Dangerous Desires

Dangerous Desires

By:  Karima Sa'ad Usman  Completed
Language: English
113 ratings
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'I have waited for this moment. This very moment when you finally see me. Tonight I claim what is truly mine. Your heart, love, and body, Tia, just as it should be. Me and you." Luke Moon. "I see you, Tia, I always have. I thought we had time, but I guess I was wrong. They took you away from me, but I will not give you up, Tia. I will fight for your love as I should have. Even though you are married to my brother, I will take you back," Caleb Moon. Tia Lockwood has had a crush on her friend, Caleb Moon, for most of her teen years. When Caleb's older brother, Luke, lost favour with their father because of his bad behaviour, Caleb had to train to take over from his father as the future Alpha of their pack. Tia sees this as an opportunity to remain close to her friend. She dumps her studies as a medical doctor to join the academy as a warrior hoping to finish as the strongest wolf and become Caleb's Beta when he assumes the Alpha position. Tia tried hard and finished second place, which qualified her for the Gamma position. It was close enough for her, and she hoped Caleb would eventually see her. Unfortunately for them, things take a turn when Tia is married to Caleb's older brother, Luke, and forced to bury her feelings for Caleb. Living in the same house with her husband and long time crush, would Tia eventually understand the difference between true love and infatuation?

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Dangerous desires originate from complicated relationships among Luke Moon, Caleb Moon and Tia Lockwood. Luke Moon is Caleb Moon’s elder brother and a son of the Alpha, while he lost the opportunity to heir his father’s position because of poor performance. Luke loves Tia very much and dreams to mate with her. But Tina has had a crush on Caleb for many years. She tries best to create opportunities to approach Caleb and hope to be seen by him someday. However, she should marry Luke eventually, which forces her to bury her crush on Caleb. What will happen to them? Read Dangerous desires.

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user avatar
Just finished reading this beautiful story! Absolutely loved it!
2023-10-21 15:41:42
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
I really enjoyed this book! this is my second time listening to it! 10 stars!
2023-10-18 03:11:11
user avatar
Marliey Ntsielo♟️
I don't know how Karima does it, but everything she writes down is a master piece. of you want a good book. I will recommend dangerous desires. it is amazing, and I'm sure you'll love it just as I have.
2023-10-17 03:05:08
user avatar
Bravin King King
Awesome read.
2023-07-05 20:53:46
user avatar
Love this story. I love that Luke came out to be the best lover
2023-06-06 15:34:12
user avatar
Otilia Mariz
This is my first book of Karimas that I have read. I love how she wrote her heroine to be strong and lovable. Everyone in this book is likable-you have to read it to understand them.. I LOVED IT.. I LOVED LUKE... I can't wait to read another book of hers.
2023-06-05 13:27:31
user avatar
Rosa Kane
This was a very interesting read.... I couldn't put it down. well done Karima...️...️...️
2023-06-02 21:00:48
default avatar
This is the 3rd book I have read from this author and I must say you will not be disappointed. The author writes so so so good.
2023-05-29 07:20:32
default avatar
Uju Ikeh
I enjoyed every chapter of this book. such a great writer looking forward to another project from you.
2023-05-05 12:57:23
user avatar
Nkechi Oparaugo
Am hooked on this book already, lovely story line...
2023-04-04 23:21:52
user avatar
April P
This was such a great story. Very unique, strong storyline and characters, and enough twists to keep you guessing. I truly enjoyed reading.
2023-04-03 11:19:00
default avatar
Crystal Davis
Such a great story!
2023-03-22 11:41:42
default avatar
love this book. Also glad that it's not 1000 page long. lol
2023-03-21 10:10:40
default avatar
Melissa Dvoracsek
Love it. I could not put it down. This is the second book I have read from this author and I’m just starting my 3rd. Can’t wait for more
2023-02-03 13:50:50
user avatar
Miss Star
Loved it...
