Cruel Destiny

Cruel Destiny

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" he.. he r..a..p.e.." before I could finish my sentence he cut me off."Pathetic girls like you are meant to be fucked by those men, why are you complaining anyways? I fucked you, he fucked you just the size would be different, I am sure you enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed my dick" he said smirking looking at my broken form." How can you say this? " I shouted at him with tears flowing down my eyes. " Oh shut up you orphan bitch, dont fucking ever raise your voice at me and after this lesson, if you want more, I have many other men like him," he said laughing at meWhat happens when an orphan girl with the purest soul meets a man who from the start had played her, used her, and threw her ?? What happens when she finds the truth about the man whom she loved with all her heart? Most importantly what will happen when destiny throws her into a maze which ends only at one place misery But between all this, the most important question is 'will she ever be loved ?' Join the journey of Natasha and the man who had played her well Liam Knights.

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both the ends were beautiful! felt so so heartbroken for natasha. she endurance so much. such a cruel her destiny is !
2023-12-23 14:17:55
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i really love this story and I cried a lot while reading this story it's really amazing and I really appreciate your hard work and I hope we can read more interesting stories from you keep it up
2023-09-21 15:19:29
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Kelly and Adam's book name plz
2023-08-26 00:50:01
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Natasha had to endure too much, and Liam is awful. I appreciate the alternative ending. I think both endings were good, and it was nice to have it both ways.
2023-08-18 08:33:19
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Amazing story. You are a truly talented writer. I look forward to reading all your future work. Great job!!!!
2023-06-19 07:40:58
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Electra Heart
made me cry so hard. have read 5 times
2022-03-03 06:39:07
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written by my sweet sister...sweetie pie love your books so much...write more stories dear
2021-07-06 14:21:44
default avatar
This book is really heart reaching! I wanted to cry through most of it. I liked the second ending better but I also like the original ending. Just be warned to have tissues with you as you are reading.
2021-06-09 05:55:51
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one of the best book I have ever read , I like the way writer has written it and end it , it truly match with the title cruel , sometime as punishment and redemption we lose something only to know it's true value after losing it and regret is enough , story shows the cruel reality of real world .
2021-05-23 14:59:11
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Tammy Tinnon
Awesome book and i liked the 2nd ending better.
2021-05-10 05:36:03
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Shannon Hibner
good read loved it
2021-04-13 23:09:55
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Shivajyothi Kampa
The last ending was perfect 👌.
2021-03-09 04:49:13
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Ladylj knits
amazing book ,well written and the alternative ending loved can't waut for more books from this author ❤
2021-02-19 22:41:46
user avatar
It is an interesting book and close to reality.
2021-02-02 06:10:54
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Nancy Grotts
A little reduntent.
2021-01-25 10:59:45
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" he.. he r..a..p.e.." before I could finish my sentence he cut me off."Pathetic girls like you are meant to be fucked by those men, why are you complaining anyways? I fucked you, he fucked you just the size would be different, I am sure you enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed my dick" he said smirking looking at my broken form.
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Chapter 1
Natasha POVI sighed and walked out of the restaurant where I worked as a waitress.It was the month of October and the weather is too hot. I was literally melting in this heat.
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Chapter 2
Natasha POVI woke up when I heard the alarm voice on my phone. I turned the alarm off and got out of the bed.I checked the time and saw that it was 6 am. Shit. I am late. I have to reach there within half an hour.I walked inside the bathroom and did my business then I took a  quick shower and wore a grey top with black denim jeans.I walked out of the bathroom and combed my hair and put it into a ponytail.Then I wore my shoes and applied some lip balm and walked out of my room.I took an apple from the kitchen counter and went outside of the apartment while eating it.I locked the door and walked out of the building. I started walking toward the Restaurant.Suddenly I bumped into someone and before I could fall, that person held me from my waist.I gasped and closed my eyes. My heart was beating so fast that I thought that it would come to my mo
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Chapter 3
