Addicted To Loving You

Addicted To Loving You

By:  Lauretta  Completed
Language: English
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~He felt chills run down his stomach but he wasn’t going to budge, His icy sliver eyes looked right back at her fierce green eyes "I don’t need your money!” He says and squeezes the cheque till it shredded, She glanced at the now torn cheque and back at him "Fine!” She muttered with disdain and attempted to jerk her arm free but he held on tighter “I will find you! And this time You will dance to my tune!" He says and she smirked "Wouldn’t you like to see that!" She says and jerked her arm free, Her eyes leaving his as she looked at Judy who seemed confused as to what she just witnessed Reed watched as Rielle walked back into her car and the car sped off. He meant every word, He will find her and she would dance to his tune!~ A Ruthless robber, A high class thief, The city of Cunningham's nightmare, Only interested in the wealth of the rich and famous, Born from a prostitute mother and mafia father. Causing havoc all over the city, Her victims do not have the privilege to see her face and for this she is called THE MASKED GIRL Detective Reed Parker, An handsome, smart and witty man with the looks to go with it, He graduated top of his class in the police academy. He is not only handsome but extremely intelligent too. He gets sent to Cunningham to solve the mystery behind the masked girl. Only that he would be solving more than the mystery of theft when matters of the heart surfaces. Would Rielle draw Reed into her life of crime and deceit? Or Would Reed make Rielle give up her life of crime ?

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While I loved it, it should be rechecked as some chapter repeat themselves and it is annoying to scroll down to the part where you left. The ending it is a bit abrupt... otherwise the story was nice
2022-12-10 04:32:55
default avatar
Lillth Renegal
Amazing work, I hope Reed finds Rielle soon
2021-03-15 18:14:57
default avatar
Melindastores Stores
Update more! I want more chapters please!
2021-01-20 16:58:27
user avatar
If Veen
Hey, I loved your plot. A woman a criminal sounds too extraordinary to not read it. Characterization is awesome. The twist is wonderful. I am loving every part of it.
2021-01-19 14:48:15
user avatar
Winter Davies
I love it!
2021-01-12 23:02:54
user avatar
Patty Mel
I love the book, I love that the female lead is really fierce not like the normal weak and feeble Female lead Please update more!!
2021-01-12 21:51:29
user avatar
Please leave an honest review as I would greatly appreciate it, Thank you❤️
2020-09-14 17:49:52
user avatar
Rory Michelle Holmes
Can't wait for more!
2020-11-07 14:01:40
default avatar
Cherbnerm Ibrahim
not so goo
2022-01-02 18:37:49
default avatar
Not edited at all
2023-01-26 20:43:59
default avatar
Really really awful.
2023-02-03 10:37:21
157 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jared Sterling, The mafia don right hand man that falls in love with a cheap prostitute. They get married, vowing to leave the past behind them. The lodge into an hotel for their wedding night and unfortunately the past catches up with them as the receptionist of the hotel recognizes them and calls the police.Patricia sterling who was at that time 7 months  pregnant began to run from the police with her husband Jared, On the run Jared gets hit with a bullet and does on the spot, Leaving Patty to misery.A weak and tired patty finds a small hut and stays there, unknown to her an old woman lives there, She runs int
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Chapter 2
"Ma’am, we are here!” I hear the driver say and I glanced outside to see we had arrived at the company, My phone starts to ring and I glanced at the caller ID. It was Dante again! "What!!” I barked into the phone angrily, I could feel my blood boiling as he spoke gibberish on the phone "One thing Dante! Just one fucking thing and you messed it up!” Dante just had to ruin the morning for her, waking up to the finest news about the heist made her morning, She came out of the car and glanced over at the driver who had his head down. He could never look at her in the eye, She was like a raging storm that no one could calm.A sly smirk made it’s way to her lips, there
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Chapter 3
She got to the garage and got into her car, It was always available in case there was an emergency just like this one. Rielle started to drive towards her meeting hideout, She had found this place when she was a teenager and was rebelling against her grandmother! It was underground where it was impossible for anyone to find them, years later she added some finishing touches there which made it much more better than what she found, she introduced the rest of the gang there and now it was where they met! She drove into the place and parked
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Chapter 4
Reed Parker~"Detective Reed, please!" The monitor went off, He could hear his name being called and called but he wasn’t going to budge from where he was, How c
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Chapter 5
Rielle Romano~ Rielle woke up the next day feeling much more optimistic about the day, Wasn’t she supposed to feel grief? Regret? Sadness? Guilt? Whatever it was people that killed felt after killing? The night before she was sure she would feel one of those the next morning, but she felt indifferent. 
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Chapter 6
Rielle Romano~Rielle groaned internally as soon as she saw who walked in on them "Why in the world are you here?" She asked and he smiles fully, "Can you hear that Grandmother, She doesn’t want me around and it hurts me so much!” He fakes pain and Rielle rolls her eyes "Oh come on, Are you seriously going to buy this, Grandmother?” She asked and looked at her grandmother "Rielle, Kale really loves you!” He grandmother says and Rielle groaned outwardly, Picking her bag  “I can see you’re alright, grandmother! I’ll see
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Chapter 7
Reed Parker~ Here he was at his Italian damsel's doorstep, Ginevra! He used the doorbell and waited patiently for her to open the door and she did, Ginevra was an extremely beautiful lady that No man could ever resist her “Come in  di bell’aspetto” Reed took a look at the gorgeous woman standing in front of him and he whistled, A smirk landing on his lips as he walked into the house. He
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Chapter 8
Reed Parker~ This was what he was talking about, He loved road trips, He had been on the road for about four hours now and had stopped twice to eat and use the restroom, He got some extra snacks for the rest of the trip.He was approaching the so called Cunningham, He wouldn’t lie he was a little eager to see the town or city or whatever it was, he wanted to see the place he would be staying, Thankfully it was a Thursday which means he could go out and see
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Chapter 9
Rielle Romano~ Tonight was the night, She was finally going to get her baby! The one after her heart! The one she always admired and looked at every morning! Those sick fuckers in the government thought it would've been possible to hid it away from her! Bunch of Amateurs! She had gone to the meeting Dante had called for, It has been about three months since she has been monitoring it, It was the mega 380 Tribune machine, The first of its kind! Specifically
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Chapter 10
Rielle Romano~Rielle was near the compartment and could see it, A sly smirk appeared on her face as she reached into her pocket to bring out a screw driver, "Are you ready, Pamela?" She asked again and the blonde woman replies with a yes to her.she began to unscrew the small iron separating her from her love "I'm going in now!" She says to both Dante and Pamela, She gently puts the iron bar away as she placed her feet into the closed room, There it was! In a golden box sitting right in the middle of the room. Of course she wasn't so dumb as not to know that going closer to the box wasn't safe."I'm in" She says in a hushed tone and heard Dante's voice over "Throw the piece on the box" He says and Rielle did as he told her.She threw the tiny piece on the golden box and it stuck on it like a leech "Done, You can grab it now!" He says and she walks directly to it and picks the box where it was sitted"I'm done, Let's clear out!" She says and wal
Read more Protection Status