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After an unexpected divorce, Alina goes back to her hometown in search of a new place to call home. With a strict budget, and little wiggle room, she finds herself settling for a charming small cottage style home on the outskirts, that nobody seems to want. It's a steal! The only draw back seems to be the intimidating neighbor. As odd things start happening, and an unusual encounter, Alina realizes she might her gotten more than she bargained for.

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really good, cant wait for book 2
2022-09-15 21:55:21
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Taylor Clark
So intense. Has Gerald’s game, misery vibes.
2022-02-18 11:18:43
50 Chapters
1. New Beginning.
          I never said a word, not one thing when I noticed him repeatedly coming home late from work. I kept my suspicions to myself, as I gathered evidence. I had even decided to start having my own bank account, protecting my own finances from him. I have no doubt when I try to leave that he will siphon every last cent from our joint account. He is known to be cruel when even mildly inconvenienced.          It's tough, you know? Giving your all to someone and then it isn't enough. I was a fool for him since day one. A shy, nerdy girl like me could only have dreamed to catch the eye of a man his caliber. Chiseled jaw, flawless skin, perfect hair, great sense of style, athletic, a few years older and already working a nice job. I hate myself for how easily I relented to him. Looking back all the signs were there, but apparently I couldn't read them.          I to
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2. The House.
******** three weeks later********Creature hangs his head from the window, tongue flopped out and slobber is blown about the side windows as I scold him about the dangers of hanging his head out. Paying me no mind, he yawns open mouthed and sneezes as the wind goes up his nose. "Gross! Gross boy." He tilts his head and I laugh at him. I search for the bank as I approach a red light. It'll be up ahead, on my left he said. I sold my car just last week, and bought this one off Mariam at the bed and breakfast I was staying in. It's burgundy, with peeling clear coat and a cracked side mirror. Low miles for a 90s model Corolla though. Cheap on gas and runs like a Singer sewing machine. Now I own it outright, and have no car payment though. A huge plus for me as I have no idea how long it might take me to get a good job here. My old one would be too far to travel. I'd expend nearly as much in gas as I'd clear after taxes. Adulthood is
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3. Like a Good Neighbor.
After what felt like a century of waiting, I am now in my Corolla on my way to my little house. I have everything crammed to the roof in the back and I silently pray that no cops are out until I can make it home. I would surely catch a ticket. There are even bags in the front floorboard below Creature. I side eye him to be sure he's not into the groceries.I might as well have skipped to the door after we pull in and step out. I do not dare take Creature off his leash until he's familiar with the place and will not run off. I tie him to the porch railing as I begin to pack in all of our bags and set them in the living room floor for now. We need seating, badly. There's no living room furniture. They left a washer and dryer, a refrigerator, and the oven. The dishwasher is a built in so it remains as well a nice little nook style table. I'm glad at least to not have to shell out on the major appliances, that hit would have broken me up.
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4. The Bones.
     It's been a week since Trevor had mowed my yard and helped me pack the mattress upstairs. As a thank you I offered to pay him, which he refused but gladly took a cold soda. I haven't seen him since. On my way to town a couple times, I had noticed that the lights were off and his truck gone. It's been so peaceful.         Especially since I blocked Dallas's number. He had called me repeatedly, following his rendezvous with Sam ending so abruptly. Maybe all the mental voodoo dolls I had made paid off. I've saved all his messages and voice-mail to my phone. I could listen to his dramatic moping on repeat now. Growth. I tell you, had he called like that my first night here I'd have turned around and went to him. I cried myself to sleep for two nights. It wasn't as bad in the bed and breakfast, because I wasn't entirely alone like I am here.          Now though, I laugh at h
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5. What's in a Name?
   I wake about eight in the morning. I hurriedly leap from the bed in my underwear and run into the shower. I get to work washing up, I have no idea what time he meant that he'd be by this morning and I do not want him out there waiting. I only want to get the boxsprings and come home. The quicker the trip, and quicker it's over, the better for me.         Fresh from the shower I grab lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and all the things I need from the cabinet as I begin to get ready. I do only light enough makeup not to feel self conscious while out, and I blow dryer my hair just because I have no control over what it does if it dries on it's own. I grab my canvas shoes, a pair of jeggings and an old grey bleach dyed tee. I'm dressing for comfort. I do not want him to think I am in any way trying to impress him. I thought about asking to pick up some privacy fencing to try to start it this week, but I'm not sure how he'd rea
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6. Woman.
