Chapter 144

The group of pajama-clad girls giggled as London turned off the lights, rendering the dorm room completely dark. The pitch inky blackness was punctuated with one single candle flickering on the window sill. London took a swig from the bottle of cheap vodka being passed around the group and sat down to rejoin her friends. The half-dozen girls sat in a circle on the floor surrounding a cardboard store-bought ouija board.

One by one the girls belligerently asked the “spirits” in the room to answer questions, most of which involved boys and sex. When it was her turn, London closed her eyes, drumming up dramatic effect, and asked her question.

“Will I get knocked up this year?” She bellowed in a creepy voice, mocking the faux scary seance. London didn’t believe for one second in the existence of anything supernatural. She only believed in partying, of which she was an expert. As long as the booze was flowing London was up for anything, even a stupid seance in
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