn't want to see him at all. That would give me enough of an excuse not to have to talk to him. School was relatively uneventful, but for some reason, I felt like I was being watched. I hoped my intuition was wrong. He was not in our grade anyway, being two grades higher, so I had an advantage, but morally, a disadvantage. We had a test after recess, and when we were done, the teacher called me. "Zoe, take the scripts to my office." "Yes, ma'am." I took the script and made my way to her office. She followed me, and once I finished my task, I turned on my heels to go back to class. Around the corner, I was pulled by someone. "We need to talk," I heard the perso
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The walls have ears
Louis' POV I fucking hated her! Every fiber in my body wanted to make her suffer, break her down, and destroy her. Her presence drove me crazy, but sometimes not in the way I'd like. But that didn't matter. She had the bitch's blood in her veins. Her bitch of a mother was the reason mine was depressed and hurting. The woman without a status dared to destroy the person that held my family together. That woman bewitched my father to dance to her tunes. Now he barely spoke a word to the woman who had loved him for decades. Now the woman's daughter was in my school? The moment I saw her with her unruly brown hair and determined jade eyes, I knew I had a mission to see her mangled and helpless, totally at my mercy. My sister joined in, and being in the same economic class as the rest of the school helped. From her first day, it was either she submitted or she was punished; either way, she was the loser. She had not one friend after two years. All the other scholarship students had transf
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Zoe's POV “Shit!“ I basically yelled at my reflection. On my neck and jaw, were hickeys. Conspicuous hickeys lined the places his mouth had touched. I had already missed a class and I am about to miss lunch. The thought of walking through school with them was enough to drive me crazy. “Ptttts, ptttts Zoe.“ I heard someone call me. I turned to see a student I didn't recognize. She had red hair that reminded me of Andrew. She flashed me a gummy smile and waved at me. I waved back and returned a limp smile. She walked out of her hiding spot. In her hand was a tube of foundation.“You might need this.“ I immediately used my left hand to cover the hickeys which made her giggle. “Don't worry, I already saw it.“ She put the tube into my hand wrapping my fingers around it. “I came to help.““Why? I don't even know you.“ “I am two grades ahead of you, call me Sandra.“ As she put out her hand for a handshake which I took with some trepidation.****I walked back to class. Every step was de
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Home on fire
She was joking, she had to be. I turned to her. She had a hopeful, nervous smile forming on her quavering lips."You want to waste my time so bad," I scoffed and watched her smile disappear. "You would make up some shit and expect me to believe it like the idiot you take me for!" "I... but... I," she stumbled over her words as tears welled in her eyes. By now every one had eyes on us. Wondering what two school girls were discussing that led one to cry. "It's probably about a boy," I heard a woman murmur.I almost cringed at her words. A boy indeed! "Ok, ok," I finally said after a moment. "I'll listen." I took her by the hand and led her to the place we were before. Well,l she did help me, I reasoned inwardly.Once we settled, I waited for her to spill her guts."I know it's hard to believe," She whimpered wiping her tears. "Sometimes it feels like a dream even to me." "But how have they not snuffed you out." I was choosing to go along with her story. For now."I had planned it f
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Surprise visit
Mum had not been home for a week now. It was the weekend already. Andrew was at a friend's place, Regina was where she always was and Todd could go to bloody hell. It was lonely being in the house all by myself. I skimmed through the pages of my biology note. It was boring to be honest because I had read it a zillion times already. “… the human heart is divided into four major parts…” I read out loud hoping it would reduce my boredom but I was only disappointed to find myself getting tired with each word. “…the left auricle, right auricle, left ventricle and right auricle. They…” I pushed on, my eyelids getting dropped. “Zoe!“ I heard someone call me, jolting me awake. I heard the horn of a car too. The room I shared with my sister had no windows so I got up and went to the cramped living room. I peeked through the window to see an unfamiliar car. It looked like one of those cars whose days of vogue had passed. It had a tinted window so I could see neither the driver nor the passen
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I froze. This was new ground. "Uh yeah... She is..." I lowered my head and because of the awkward silence, I raised my head slowly to see her looking thoughtfully at me."There is no need to be ashamed of that." Was she joking or was she mocking me?"We all have to survive somehow," She reasoned. "Dignity is nothing compared to that."I should have felt offended because she was inferring something that should have made my blood boil but surprisingly I felt consoled and as though someone understood that some people have no choice. People like my mother."And I find it blatantly unfair that she gets called names when the man is also willingly involved gets called a victim but that's just the life we live in." I nodded and smiled ruefully. It was hopeless because she was right; that was just how the world worked. I took another munch of the sandwich satisfied at least that I could talk to someone about the issue without being judged. "What's your sister's name?" I asked"Sarah." She r
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Kiss of death
Zoe's POV "We found it," The men were back. "We took a picture. We figured it would suffice." "Let me see it," I said, ignoring the man berating me. "Here," He brought his phone closer and allowed Sandra and me to have a look. It had diamond patterns on its back. "God!" The girl named Lucy exclaimed clasping her hand over her mouth. "It is a diamondback!" I looked up at Lucy and asked. "How deadly is its venom." "Extremely," She told me. Luck was nowhere near our side. "How long did they say they will get here?" I asked the driver. "Twenty minutes," He answered, looking as panicked as everyone else. About five minutes had passed already. I examined Sarah again. She was slowly losing consciousness, her eyes fluttering. They would not be able to get here in time to save her leg or her. "How will the ambulance make it here on time?" Someone finally asked the obvious question. "Why don't we go and see what the problem is all about first?" The two men once again sprint towards t
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Mr Callahan
Zoe's POV I squinted as I tried to adjust my eyes to the bright rays of light. It took a while but once I could keep my eyes long enough to know where I was, I realized that was in a hospital. I raised my head in a bit of a rush and startled the person whose head was resting on my bed. "Zoe," The person was Sandra. "You are awake." She said, gleefully. I was disoriented and asked her. "What are you doing here?" I looked around my white surroundings. "What am I doing here?" "You don't remember," She asked as she got up. "I am trying to..." It was coming to me in flashes but still nothing distinct. "Sarah..." I groaned as I held my head in pain. Gosh! it was spinning. "She is fine," She told me "I will call the doctor and dad." she headed out. Did she just say 'dad'? It was coming back now in slower flashes. The snake, Sarah, the ambulance... But how did I end up as a patient? Sandra came back not too long after with a doctor and a tall, middle-aged man in a suit. "How do you fee
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