AT2: Journey to Answers

AT2: Journey to Answers

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Language: English
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Nithya, a girl of dreams left her city due to continuous threatening from a girl claimed as her deceased husbands sister. What will happen when she join as a PA of an arrogant man who has the same face of her deceased husband, Sid?

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its so thrilling
2022-06-17 00:37:48
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Somia Naeem
Amazing novel
2021-08-18 02:48:57
42 Chapters
Chapter one
A girl sitting in a chair crying over crying. Her face is in deep red color. rain is falling heavily to console her. But the little heart is hurt. It cant recover soon. She takes a towel and wipes her face after getting up from the chair. She goes out of the home after locks it without taking even an umbrella consciously. charlie Chaplin once had said that 'i love to walk in the rain because no one sees that I am crying". her condition is nothing less. She walks to the neighbor's house in the ultimate late night. Darkness is everywhere. She knocks on the door. After hearing footsteps, she once again tried to smile, but........door opened and a girl stands there.'Nithya this hour?' asked a girl."Sorry if am disturbed you Priya," said Nithya."disturbance and to me? who is saying this?" asked Priyaafter getting no reply, Priya looked on her face keenly, Nithya is trying to smile at
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Chapter two
'Lavanya cool ' Priya tries to make her calm.  'I will try to make her understand the power of soon to be IPS officer's friend ' said Lavanya.  They look at Nithya, but it didn't bright. They understand now, this is really she hurt that's why she leaving this city too.  'Nithya, you don't need to go anyway, what's actually her problem? ' asked Priya.  'no Priya, I need to go. She warned me that doesn't make her see my face ' said Nithya and started crying remembering something.  'if she doesn't need to see your beautiful face then say her to leave this city ' said Lavanya.  'no, I can't that much gut la. She threatened me by making me remembering the fate of my loved ones. ' said Nithya and crying continuously.  Priya hugged her, Lavanya too accompanied them. Nithya crying by keeping face between their h
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Chapter three
Somewhere in Mumbai. Sun usually rises in the east, similarly Prithvi too reach the office early as my much as he can. Being MD, he never tried to enter his own office late time. He believes in early things. Staff one by one reach office. Teena, his PA started her job, try to woo Prithvi as much possible. But she never reaches its far point though.  'excuse me, sir, may I come in?' asked Teena Prithvi just nodded his head as yes. When she about to tell something he gives her a lot of work. She goes back by getting today's maximum work. 'what happened Teena '? Asked amritha 'hadn't you succeed even this time too '?Teena nodded negatively, 'he never allowed me to say something unofficial ' she pouted. 'how was your marriage? ' asked Teena. 
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Chapter four
'lavanya, I am leaving. Don't forget to call me if you are going anywhere ' said Nithya 'Nithya, I am also with you ' 'with me ' Nithya rolled her eyes.. 'I am not a child and I am fine now... Samaria is out of my mind, so don't worry ''Nithya don't you remember, tomorrow I have a test, I am planning to explore the city. And how can I leave you alone in the alien world. And I ''stop ips lavanya kashyp..... Pleased come fast ' said Nithya... Lavanya goes in and get ready. 'no one can argue with this aps ' Nithya murmered. Lavanya came back and both lock the house and turn to leave .They were shocked to see Akash gain with his SUV. 'sir you! ' asked a shocked Nithya 'Nithya and lavanya good morning. Don't be get shocked that I come to pick you. Your office got changed and you don't know about her
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Nithya suddenly cries, her face became deep red in colour when Prithvi say excuse and rushed to washroom."What happened to me,. When she entered i am feeling again, that feeling the wind and moreover anklet sound is ringing in my ears again and again. Whom did i married?. I can only remember me and the preist announcement. I left home to avoid these feeling but it like it chasing me. Its like my heart is willing to beat for someone.. no thats not possible Prithvi singh Singhania's heart not beat for anyone." Thought Prithvi in washroom."Who is he?? Is he my sid? No thats impossible, my sid had died and me as per her killed him... he is just like him. Nothing more. Moreover he is my boss".Nithya wiped her tears.Prithvi rerurned back."So welcome to AR, akash had said you are my new PA. " he said and looking at her" yes sir, i am Nithya kumari gupta" she said."Look Nithy