2023-02-01 22:20:26
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129 Chapters
01 An order and Not a request
Tia. I got to the Woodclaw pack party late, and everyone was in celebratory mode. Kirk motioned me to join him and Caleb in the VIP section, which I did. When I got there, I was heartbroken to see why Caleb couldn't pick me up. She was blonde and beautiful, and her name was Kimberly Miles. I knew she and Caleb were talking, but I did not think it would be serious since Caleb was the serious-minded type. I guess he developed a soft spot for her. I sat down and hid my emotions. "Sorry I couldn't come, Tia. Kimberly made us wait longer than necessary, so I could not come over. I will make it up to you, I promise," Caleb apologised innocently, but I noticed Kimberly wasn't happy about it, and I suspected she made him wait deliberately. "No need to make it up to me, Caleb. I am not mad," I told my friend, and he thanked me. Caleb was also kind to me but as a friend. It hurt, but there was nothing I could do about it. I had a crush on him ever since we were teenagers, but I guess he nev
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02 Tell me it is a joke
Tia. "Tell me it is a joke." I said to my parents, with tears falling down my eyes as my mother shook her head in tears. "Luke is a mean horrible man. He is cruel and disrespectful. He is a big bully. He cheats, lies, name it. He killed an innocent person. He is the devil. How could you allow this?" I asked my parents even though I knew they had no say in the matter, but I had to blame someone. "We had no choice in the matter. They said you are the strongest female of your generation and they believe you will match him and tame him," my father said and I stood up. "Enough daddy! We all know you can't tame someone. Luke is an arsehole, and he is fixed. How will I survive in this? I am going to be Caleb's Gamma. How will I manage my job and an asshole mate?" I asked my parents, and they did not know how to respond. "You know what? I am leaving. I do not care about the Gamma position anymore. Once I am gone, they can find someone else to gift to their asshole son," I said and got up,
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03 Rules of Engagement
Tia "Tia!" my mother called me. Since the day they told me of the arrangement, I had remained indoors. I did not want anyone to see me. By now, the entire pack and country would have known that I was to be joined with Luke Moon, Lord arsehole. I had also been receiving a lot of threat messages from an anonymous number. I figured it was Luke's bitch that drove into the driveway the other day. I honestly did not care. Nothing she said got to me. If only she could make herself useful by keeping her promises or threats to me I'd respect her and be at peace that way. I was more worried about what my life would be with Luke. I guess it was easier for her to lash out at me than at Luke or Alpha Aesop. I got up from bed, still wearing my pyjamas and headed downstairs; It was afternoon, but I did not care. I had cried so much that I had no more tears left to cry. I was numb in a way, and I embraced the numbness. It was much better than pain. Caleb and I spoke every night, and he said a lot of
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04 Be tough
Tia. Caleb finally came to see me four days after Alpha Aesop and Luke visited me. I sat at the back in the garden staring at nothing. I was still processing all Luke said to me and what he revealed as to why they were forcing the union. " You have lost weight, Tia," Caleb said, sitting next to me, and I had nothing to say. He sighed, stood and began to pace about the garden. He seemed a bit frustrated. I knew he wanted to talk, but I had nothing to say. His mother had ruined my life because she believed I wasn't good enough for him. It had nothing to do with helping Luke. Luke and I were victims, forced into a loveless marriage to get me out of her son's hair. The woman was a bitch and selfish. " Why didn't you tell me Luke came to see you?" Caleb asked me, and I looked at him. " I did not feel it was necessary," I replied because I knew it wouldn't have mattered. " We are friends, Tia. Everything is necessary. Everything matters," he said with concern. He looked stressed out. Wi
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05 Family Business
Luke.My father was weak and unbelievable. Allowing his Luna to destroy two lives to please her was sick, weak and despicable. Where does Stacy's cruelty stop? It is bad enough that she turned my father against me to become alpha. Did she have to tie Tia and me into a loveless marriage to get Tia out of the way? I followed my father to Tia's home and said a lot of nonsense there to understand what was going on because Stacy had told me the Lockwoods asked for a union with our family because their daughter was the strongest female of her generation. She claimed they wanted her to be Luna as her right. Since she and my father did not want their daughter with Caleb, they settled for me. Stacy was full of shit. Tia had a crush on Caleb, and everyone knew. It wasn't a hidden thing; even Caleb knew and ignored it. It was a harmless crush. The girl showed how determined she was when she quit her calling and signed up at the academy. She surprised everyone and finished second. At first, w
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06 Bride and Groom
Tia. Three weeks later, I had already begun to believe that the Moons had changed their mind when my mother told me a date had been set, and the wedding would take place in a week. I had never been so scared in my life. I heaved and vomited several times, hoping it was all a bad dream and I would wake up from it soon. Since Caleb and Kirk travelled, none had reached out, and I began to feel abandoned. My mother and I went shopping for a wedding gown. I felt the heaviness in her heart. My inner wolf had not spoken to me since this whole fiasco. I hadn't shifted or gone hunting since. Something that was supposed to be beautiful and a dream was a nightmare. I could see Luke's face laying all the horrible rules and saying all the hurtful things he said to me when he visited with his father. How was I going to survive him? With the way he had spoken, falling in love with each other was out of the equation. I used to think I was a laughing stock before; now, I will know the true meaning.
