Chapter 145

Her skin stretched to the point she thought she might pop. London stared in horror as the spawn moved beneath her taut bump. “How is this even happening?”

Her mind raced trying to figure out what he had done to her. Before London could wrap her brain around an answer, agonizing pain radiated from her core, spreading throughout her body. The devil removed its tentacles from between her legs and stared intently at her gaping gash. As the pain became more intense, pressure built against her hips. London tried to cry out, but the probe in her mouth muffled her. She could feel something big bulging out of her raw pussy.

A dark essence oozed from her slit, growing bigger as it emerged. London couldn’t believe her eyes as the heavy streams of black smoke rose from between her legs and hovered next to her beastly lover. She felt like she was being split in two while the spawn escaped her body. Her stomach deflated as the smoky black demon emerged from her, takin
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