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"S-stay away from me." She stammered while moving her steps backward just to hit the edge of the table. "Why would I do that?" He placed his hands on her either side surrounding her in his woody scent. She couldn't help but took a deep breath. "It's my p-personal space." She turned her face towards the bookshelf beside the table as he leaned his face closer. "Hmm..." He hummed as her whole body shuddered when he started tracing her jugular vein with his nose. Her mouth was dry as the aura of his scent was gone and fear conquered her body. "You are my personal thing too." He groaned jerking her towards him by her waist. "L-lea..." Her lips couldn't form the words as he captured her soft lips in a swift. ←→ Ara Smith, daughter of a priest, drowned in innocence. She is a 19 years old girl with a cheeky smile but she didn't get the chance to smile much after her father's death. ‹› Gareth Blade, a 31 years old mafia billionaire is another name for a nightmare. No one dares to match his stoned gaze that reflects his stoned heart. He can own the things that ever attracts his eyes but this time his eyes didn't fall on something but someone.

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excellent book
2023-10-22 19:39:11
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Sandra Gibson Gooderham
excellent book well worth the read Thank you
2023-07-03 00:31:46
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Arpita Ray
update plz author..
2023-06-13 17:05:00
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The rays penetrated the greased net of the withered window shield, falling promptly on her face. The sun was shining right in front her face hiding behind the trunks of the old trees. Her milky white skin was shining brightly under the sun's light giving her an aneglic look. Her hands were moving as fast as she could because she was skilled to that. The circumstances around her made to become used to things like that. She became used to the worse but the worst was yet to come and she wasn't ready for that. "Move your slicking hands fast. I don't have time." Chris screamed making her flinch badly as Ara fastened her pace. She shook her head at her cousin to calm him down. She didn't want him to start arguing with her because she couldn't use the words which he loved to use for her. So she, like always, manoeuvred her patience because she knew people like him would never change. "What a lazy bitch." Sarah said rolling her eyes as Mr. Jonathan grunted while turning the newspaper agr
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They were walking down the street as the warm breeze, flowing, was swaying their clothes along with. That area was a neglected one as that's why only few street lights were working. Even those were blinking time to time. The night wasn't theirs as the moon was hiding behind the clouds, denying guarding on them.Their steps were fast and shivering as it was late at night and they didn't know where fate was guiding them. Aunt Samiya was holding Ara's hand in her cold one. Ara's other hand was grabbing the suitcase firmly as it was all she had under authority.They were walking towards the bus stop as they couldn't find any taxi. Moreover, they couldn't afford one at that time. The wind was warm but still their breathings coming out were cold."We can't walk all the way there." Aunt said as she was breathing heavily, a sign of senescence."You should take a rest. Sit here." Ara let her sit on the elevated ramp of a closed shop as Aunt Samiya sat with her back rested against the glass wal
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She was sitting in the waiting area as Ara's hands were stained with dark red blood. Her whole body was shivering as tears were constantly running down her eyes. The night turned into a nightmare for her. Uncle Jonathan was right as she was blessed and should be thankful that at least he was giving her a shelter even if that wasn't home for her but that was safe.It was all her fault. She knew every dream can't come true. She should have given up as after that she wouldn't be there in a hospital praying for someone's life.The hospitals nurse came as she asked her for water or anything else as she felt sympathy for a young girl crying alone. Ara gently nodded her head in no as she saw Aunt Samiya coming through the corridors. She was crying as Ara reached her."W-what happened? Is he alright?" She asked about the driver as when Ara grabbed Aunt Samiya the driver took a sharp turn and the car tripled over. They were scared and bewildered at first as they were alone but Ara approached t
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The car stopped with a screeching sound as it got muffled in the harsh noises of ambulance sirens. The guards came out hurriedly as one of them open the door for him while other tried to make a way through the entrance.Gareth came out of the car as his coat was left behind in the seat. His sleeves were folded upwards till his elbows as he let out a frustrated sigh sensing people stares at him. Everyone was looking at him in awe as some forgot why they were in the hospital for his dominant aura.He was used to these stares as they didn't affect him, not anymore. He was frustrated of leaving all his work behind just for someone's stupid mistake of driving. He took all the information from that man as he knew Emir would take care of everything else but still he had his way of supervising things.He never liked family ties as he don't get why when someone got into an accident or any other problem the people call their family. They should call the person who is closed to them but again ho
