Death of Vampires (Book #2 of BTCO)

Death of Vampires (Book #2 of BTCO)

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In Death of Vampires, (Book 2 of Blood of The Chosen One) and a sequel to Resurrection of Vampires, Amber Willow travels back in time while on her death bed, revisiting her past life as Kyra Blackburn and living in that moment. There, she is just a five-year-old daughter of Caitlin Blackburn, the daughter of the lineage of the Blackburn Coven. Caitlin Blackburn; a great warrior chooses to cut off her lineage and lay low in a small peaceful town, Cinderville, all because she wants to protect her daughter as she has been Chosen. But even as she tries to live and blend with the townspeople, they won’t stop at nothing to make her and her daughter look bad in the eyes of other people whenever they see them, and on a fateful day, they pronounced her a witch and burned her in the eyes of all the townspeople. Kneeling amongst her mother’s scattered ashes, Kyra vowed to avenge her mother’s death and the once peaceful town soon became a living hell for the people. That was before she later found out about other covens and how they were all after her life because she is the one sent to bring an end to their immortality in order to save humanity. Now, she was caught between saving the kind who killed her mother and giving redemption to her kind to live amongst humans and be like them. NOTE: Please read the first book (Blood of The Chosen One: Ressurection of Vampires) to better understand the book. Or you can start from this second book since it is starting from the beginning but make sure to read the first one after.

