Baby Steps

“I’ll teach you,” Dawn told Aqua as he searched for something in the back of the car.

Hearing those words, Aqua couldn’t contain her excitement. Everything would be fine if they avoided where she tossed the bottle last night. She wanted to know what it would be like to walk and run. Many humans seemed to like running by the sea in the mornings and evenings. Aqua always wondered what was so fun about it. Now that she had legs, the curious mermaid wanted to try.

Dawn excused himself for a while to freshen up. He didn’t have much, so he only bought a mouthwash. There were no toothbrushes or shavers. He was spotting a rather nice bristle on his chin that Aqua found interesting.

When Dawn was ready, Aqua was already bouncing in her seat. The door was still open on Aqua’s side, so Dawn bent down on a knee to help the mermaid wear slippers. They were slightly too big but not enough to prove a tripping hazard, so he left them the way they w
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