Chapter Forty Two

Chapter Forty Two- Two Devils, Twice The Temptation, Twice The Desire, Part Two

I have been trying so fucking hard to be a good boy, and I usually do not have much control, so don't test me or I will bend you over this counter and do unimaginable things to you, right in front of my dearest brother.

•~ /////// •~

I shoved my back into my bedroom door, then slowly slid down to the floor. Seconds after, I felt the first tear trickle down my cheek and after that the flow became uncontrollable, but I made sure to cry as silently as I could.

I shouldn't have went there, I knew I should not have went searching for him. If only, if only I had listened to my rational mind, stayed in bed and maybe read some erotic literature until I fall asleep, I would have never seen what I saw, I would not be feeling this way. I was being so ridiculous and pathetic, I wanted to yell at myself, but I was not prepared to deal with anyone who would barge into my room to check if I am not get
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Kayla Wanders
does she ever get her memories? when will they bang? I need to know.. maybe if you don't have time or whatever you can have a coauthor and then can write chapters until you're able to maybe pleaseee
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlene Meyer
Still no update
goodnovel comment avatar
Kayla Wanders
come bacccck :(

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