Liam POVI groaned when I heard the ringtone of my phone. I started to search for my phone on the table with closed eyes.After finding it, I opened my eyes slightly for a few seconds to swipe the answer button then closed it again."Hello," I said in a groggy voice"You bastard, you are still sleeping. I fucking told you to stop fucking whores." I heard the noisy voice of my best friend Adam Thomas."Fuck off. And for your kind information, my record of fucking whores is 50 times less than you. I am not a manwhore." I said with an irritating voice and opened my eyesI looked around and saw that it was 6 am in the morning. I yawned and stretched my back."Wake up and come to the office quickly. We have to get that contract at any cost." He grumbledI just rolled my eyes and said "ok bye" and cut the call before he could reply.I do
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Chapter 4
Natasha POVWe reached and I was about to open the door but he stopped me and said "Let me do it"I gave him a shy smile and nodded my head. He smiled back and opened his side door and got out of the car.He came toward my side and opened it. He forwarded his hand toward me and I held it and got out of the car.It was a nice gesture. I heard from Kelly that only a gentleman does that on the date.He held my hand and led me toward the diner. I can still feel the tingles on my hand when he held my hand.He opened the door for me and gestured to me to walk first. I walked inside first then he came.We sat on our chairs and ordered our food. He was staring at me continuously but I didn't meet the gaze.His staring was making me nervous and making me feel something different."So let's play 20 questions. This way we can learn something a
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Chapter 5
Natasha POVA week laterI woke up as usual and a smile curled on my lips when I thought about my second date.It was very special and memorable for me after the first one. He kissed my cheek to bid me bye as he did on the first date.Then he asked me for the third week after a week. I was feeling very happy.I felt sad when I thought that he is too an orphan just like me. But I would try my best to fill that void in his life if he wanted me too.Even if as a friend. Speaking of a friend, Kelly came back yesterday and she told me that she would meet me today.I got out of my bed and did my daily routine and got ready into a black t-shirt with blue denim after the shower.I picked up an apple and ate it quickly then walked out of my apartment after locking it.I have never eaten anything in breakfast other than an apple. It was my d
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Chapter 6
6 months later.Third Person POVIt has been seven months since Natasha and Liam started dating each other. Liam, according to his plan, took her to many dates but Natasha didn't let him get near her.He tried smooth-talking and many things but she didn't budge and now this was irritating him.He even gave her some flowers and chocolates which girls obviously like. But she is different. He never dated anyone ever in his life. For him one-night stands are good.But for this girl, he can do anything. She was the only one whom he dated. So the least she could do is spread her legs for him.He spent almost every night jerking off while thinking about her virgin pussy.Now he didn't want to fuck any girl except her. That doesn't mean he didn't try.He tried almost every night to find some other girl but his d
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Chapter 7
Natasha POVI looked away from the window and looked at him. He was looking on the road while driving the car."Where are we going, Liam?" I asked him softly while looking into his eyes.He turned to look at me and grabbed my hand and kissed it softly making me blush. He has a tendency to make me blush all-time with his sweet acts. I really love him.And I am glad he loves me back. It was still feeling like I am living a dream.And God even if I am dreaming, I don't want to wake up from this dream ever.Finally, someone is loving me. Those people in the school were wrong. They told me that no one would love me.And I believed their words and cried a lot. But now I am going to prove them wrong.Liam loves me and he told me that too a lot of time. Even I forgot to say sometimes but he never forgets."A surprise
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Chapter 8
Third Person POVLiam's plan was working well and everything was going right according to his masterplan.It was his last chance to fuck her and he doesn't want to let it go. So a promise ring would be enough for her to spread her legs.He gave her what she wanted. A promise which would secure their future.She was looking at him teary eyes while innocence was shining on her face.He felt bad for a few seconds when he saw her innocent face but then shook his head internally to shake these thoughts off.It was his last chance to fuck her virgin pussy and he is only one step behind it.He saw how she was looking at the ring with so much love. He scoffed internally and rolled his eyes.She didn't notice it as she was so busy admiring this cheap ring. 'The ring wasn't even that beautiful' he thought in his mind.On the other side, Nata
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Chapter 9
🔞 Third Person POVShe was trembling but he didn't pay any attention to it and untucked her top from the skirt and pulled away.He removed her t-shirt and looked at her bra clad tits. She saw his dark eyes on her body and covered it with her hands.He frowned and pushed her hands away and started to peppered kisses on her neck.He bit on her collarbone softly drawing a moan for the first time out of her mouth.He started to suck on it and pulled back and saw his painting. The mark was bright red and it's making him proud.He moved back his hand and unhooked her black bra. He can hear her heart thundering in her chest.He removed it and threw it somewhere and groaned when he saw her dusty rose nipples.He pushed her gently on the mattress and latched on her nipple. He licked it with his tongue until it got hard as a pebble.
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