The Wrong Brother

The Wrong Brother

By:  Angela Lynn Carver  Completed
Language: English
102 ratings
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Millie Brown is a high school senior who had many suitors in her school, yet, she never went out on a date with anyone in the hopes of winning one boy's heart. Her best friend's older brother, Zack Myers. There was only one problem, Zack only sees her as a little sister! She almost started to give up hope, until one day, his other brother Hayden offered to help her win her dream guy. Millie is reluctant since she couldn't stand Hayden for being a notorious playboy.Should she take his offer or will Hayden mess things up even more?

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Neriella Waliling
Excellently written. Nice twist. Love Hayden
2022-08-12 00:46:50
user avatar
I loved reading your book! Such a sweet romance and such lovable characters.
2022-07-05 00:07:13
user avatar
Bianca Maasdorp
loved this story... very sweet
2022-02-17 04:11:37
user avatar
Love Hayden.
2022-01-26 06:08:38
user avatar
Very good book
2022-01-17 12:36:24
default avatar
Sarah Lovett
I love this book so much!!!!
2022-01-17 12:33:51
user avatar
Catharina Bouchard
was a good read
2022-01-01 02:12:17
user avatar
again another read worthy story by this author
2021-12-10 22:36:05
user avatar
Nonkanyiso Bongeka
aww it was an amazing book I loved Hayden and his Millie mouse, I just read this book in one go beautiful ending.
2021-10-18 22:59:54
user avatar
wow! I love this story, so romantic and so intense at the last part, whew! So relieved it ends very well.
2021-10-10 03:46:00
user avatar
Hun Terry
another nice novel to read
2021-09-24 20:09:07
default avatar
Anna Malafis
Awesome book
2021-09-11 07:25:19
user avatar
jemilat amuju
i enjoyed it
2021-09-01 08:50:32
default avatar
Lynette Martin
Awesome ...
2021-08-05 20:23:34
user avatar
As always, you do not disappoint with your stories of love, romance, laughter, sweetness, wit & sarcasm! Loved this sweet story with all the feels & chuckles! ...........................
2021-08-05 13:43:32
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70 Chapters
Chapter 1
Millie's P.O.V.I was twelve years old when I first saw him. He was fifteen. I want to say it was love at first sight. He was the cutest guy I've ever seen. His golden blonde hair was like a ray of sunshine. His eyes were the color of the ocean. When he smiled, I felt an unusual pressure in my chest as I dreamed of kissing his soft-looking lips. To me, he was perfect, still is. Too bad he never notices me.
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Chapter 2
Millie's P.O.V.Hayden was a year younger than Zack. They were the polar opposite. You know how I said Zack was handsome and had a great personality? Hayden was none of that. Okay, I lied. He also had the looks with his longish hair which he dyed black, pale blue eyes and an almost perfectly symmetrical face. Just like his brother. If only his personality was as good. Hayden Myers was an epitome of a douche bag. When I looked into Zack's eyes I felt warm and cozy inside but when I saw Hayden, I felt cold shivers.
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Chapter 3
Hayden P. O. V.I saw Millie standing by the door and practically drooling over Zack. It made me chuckle every time I see that little twerp going gaga over him. She must not have anything better to do. What does she see in him anyway?Funny thing is, big bro Zack is completely oblivious to her l
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Chapter 4
Millie's P.O.V.I've decided that enough is enough. I needed to make a move on Zack. No more scaredy-cat Millie. Alison's birthday party was coming up this Saturday so I will see him and have the perfect opportunity to show him that I'm not a little girl anymore."I know! How about we go shoppin
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Chapter 5
Millie's P. O. V.Hayden walked to the clothing rack and went through the clothes. He took a dress out and threw it at me."Here, try this one on," he said. "This one's gonna make you look innocent yet sexy."
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Chapter 6
Hayden's P. O. V.I went to the mall after I was done hanging out with Tracy. There was a motorcycle supply store I've been meaning to check out. I finished browsing the store after a few minutes then headed home. I happened to look inside a clothing store and what do you know, my sister and little miss Millie is trying on dresses. So naturally, I had to go bug them.
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Chapter 7
Millie's P. O. V.I sent Hayden a text to come over but I was already regretting my decision. What was I thinking? He is never up to any good.I was slowly growing impatient as I waited for him. I was confused about his proposal to help me but the curiosity got the best of me so I agreed.
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Chapter 8
Millie's P. O. V."Wait...what are you doing?" I protested. His hand was holding mine tightly making his warmth spread through my body."Ssshh....just shut up and look into my eyes," he whispered.
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Chapter 9
Hayden P.O.V.I decided to talk to Zack to see if he had any secret dirty thoughts in his head about Millie. We usually spend some together at the lake every Sunday; swimming and fishing. You know, for brotherly bond and shit. Despite being the complete opposites of each other, we were pretty close. He was always there for me when I needed him, and I was there for him.
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Chapter 10
Millie's P. O. V.It was the night of the party so I put on my new dress and some natural makeup as Hayden suggested. I fixed my long brown hair in loose curls. I wanted to look as cute as possible for Zack.My mom dropped me off at Alison's house when it was time.
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