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Mrs Gareth Blade.These words were echoing in her head when the guard continued saying."Now we have to go. The car is waiting outside. Mrs Smith the other driver would drop you at your respective place." He said in his robotic tone as Ava was just looking at the red file in his hands. The guard exited the room and they both followed him. The exited the hospital as a lavish car was already parked outside waiting for her.Ava's throat clogged up as she glanced at the car that was same as the car she saw him in while killing that man or his all cars were in black color. The guard open the door for her as she turned around to glance at her Aunt. Both had their eyes filled with tears as Aunt moved forward to hold her shoulders."I am sorry." Samiya mumbled as that was all she could say at that time. Ava didn't say anything as Samiya engulfed her in a hug. She hugged her back as the tears that were waiting to come out, started falling down her cheeks."We should move now." The same guard s
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Zyair is dead!At first she didn't know how to react. The person was dead! "B-because of me?" She mumbled to herself as her vision was already blurry but there was a pain in her heart too that wasn't there before. She believed in fate as his death was meant to be because of her aunt and her but still fate chose her to regret her decision of sneaking out from the house to fulfil her dreams. Was this meanness for what she was punished? Her head started pounding as she fisted her golden brown locks that were sprawled on her either sides. She stood up when her gaze felt on the open door. Emir seemed to be in a hurry as he forgot to close the door. Was he this much naive? She gulped for a second as she didn't know what to do. The person was dead because of her.Shouldn't she bear the consequences? But she didn't do anything on purpose. She only moved forward to stop her aunt to come in front of the car. There was a war between her brain and her guilty heart as she remembered the fee
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Amy's words kept whispering in her mind. She should try once for her freedom or may be more than once as they weren't God, they were mafias. They were humans who could make mistakes. She looked out of the window only to see the half moon peeking through the grey clouds.She didn't do much all day as after breakfast she went out to glance at the surroundings only to find tons of guards in black suit doing their duty. No wonder why Emir didn't care about closing the door leaving her alone."Are these guards for m-me?" Ava asked hesitantly as she was standing beside Amy who was watering the plants."Of-course not. You aren't the serious case that's why you were in that room. There are still people downstairs in the basement experiencing torture. These guards are for them too." Amy said as she was done watering the plants. She was going inside followed by Ava."There are people downstairs?" Ava asked stunned as this mafia world was different."Yeah basically this warehouse is a torture ce
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He grazed her lower lip with the pad of his thumb as the moment he touched her lips, her soft feathery touch set a spark down his cold nerves that he had never experienced before. He didn't care to intervene into the sensation as he just knew he wanted more of it.His eyes were filled with the desire of more as he was about to lean again to quench his thirst but sound of someone's clearing throat made him cursed under his breath as he turned around to find Emir standing with a smirk on his face. "What?" He barked as Ava on finding the chance, took few steps backward when he held her wrist. She turned around to find him looking at Emir with dangerous expressions while his hand was holding her wrist tightly. "We've found Noah. If you are busy then I can go alone to deal with him." Emir said, as he said the last sentence staring at their intertwined hands. Ava turned beetroot as she was clueless about how she was still standing with her weak knees after his actions. She felt her legs
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Her whole body was in pain when she tried to move. She opened her eyes to find a chandelier hanging down the roof. The room was warm as there was sweat on her forehead. She tilted her head to scream at the top of her lungs making Gareth who was deeply invested into his laptop typing something to look at her with wide eyes.He immediately grabbed her to cover her mouth with his rough hands. His large calloused hand made her breath hitched as her eyes were as wide as saucers seeing the man almost naked in front of her. He was just in his boxers."What?" Gareth barked as he slowly removed his hand from her lips. The girl wanted to make a scene by gathering all the guards of the house in his room."W-what a-are you doing here?" Her breath was uneven as she didn’t remember when she had not stammered on her words in front of him. She hated to feel weak in front of him as if he controlled her but she was helpless.Gareth just raised an eyebrow at her as his woody scent invaded her senses, ag
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The sky was guarded with white shimmering stars with cool wind swaying everything gently that was coming in its way. The moon was also seeing the dance of the cool breeze but the clouds were blocking its way here and then. The breeze flew in through the window of the warehouse swaying the curtains to hit the warm cheeks of Ava. She was standing in front of the full-length mirror with all the maids standing around her adoring her in the golden gown. The gown was elegant as it was touching the floor with a floral flare but her left leg was exposed from the side slit. One of the hairstylists was giving final touches to her bun with wavy strands touching her cheeks and neck. Today was her reception but she was looking dull with her puffy eyes. It’s been a week since she had seen Gareth but his actions were still lingering in her mind. How he treated her? How he used filthy words for her? Everything was imprinted in her mind. "Awe! You are looking gorgeous." Page said while making
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