Chapter Two- Daddy's Lap

Chapter Two- Daddy’s Lap

If I stare at him for too long, I might die from lack of breath.


"Ms Vanessa, master would like to see you in his office." Cecilia, one of the maids informed and left me in my despair. 

I sighed deeply and rolled off my bed, my heartbeat already pacing irregularly at the thought of being alone in a room with him.


My father.

I left my sanctuary and strode to Hell and my the road to hell was ravishing. The lavishness of the Monalèz mansion doesn't incite awe from me anymore, this is one of the most expensive houses in the world, if not the most expensive.

This is where I grew up, under the luster of these diamond embellished chandeliers.

When my mother remarried and bound both herself and me to the man I now call my father, permanently, I was only seven. I didn't particularly like Thanos Monalèz, but I wasn't fussy and opinionated at that age. My mother married him for his money, he was very wealthy and established and now he's even wealthier and nefarious.

He might as well be made out of money.

My responsibilities to the master of the Monalèz household are very odd, but I never garner enough frustration to complain.

I am his second most entrusted servant.

Four chefs have been employed to cater to the five of us, me, daddy, mother and my two sisters, but daddy only touches a meal prepared by me.

It is my duty to keep his office kempt, to iron his clothes and to shop for his essentials.

I know what he eats, wears and uses on his body, head to toe and I know the size of his tight boxer briefs.

I have never understood his fascination with me. Most of the time he's there, watching silently like an adept predator sizing his prey, gazing into my soul with those piercing eyes.

I waste half of my thinking capacity conceiving ways to elude his wandering, vigilant eyes each day.

Without much hesitation, I knocked on the Devil's office, adjusting the straps of my silk night dress before I presented myself to Lucifer.

"Come in." That apathetic voice had a tinge of fear simmering in my gut.

I timidly walked in, instantly meeting his silver blue eyes. I froze in place. Locking eyes with the Devil far longer than my lungs could bear. Still, I desperately awaited a gesture from him and ever so tauntingly, his lips widened to a smile.

Not the smile he normally offers me. There was something lurking in those dead eyes, they hailed a silent warning, they told me something;

"The Devil knows your sins."

"You asked for me, father?" I spoke before the air could be drained from my lungs, standing in place like a statue. My eyes followed diligently as his thick fingers stroked his trimmed beard and he kept me roasting in the torrid silence for some seconds before speaking.

"Pour daddy a drink, my liloco." The depth of his voice nearly had me trembling.

Liloco. His blooming rose.

The blossoming rose he could so ruthlessly cut at the stem and watch wither away if he pleased.

My gut feeling told me Lucifer was not very pleased with me, but then again, he always makes me this angsty.

I quickly poured him his preferred whiskey and presented him with the glass while being victorious in avoiding his searing gaze.

I could feel those satanic eyes all over my skin, setting me ablaze as I returned to my initial position.

"Would that be all, daddy?" I submissively lowered my head, glazing at my toes while I prayed for him to dismiss me.

"Take a sit, angel." He gestured to the chair facing his. His tone was the most lenient a cruel, heartless beast like him could muster.

I did as I was told, willing my eyes to look at him. The Devil was undeniably the most beautiful creation, crafted to perfection, for he was meant to be an Angel, but he favoured being an instrument of chaos and a weapon of destruction more.

Clad in an expensive all black suit, was the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. His silver blue eyes were hollow and lacking of emotion, they were only ever adorned with a wicked glint before he slaughtered his defenseless prey or punished a poor soul. But they were hypnotizing and magnetic. His full, slightly pink lips were the most inflexible, he rarely ever smiled or showed his pearly white, perfect set of teeth. Yet those lips which have uttered the last words of plenty, invited gazes from women in their thousands. Including me. His hair flowed to just above his shoulders and was as dark as his soul, rich and sheeny, though it has probably been bathed in the blood of the slain way more than a dozen times. His body was a killing machine, fortified with pert muscles, he towered to a staggering 6 feet 7 inches, easily eclipsing the worth of any man and slaying their confidence with his mighty presence.

It was such a pity such a beautiful man sheltered the soul of a monster.

The Devil was a man of a few words, but his eyes expressed all the words he reserved fluently.

I melted under the heat of his gaze, pleading him with my eyes to put me out of my misery.

"I heard you were talking to a boy today, is that true babygirl?" The Devil's darkening eyes bore deeper into mine, a steady finger of his circling the rim of his whiskey glass.

Bloody bodyguards!!

  I knew they'd tell on me, even after I begged Varto to keep my interaction with Jon to himself.

Then again, my step-father is the kind of person you have to think thrice before lying to.

"Y-yes daddy."  My cheeks flushed, my heart pounding erratically.

I was so embarrassed.

"Hmmm..." a deep hum vibrated from his throat, although he was concealing it brilliantly, I knew he was angry -which only increased my fright. "I also heard that you were giggling and smiling a lot, as though you liked him a lot -is that true my princess?" 

My eyes lowered in shame, as I spoke in all honesty and confessed my sins, despite my inner voice protesting, "Y-Yes daddy....I-it's true."

He wasted no second to remind me who I belong to.

Who every single person in this mansion belonged to.

The Devil rose from his chair and stalked towards me, disappearing behind the chair I was seated on.I focused my gaze ahead, nearly shivering at the thought of what he was going to do to me.

"My Liloco knows she's not supposed to be talking to boys," a loud gasp escaped my lips when the Devil's fingers brushed against my exposed collarbone, before he leaned in close to my face, leaving my stomach in knots, "that she'll be punished."

There was the word I've dreaded hearing since childhood.

I shrank into my chair, the warmth of daddy's breath grazing my neck stealing at my own breath, "I am so sorry daddy, p-please forgive me."

I apologised to the Lord of the house, the Lord of Bervon, the Lord of Hell, wishing only for his mercy.

"Do you like the boy?" There was so much control in his deep voice, his emotions were heavily encrypted. He was cool, calm and collected, while my heart fought vigorously with my chest. It was a test, a test I was determined to pass.

Gulping, I murmured an almost inaudible, "No.." I liked Jon very much, but I shouldn't have entertained him.

Seeing as I was his property.

Seeing as Lucifer owned me.

"Good," he muttered into my ear, his long, thick fingers raking through my hair, "because I'll kill anyone who tries to steal my princess from me. Next time I won't be as lenient, is that clear, angel?"

I nodded my head, giving him what he wanted to hear. "Viesi, daddy, I understand fully."

I was so relieved when he returned to his throne, but that relief was short-lived.

The Devil had his eyes on me yet again as he patted his thigh and I knew what had to be done.

"Come princess," he instructed, shoving up the sleeves of his black jacket and shirt, "bend over daddy's lap and receive your punishment."

Oh no.

The sheep uneasily strode to the wolf.

His eyes ran down my body, taking in every detail before I knelt before him and surrendered myself to him. With utmost ease, he hauled me over his lap and my breast crashed into his firm knee.

I knew what was to come.

He knew it as well.

It had been six years since I last received the justice of his large palms.

I wasn't looking forward to this at all.

I stared into his icy blue eyes as he peeled the night dress from my body and exposed my butt.

My core was stirring with agitation, with anticipation as he opened one of the shelves and retrieved a black paddle.

I thought I'd never see that paddle again.

I tore my eyes from him and awaited the first strike.

If i stare at him for too long, i might die from lack of breath.

"I will triple the punishment the next time you misbehave." I couldn't help but squirm as his fingers slipped under my lace panties and shifted them aside to reveal more of my butt.

I promised myself never to misbehave again, because the Devil does not forgive and forget, and he spanks hard.

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