Dealing with Mr. Rude Rage

Dealing with Mr. Rude Rage

By:  Mnomenixx  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I shake the mountains, blew the wind, burnt the fire; but when you got me, you wreck everything of me.” —Rage Koughart Thompson A hopeless romantic, Graceian Herrit Simson is content with her simple life. Being so inlove with her long timed fiance, Bill Marco, she never wish something more. Now, their relationship lasted long for years now, believes that her fiance would be the one and last man who will come to her life. Although, unexpected things happened; doubt leads to mistrust, she just saw herself hiring a private investigator to check her fiance. There, she met the investigator, Mr. Thompson, who should be Mr. Baltemore. She induced him being the most rude investigator ever which she shouldn't supposed to. Rage Koughart Thompson, a CEO of Thompson Cruise Corporations, an indeed business minded person, have already announced to media that he had no time to such unnecessary things. For him, time is millions, not worth wasting for something or someone nothing to do with his life. Unfortunately, he just found himself keeping a woman who doesn't even do good to him. As an accident happened, his uncle, Brando Baltemore, the best private investigator needs to hide as his life is at danger. Rage took the old man's responsibilities, not expecting that he also need to make an effort for a useless woman. His wasted time for Grace is like a waste of millions on his hands. And an offended Grace, she can't admitted that even she's mad, her hopeless heart still love and hopes. She dealt fasts her long time fiance but dealing with a rude man were the worst. She tried to move on but little did she know, she played fire with fire. Her heart keeps on bouncing back to its cage like nothing had harmed her.