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Samaria, are you done with yout tears. Let me speak........ yout Pivi is there. What else do you need ". Hrithik finally asked by getting annoyed. Their was a love marriage, a dream marriage indeed. But now he feel relaxed when they poles apart. "No Hrithikji, he is not here. Pivi returned back to main office.. i dont know why my Pivi and my husband is not near me" she started crying. "Samaria i will back ".He cut the call.. "What is happening Prithvi returned to main. And Nithya is there?. What if they had meet. Oh my god i dont know whats happening. Nithya cant withstand when she see her.One year back"Yes nani ! Dont you believe me. I am safety reached here and no worries please. ..... oh yes i wont reveal my name to anyone... ok are you fine now...... when did PSS broke promises. .... ok ok fine. I will call you later.
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Wearing a beautiful gown Nithya looked at her mangalsutra....and she cried for sid.She is confused what will she reply if anyone asks about her husband then she can't control herself and she will sink into the pool of tears. But this mangalsutra is her strength courage and hope. She feels like her sid is always near her as he used to say.Lavanya came near her and wiped her tears and said,"Sid don't like this crying girl. He always needs you to be strong and independent. So please at least for sid don't cry. If you cry he too becomes sad he may feel that he is the reason behind your tears" she hugged her.
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Prithvi's povWhile taking her from home, I found her attracted. She is gorgeous indeed. I can't take my eyes from her. I feel like I know her. I know her before. I don't hear any anklet sound while surrounded by her.  By how can I feel like that with my mere pa??? When Ayaan tries to flirt her, I don't help but clutching her hand and shouting at him. I didn't ever stand for a girl except for di like this. But this girl made me crazy. An uncle complimented us for a perfect couple. I was feeling a little comfort to her. But I don't know whether she is feeling comfortable to me. Maybe like a good friend I am feeling comfort to her. When Teena try to kiss me, I slapped her immediately. I don't know why but it was needed for her.  But I don't know why I told Ayaan and the media that Nithya is my fiancée. That was needed by the time.
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Prithvi and Nithya reached shantivan with aman. Nithya didn't look shantivan nicely, because her heavy tears don't give her a clear view.  Nani welcomed them. She hugged Nithya and said, "it is all written by god ". Nani smiled and took them to the living room. Prithvi feeling guilty seeing Nithya like that. She is crying and crying. She is now wearing 2 mangalsutra that ached his heart more. He was afraid that what if she ran away when he dropped her home? It will affect his reputation. Unfortunately he said that she is his fiancee. Then the next newspaper heading will be something worse than this, "the bride of PSS ran, she is accused of stoled money. Or she ran away because she can't withstand PSS's cruelty ". Media can report anything they want. Prithvi rubbed his hair. Nithya, she is sitting like a statue. Only she got realized now that it was not a dream. She actually married her boss who has
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Prithvi and Nithyaji in one room... I won't let that happen " Virat murmured and ran to Prithvi and Nithya's room. Meanwhile, in Prithvi and Nithya's room, they don't dare to look at each other. Khusi is confused over confused, Samaria is his sister. That one thought makes her life terrible. She knows from now onwards not only sid's face hunting her but Samaria and her cunning words too. Prithvi feels guilty, guilt to drag her into his life. He doesn't know what to do. Anyway, she is his wife. She is his responsibility. He won't let anything happen to her. They both stand there facing each other back. Awkwardness is everywhere. Breaking the silence they heard Virat's sound, "Nannv, open the door". Prithvi and Nithya shocked to hear his voice and they both ran to him... "Viru" Nithya screamed happily. Prithvi looked
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