Day Lights:   The Vaccine

Day Lights: The Vaccine

By:  kaiz  Ongoing
Language: English
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There are two companies that were rivals in terms of their great inventions towards their electronic device- the PHONE. DL company was being challenge by F company to became ambitious and created the first ever EARPHONE that will be of great help to the society. But will turn out to be a disaster and turn the people into becoming a living dead. In the long run, there will be a secret that will be revealed to challenge their way. Salvation will takes place in the hand of a little kid. Vaccine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS: DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE BELIEVE ME YOU WILL LOVE THIS STORY

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1: Phone
At this moment 2021 two companies fighting for sales, this companies are both famous in creating a new technology . Every year they've release a new PHONE and these companies have their own style and new evolution in creating a new PHONE invention. The Flash Company are the number one in creating a new generation of PHONE but mostly people were favored to the F Company because they think that Flash company is the Future technology of all time because they bring life and excitement every time they've release a new phone every year. Second and the most rival of the F company  is the DL company. The DL company,  their goal is  to create the best phone ever but before they've release their new PHONE, the F company were already showing more advance into their technology with regards to their PHONE. The owner of F company and DL company meet in one Convention to receive their awards in this year 2021. The owner
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Everything has Change
The 1st day of 2022 the new earphone was release by DL company and got a lot of advertisement from the television, even on youtube, facebook and all social media. And the advertisement was totally viral at the second day the stock of DL company for the earphone was sold out. They sold more than 1 Million per day for earphone. The DL company hired more workers to do the job because they can't already control the consumers in buying for that earphone. Because why not, they already know from the start that the earphone can be a big help for them, easily to search or ask something specially to those student who has difficult to do in class. They even use to cheat on their classes and that cause a big problem to the school. The DL company reaching up in 1 week,  their sales already grow up x9 every and part of the earth are talking about the earphones that he invented. They reach billions of income f
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Deep Down
"Love don't try looking, go straight to the car now! Move!", Jack's shouted. He was still looking at those people on the streets wondering what was happening to them. He immediately followed his wife and son inside the car. He told to his driver, "Hurry! We need to go home right now. The driver look at him in the rearview mirror and answer "yes" to Mr. Jack. Jack  was  shock upon looking at rearview mirror and glance right to the eyes of their driver. The eyes of their driver turn out red.Jack ask the drive, "Are you not feeling well also and having a bad headache?" He asked with a nervous tone on his voice. Then driver answered back, "Yes sir its been a month already and I feel weird sir." Jack felt nervous upon hearing what he said and take a glance to her wife and son who is riding at the beside him. 
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The Evolution of Living-Dead
Jack run to his son and while looking at Austin, he saw that his looks was starting to change differently. With that Jack immediately commanded, "DL command play a classic song." he said.  Jack was totally upset of what is happening around him especially to his family. He never thought that things like this will happen. Nonetheless the outcome was very crucial. Upon realizing his thought Jack step back and he punched the door and cry because he feels guilty towards what happen to all the people more so to his son. After a few hours of the music playing, he can see a changes into the skin of Austin it's getting a little better already. He never thought that playing that music makes it stop. Upon realizing the effectiveness of the music that was playing, Jack immediately ran to his wife to tell the good news. Meanwhile, at the city of California all the bu
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Father to his Son
Austin slowly open his eyes and wander his eyes around. Trying to familiarize the room he was in, and then he saw his father bent over his head sitting near to where he is. He tries to call his name but it came out like a whisper because he is still weak. "D-addyy", Austin finaly said it and Jack lift his head up and to his surprise his son was the one calling him . He stand up and check on the vital signs and put over his palm to his forehead checking if he's got no more fever, also he tries to check on the eyes of his son if it is already normal. "How are you feeling my son? Do you feel better now?" Jack ask with a worried in his voice but happiness for his son was already awake. "Yeah Dad, I feel better." Austin answered. "Where am I? Is this the hospital Daddy?", Austin continously ask. "Nope my son, we are at my LAB." Jack responded with a tear coming do
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Out of nowhere, Jack saw one of their maid behind their fridge door and because of his shock he recoiled and suddenly sat on the floor. He was not yet successful on avoiding their maid. The maid attack him, her face was already near him but Jack forcibly push their maid and found a pot and and pounded on her head. With that, it made their maid backed away but to his surprise the maid still manage her posture and didn't even feel a bit of pain of what he did. Before the maid was about to attack him again, he saw his gun he put earlier on their preparation table, he take a glance to their maid. And without hesitation the maid was going to attack him again but Jack manage to run over to get his gun and he pointed it out to their maid. He is in doubt if he is going to fire it or not after all it is still their maid but the changes of his face and body makes her more different in any way. Jack familiriaze
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Jack glance at the door and back to Austin and then walk his way out next to his son.Jack and Austin were going back to the Lab and while they are walking Austin ask about her mother again, "Dad, where is mommy? Until now I don't see her."  And again Jack don't know how to answer the question of his son. "Just don't worry about your mom son, she's okay I told you many times already", with a high but full voice Jack answered trying to make himself calm. Austin was in doubt but nevertheless trust his father of what he is saying. "For now son, you must get yourself better and so after that, we would go and see your mom. Is that fine?" Jack said while trying to make a smile. Austin who is bowing his head suddenly lifted it and look to his dad and smiled back, "Would love to dad!", a wide smile on the lips of Austin upon hearing what his father said j
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Jack's eyes widened when he heard about having only 2 survivors. Jack trying to think about it, who was that 2 survivors that he was been trying to say. He thought one is him and the other one is his son so there's really 2 of them. "Yes Jack, your thoughts are very clear", DL commad guess it by the look on Jack's face. "DL command you mean only me and my son? ", he ask just to make sure that was he was thinking was right. "Can' t figure out other survivors Jack because my data says it so. And nobody is creating an information who has really survive the tragic cause of the virus", DL command says to come up with those confusion on Jack's face. "And if nobody was creating an information, then it would really be hard to give a data record." DL command continues. Jack can't think of a better way until an idea suddenly came out and he may need an answer to DL com
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Jack has started to create a small satellite already. He get all the details correct and accurate, trying to make that thing perfect unlike the earphone. He was busy sorting everything when something happen that makes him fall down because of tiredness from what he is doing. Jack was still at the floor lying down and felt unconscious. But after six hours, Jack suddenly awake from his unconsciousness but still feel weak because his body is very tired with a long work that he has done. And there is more that the thought that makes him fall down earlier- because he was sick. Jack has Leukemia since last year and that's the main reason he knows why he suddenly fall down. Jack forgot to take his medicine on time because a lot of things on his head lately.  He stand up and reach for his medicine on his pocket and take a 1-2 pieces of tablet from it. After he has taken his medicine
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Roaming Around
Elevator opens and he didn't see someone outside as he pointed his gun outside. He slowly walk his way outside the elevator, he walk slowly not to make any noise. Look around while walking his way to their garage. He saw a living dead but tries to avoid it and successfully got into their garage. Jack chooses to drive the SUV pick up type so it can carry a lot of stuff he needs at the back of his car. He remotely open the doe of his garage unknowingly there was two living-dead hiding at the dark side of their garage and about to attack him but he hurriedly ride the car and start the engine. And after that he drive the car backwards and hit one of the living dead while the other one was trying to run after his car but when it reaches outside, the living dead suddenly scream in pain when his body melted because of the heat of the sun. Jack don't wanna saw that view so reverse his car until he reaches the main road and conti
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