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
~Grace~ The cold air inside the resto touched my skin that sent shivers down my spine. Keeping my tears hide on my eyelids, I stared for long at the man infront of me.I blinked twice, can't take his green emerald eyes, anymore. “Mr. Baltemore, are you sure about this?” I doubted, not still believing all the informations he had provided. Mr. Baltemore glared me, his lips turned in a grim line. His green shades of eyes looks darker. I took off my gaze on him and focused in the pictures he presented. He has the dominating air that intimidates me. “If you're doubting my credibility then I might suggest, get another investigator, Ms. Simson,” he said seriously. I gasped in shocked. Did I just made him disappointed? I only said my predicaments and that's all. He's so arrogant to not accept any words coming from me, argh!He leaned on his chair, his face screams irritation. “You easily
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Chapter 2
~Grace~   Almost drunk, I just knock the door of my condo and leaned on the wall, waiting for someone to open it for me. I don't have any strength left on me, it was all gone, that's why I drove home after having a few drinks near the convenient store. It is good that I got home safe and didn't ended in an accident on my way knowing I did fled my car and race with other cars ahead.  After my third times of knocking, the door clicked as soon as the woman behind showed infront of me. “Hi, you must be so lazy to even open the door yourself,” she spoke with an accent in her voice. I fakely smiled and tapped her shoulder. I walked passed to her and remove my heels. “I'm drained. Can you hand me a glass of water?” I pleaded to my friend, Seffie. “Sure, wait a moment dear.” She went in the kitchen and vanish on my sight. I smiled wryly, thankful that Seffie is with me. I might lost control of things without her beside me. I groaned
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Chapter 3
~Grace~   Monday morning comes, I moved lazily around.   I'm heading to my cubicle as I got shouted by our head. I'm pretty much late first day of the week. I forgot to set my alarm clock knowing that I shouldn't be late right now.   I sent an immediate leave last time after talking to that investigator to make my mind at peace but I think I did it wrong.    All I can do in that 3 days is to cry like I just mourned myself in grave. It's not helping either when 2 days ago, Bill called me even it's too late at night.   I shooked my head when pain attacked me. I put my bag on the table, started to open up my computer.   “What happened to you, Grace?” Dalia, one of our team, asked. She went near me and as if on cue, all of my friends came closer, wearing their pitty for me.    “I'm okay, Dalia. Don't mind me,” I looked at the papers
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Chapter 4
~Rage~   Looking at the woman on the couch, I glared darkly at the sight in front of me. The woman was unconsciously layed down on the floor. She dozed off immediately, lost her consciousness after hitting the tip of the table with her head.    Heaving a sigh, I went in the kitchen to have some glass of water and get back immediately, I felt drained before upon handling this woman.    “Who is this hot babe, Rage? Why she's with you?” Andrew asked when I came back. Finally he spoke after being silent when he picked us in the club.   I looked at him on the single couch with her girlfriend beside her. His gaze is at the woman sleeping, eyes glistened to the sight he sees. Eyeing him, I stood, blocked my body in front of him. This man even have the guts to fantasize this woman rather his girlfriend whose beside him.    “None of your business to know, Drew.” I warned hi
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Chapter 5
~Grace~   Woking up from a deep sleep, I can feel my head hurt so bad. I groaned as tried myself get off of the bed and hold my head spinning.   I look at my slippers beneath my bed but wasn't there. I always put it there right after I go to bed. I know for sure I would'nt ever forget it as I can't walk barefooted. I scanned my room, remembering where did I put it last night but to my dismay, my head hurts again.    I groaned loudly as I roamed my eyes inside. Shock is all written on my face when I noticed that my room's interior isn't the one inside. Plane white is my room's color, and not black and white! And my bathroom isn't on the left part! But I realized, this might be my best friend's room.    The old hour glass wasn't even on the bedside table of my room. I probably get inside her room without informing her. Gosh, this might be the effect of drinking a lot of wine. I'm so lost of m
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Chapter 6
~Rage~ After sending Ms. Simson home, I drove off my way to the company. I'm done taking responsibilities of her. I already wasted long hours for her, I shouldn't take any more minutes to contemplate about what happened. I have many things to finish that's why after adjourning the board members from the meeting, I left the conference room immediately and went back to my office. I opened the door to my office only to get stunned to see Lynea, patiently waiting on me in one of the couch.  Neverminding her, removed my suit and place behind the swivel chair. Lynea walks near me, before I could avoid her, she cling her arms on my nape and press her body against mine. “Hi, I miss you babe,” Lynea blurted, hugging me tightly.  I patiently heaved a sigh with her touchy moves that I smelled her sweet minty perfume. I technically evaded my face near her neck, push her
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Chapter 7
~Rage~  I was standing for who knows how many minutes. The car left, making me watched the lights of their car slowly gone. I can't believe I went to her without even thinking twice about it. Just at my very first time, I was avoided by a woman. I didn't expect she'll be snobby after sending her home in the morning.  Astound to what that woman did, I left hanged. I can't believe I even thought she was physically harassed that I went near trying to help her. And all I've received was cold treatment? What is it, she's embarrassed? But does what she looks like a while ago? She looked more mad than embarrassed.  Also, she wasn't obliged to go with that bastard and when I came, she sudden changed her mind? She's like a puzzle I'm trying to solve. She has this mind of a monkey, easily change of decisions without thinking about it. I looked ar
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Chapter 8
Went back home, I immediately move my body and dressed for my work. It might be a lazy day, as my head hurt a bit, I can feel my blood awakens from exceeding the boiling point.  I'm not yet done cursing that rude and arrogant investigator. I clearly remember what he had done to me, I felt humiliated and insulted.  Never in my life I feel so low to myself. Firstly, I felt like I am a beggar, begging and pleading. I wasn't feel this way but with him, I can feel how alone I really am. Second, he insulted me. How I wanted to kill him on my hands. I wonder if there's even a rule to finally can kill then I'll be honoured to do it to him myself.  Slowing down the car, Bill stopped at the side, where I pointed at him. I stormed out, and angrily stamp my feet as I go away out of him. This guy even added to my stress. How dare him showed himself after what he did. He really thinks it was just a
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Chapter 9
 The other day, I dreamed something strange. I was chasing by Mr. Baltemore's man for trying to kill their boss. Though, I didn't succeed therefore he's now hunting me and wants me killed, immediately. Thank god, Andy woke me up right there. Catching my breath, fear crept on me that I shivered over my seat. Eyes were weary, I gasped at the possibility that nightmares could came true. I maybe irritated and annoyed to him, I would never think ill just to get even. The thought of killing him seems interesting but I wouldn't dare do it. I put my hands on my face, dismayed. Good god, that's was terrible! “Are you okay, Grace? You have nightmare?” Andy puffed infront of me, worried shown on her face. I gasp for air. “Yeah. A very bad nightmare,” I murmured. She chuckled. “Hmm, I see that. Your brows are still furrowed and your face looks sour.
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Chapter 10
 Mr. Baltemore– Uh, no, he's not him! Mr. whatever-his-name or better yet called him for now, Mr. Rude Beast. He walks on the middle with air so intimidating. My breathing hitched the moment he showed to us, forgetting to atleast inhale and exhale a second. He's on a suit but the coat was removed, leaving only his tie and the white long sleeves tucked on his pants. His eyes were focused infront, not turning his head on both sides.  His moves is really rude, I must say. It's so disappointing to have manners like that but I'm more thankful for the heavens to make him like such. Thinking that way, I don't need to evade him. I turn my attention back to Rei's co worker. That's when I noticed they haven't dropped their topic of me. “If I were Grace, I would rather pick someone's so handsome to level up his ex's fiance stand,” Rei pointed out, not still moved on for making me their topic. &ld
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