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23 Chapters
Just the two of us
It was a bright sunny afternoon in a small town called Cinderville, a town for the peaceful as it is known. While other children could be seen playing around and giggling about, a little girl stood by her mother’s side watching them with delightful eyes. As much as she wanted to go play with the other kids, she knew she could not because that would mean disobeying her mother. Her mother has never allowed her to be with other children, let alone play with them.The little girl tore her gaze away from the kids and now looked at her mother who was busy talking to a woman in their neighborhood.“Did you say someone asked of me while I was away?” her mother asked the woman who was quite younger than her in age.“Yes,” the woman responded before she continued, “I didn’t know you had relatives from the higher class.”The little girl’s mother looked at the woman with a slight frown on her forehead and the woman gave an awkward laugh.“You know what I am saying. Ever since you came to this tow
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A little family problem
When Kyra fell asleep after filling her stomach with food, Caitlin laid her properly on the mat and used her hand to smoothen her golden-brown hair. She has been blessed with a beautiful daughter and yet, the prophecy wants to take her away from her at a very young age.Getting up on her feet, she moved her eyes to look at the shady corner next to the door and she asked with a little frown, “Why are you hiding in your shadow?”Just as she said that, the dark shadow at the corner became a real person in form of a woman and she smiled upon seeing Caitlin. Caitlin stared at her from up to down, starting from her black hair to the hem of the expensive dress she wore unlike hers which had stitches on them and whose color already faded.“I came to see you after a long time,” the woman said and moved her feet towards her before her eyes fell on Kyra who was fast asleep.Noticing how she was staring at her daughter, she said to her, “Follow me,” and she turned around before heading to the ba
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New leader
In Old-Vine Town, a place where mostly the old resides, Kathryn walked in a fast pace, heading towards the Blackburn mansion which was the oldest and tallest of all homes in the town and the old women on the way who knew who she and her family was, greeted her, but Kathryn only responded with a wave of her hand. Though she looked young to them, she has lived for over 120 years and it is a fact that most of the people at Old-Vine knows. The people are the only ones who accepts them for who they are and whenever a stranger make inquiries about them, they all pretend that they are a normal family.Kathryn marched to the front of their doorstep and one of their servants who already sighted her coming, quickly opened the door for her and stepped aside immediately so as not to meet her wrath. The woman of the house had just died and she was the next in line since her older sister, Caitlin, had cut ties with them and refused to come home.On getting inside, her Coven members, which were also
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Part of the past
Caitlin sat on a poor unbalanced stool in her home, passing a needle with thread through a worn cloth that belongs to Kyra and she hummed along as she sews. All of a sudden, her hand stopped moving abruptly as her thoughts took her through memory lane…It was the first week of winter eighteen years ago when she met a noble man dressed in an all-black long dress with his hair neatly set. Caitlin had been sent to Creeksville which was at the east side of Old Vine Town. She was to go gather information about what they might have missed and to know what the other Covens might be up to.Unlike her own town which was filled with old people and looked as good as dead, Caitlin found interest in Creeksville because of how lively it was and not to talk of how some noble men from prestigious families do visit the place. It was the kind of place she had always wanted to settle down in without having any worry about the kind she was.On that sunny day, she stepped into the streets of Creeksville a
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Part of the past II
The next day, Caitlin and Kathryn went back to Creeksville on their mother’s order to find the girl’s family and see what the people are up to and while Kathryn won’t stop talking, Caitlin’s mind drifted back to the two priests she saw yesterday and what she overheard. The priest, Aiden, had referred to them as demons taking the form of humans and he had said they will be responsible for the end of the world. It was not as if it has never crossed her mind about the dangers lurking because of the other Covens, especially the Lifeblood Coven that is ruled by Aamon. At least, he was the reason for the different Covens they have now after the death of Lady Renee, the human wife of Lord Dante. But then, Caitlin remembered him mentioning about a sacred book. What could it possibly be? And how is their kind connected to it?“Caitlin!”Caitlin stopped walking immediately and she turned her head to look at her sister who held an annoying look.“You are not listening to me,” Kathryn said.“Oh,
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Part of the past III
That night, Caitlin stayed in her room and after an hour, she dropped the sacred book on the table and held a torn-out page close to the burning fire. Her breath shuddered as she stared at a picture of herself in the paper she held and confusion was written all over her face. She does not understand how she is connected to the book or what was written in it but one thing she knows is that, it is not her, but her own child. From everything she read and understood, it says that she is the key and her child will be the savior of mankind when evil is near. She has to offer her own child to save all mankind, including their own kind.Now it made sense to her on why the witch had said to her that she does not know what she was dealing with but then, why did she leave her with the book?“No! I am not sacrificing my own child for the sake of mankind. The fate of my child won’t be determined by a book.” And after saying that, she took her cloak and leapt out through the window.*In Creeksvill
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An old friend
“Mother?”Caitlin snapped out of her thoughts and turned her head to look at her daughter who sat up on the mat.“You are awake,” Caitlin said and smiled before standing up with the cloth in her hand. She cut the thread and straightened the dress for Kyra to look at.“Are we going somewhere?” Kyra asked, guessing what it meant.“Yes,” Caitlin replied. “We are going to see an old friend.”*Kyra walked with her mother in the night and she felt safe. Night times are the times where she did not have to worry about what the people are saying about them because they would hardly see that they are the ones walking. Caitlin made sure not to walk in the path where the street torches burnt brightly and she made her way towards an old bookshop.On getting there, she moved her eyes to look at the side before pushing the door open and as soon as they got in, the door came rushing back and it slammed itself shut.“That was a good save.”Caitlinheard a female voice and she pulled Kyra along with h
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In the outskirts of the towns, there was another world, a world for vampires and they were divided into four sections and distributed at every parts. One of them is Arkadia, ruled by a powerful leader; Aamon. Just as the name sounds, he is the devil himself and he was the one who broke the coalition between the Vampires after Lord Rexius reign.At one side of the border was Kyle; Aamon’s loyal servant, and few other men of his coven, hiding behind the bushes and waiting for what seems to be their prey. They had gotten information that some humans were trespassing and Aamon had sent him to go inspect things himself. Being the one who receives orders directly from their leader, Kyle felt superior than other members of his coven and this gave him the authority to act like a leader himself. It was what he has always wanted, to be a leader and rule thousands of armies, to see his people adhering to every word he says. He had always thought it was his fate and he would one day achieve it. I
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Back from the dead
Kyle sat there in silence, sucking in his anger and when the wind blew in their direction, he closed his eyes and thought back on his past. He and Gazzeus have been friends since childhood. They didn’t belong in the same coven at that time but they had met on a fateful day. During those times, they still live amongst humans but hide their identities and he had followed his mother to the marketplace where she was getting foodstuffs. He had sneaked away from her side and went exploring all by himself when he got to a stand where hot buns were being sold. The aroma of the buns alone made him salivate but he didn’t have any money to buy one so he watched the vendor closely and waited until he turned to attend to something when he stole one from the tray.“Thief!” Kyle remembered the vendor catching him in time and he was in a fix where he had to decide to put the bun back and face the shame as other people were now watching them. But his greed wanted to have a taste of it and so, he ran a
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Athens is known to be the largest of all Covens and it is more like a Vampire Headquarters. Vampires from all covens, from all corners of the world are gathered at the council and nothing happened in their world without their knowledge about it and in most cases, without their approval. They ruled in all matters, gave permissions or took it away. That is how powerful and respected it was and they are called the Silver-Crest Coven.After Lord Rexius reign; the man who brought about the coalition to rid the hunters, the next leader chosen was Lord Dante who married a human lady named Renee. The Vampires had all frowned on the matter and would not accept a human to be amongst them and that was what had caused the alliance to be broken which was led by Aamon. It was not long after that Lady Renee died after giving Lord Dante a heir and the Elders of the council blamed it on the humans limited life-span. And yet, they refused to accept a child born out of a human and because he did not pos
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