       It has been a week since I found those weird bare foot prints. I broke over and called my mom, but she acted like I was insane and just accused me of wanting the neighbor. She said the prints must have been some lady's walk of shame as she left his cabin. Why in the Hell would she could barefoot out this way and into my flowerbed, if it was even a female. It could've been a man. I do not know. I mentioned reporting it and she nearly died laughing. She went on to try to guilt me into going back to Dallas, which I vehemently refused.          My job search the day after that had failed. Even with my fresh haircut, great work history and meticulously planned outfit, I came home with nothing. I have a great resume. I dressed nice. I was professional. Yet everyone knocked me and half wouldn't even pull my applications. It wouldn't shock me if Dallas hadn't put a bad word out for me. His family is quite inf
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7. Teased.
      I barely choke back my own scream to silence the woman. I point to the house and grab Creature as I dash after her. I lock the door and draw all the blinds I motion her to the stairs. She stands there, free of all windows and possibility of being viewed, completely nude and barefoot, arms crossed tightly.  I grab a throw off the futon and cloak her as I lead her up to my room. She sobs and clutches me with one hand as soon as we stop.      "Let me find you some clothes. What happened?" I go to toss her my cell, but it's gone. "Fuck!" I screech. You don't know what you got, till it's gone!       "I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I-"      "You're fine. It's not you. I dropped my damn phone. Shit. I was going to call the police. I didn't mean to frighten you. Tell me what happened? Are you alright?"      
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8. The Barn.
     My mind races a mile a minute. Every breath hurts my head, as a fierce migraine rages through it. My eyes are dry and irritated from crying. I'm guilty, I'm scared, I'm conflicted. I need to get help! I need to get the fuck out of here, but how? What if he has cameras outside? Or he's hidden out there? I have no cellphone, car's dead, keys were stolen by a now dead girl who's name I don't even know to tell the police. I have thought about just opening the door and hitting the woods, following the road from a distance till I can get help. But what about Creature? I can't bare to leave him. If I take him, he would expose me by barking or trying to run.         I chance a quick glance out the blinds, just in time to see Trevor with a booster pack hooked to my car. He checks it and waits. Minutes later, he cranks the ignition and leaves the car to run a bit. I am puzzled, as I watch him leaving my
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9. Heatwave.
My throat is hoarse and dry from all my screaming and crying. Forvwhst was probably my first hour out here, I went into repetitive panic attacks. The dark and the dead bodies making me even more terrified than I already was. I can hardly see, didn't want to see them, but paranoia convinced me if i looked away they'd move.Sweat trickles all over me, making my skin crawl with the need to wipe it away, but it's hard to maneuver my hands on such short restraints. It's hot. So hot I can hardly breathe, and my dry throat feels like it might close off any seconds. It's hard to make out anything, even though it must still be daylight out, the barn is so dark. I get only a hairline crack of light through the boards.Did I mention that it's the temperature of the sun in here? The heater of whatever sort, and the spring sunshine acts like an incubator inside the barn. I'm sure I'll die before he returns. The heat only amplifies the stench of death,
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10. Sasha and Kelly.
I come to with a start. I am wild and temporarily confused as I bolt up and grab the bars. Wait? The bars?! My crazed eyes take in my state and I try to stop my impending hyperventilation. I'm in a cage? Like a huge ass metal kennel? My head jars from my dudden movement and I become dizzy, so I ease myself back down to the pillowy floor of whatever this is. What time is it? Where is 'Trevor'? Nevermind that, what happened while I was asleep? I kick the tiny little sheet away and check under the gigantic shirt in panic. Ah. Sweet Jesus. Everything appears unbothered. I shut my mind off there and don't let it wander. I rub my temples and curl up as I look over this contraption, studying it so I can think of how to get out of here. "Still moping?" I have to get into character quickly to stop my narrowing eyes. I glance at the doorway of the room to see 'Trevor' entering.
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