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07 Caleb's Outburst.
Luke. Tia was a gentle soul. I did not want her to be a laughing stock, so I offered to dance with her. I was determined not to be cruel to her. She looked beautiful, and I stole several glances at her. I knew she was a beauty, but I did not realise how much until she arrived at the registry. I wished the circumstances were different. When I held her to dance, her palm felt soft against mine, and the need to protect her aroused in me. I knew that was the Alpha in me reacting. How could someone so delicate and beautiful be equally strong? It was amazing. I got carried away with her in my arms. If it weren't for the upbeat song that the DJ played, I would not have left her. Tia did not want this union, and neither did she want me; I knew if I lingered in our bedroom, I would take her, and I couldn't do that. I wanted to sink my teeth into her neck while I buried myself in her, but I had to control myself, so I left. I had to go and calm myself. I had broken up with Elisabeth a week ag
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08 Take a peek
Tia. I was in shock by what had just happened. I was shocked and angry. Caleb had to wait this long before confessing his feelings for me. It wasn't heartwarming. What did he expect me to do? I could not believe he had rejected me before they passed me on to Luke. I was angry at him. His father was right. He should have come clean to his parents if he cared about me. He should have made an effort. Instead, he made me endure two years of watching him change girlfriends like sheets. Hearing that he had gotten many girls pregnant and forced them to have abortions made me sick. Who was Caleb? Did I know him? How many sides did he have? This was a genuinely dysfunctional family. I wasn't crying because I was heartbroken; I was crying because I was angry. They were talking about me as if I was an object. Caleb was supposed to be my best friend, yet he played a massive part in making me end up in a loveless marriage. Luke tried to touch my shoulders when they left, and I shrugged him off. H
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09 Kiss of Guilt
Tia. I woke up in the morning and did not know how to face Luke. I know he saw me; although he did not say a word about it, the look of amusement in his eyes proved he saw me. As long as he did not bring it up I could pretend he did not see anything. I had honestly thought he was with his girlfriend. "We are going hunting," Luke said gently, and I nodded. I hadn't shifted to wolf form in a while. I wanted to hunt. " Maybe we should eat something, so we do not hunt like wild animals," Luke said. I was surprised by his sentence because I felt the same way about hunting on an empty stomach. " I know you can't stand Stacy, so I asked Bart to bring our breakfast to this wing. We will be eating in the breakfast lounge of this wing," he said, and I was surprised at him. " How did you pull it off? I know eating together is compulsory in this family." I asked, and he smiled. His looks were to die for. Luke was handsome. " We are newlyweds; we need time alone together." He said, and I figu
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10 Rage
Luke. I got back home in the night after taking a long walk in the park. Tia was asleep. The television on her side of the room was on, but I did not bother to cross over to turn it off, so I did not disturb her sleep. Instead, I turned off the lights in my room and lay in bed. I was restless and couldn't sleep, so I stayed awake. Caleb's display had baffled me. I also noticed the wall Tia had pulled up. Maybe I should not have said those hurtful things to her. I could have investigated the situation without hurting her feelings. They were words I couldn't take back, and the woman seemed quite unforgiving. She was also wise. She knew what Stacy was trying to do during breakfast, and she had bailed me out. The truth was, I was not dating Elisabeth anymore. However, she had been sending messages and trying to reach me. I respect my wife too much to keep a mistress. Even if I have no feelings for her, I intended to share the misery with her. I was open to a friendship, but I knew it woul
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