Growing Pains

Growing Pains

By:  Luna  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adrian Kendall was accused of killing her best friend when she was just 6 years old. Her father then sent her far away from her family for 11 years. Now, she's back to clear her name of the death and live her life like a normal teenager. Secrets gets to be revealed in this Mind blowing story. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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love the story line!! i want to read more, so please keep going~ and maybe if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know. thank you!
2021-07-21 14:02:19
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Lovely story..Bitter reality that life is hard for someone depicted beautifully
2020-12-20 20:42:49
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Grace Rivers
This is a truly nice plot. I love the style of narration
2020-11-29 23:38:13
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The author portrays the pain and grief of main character, certainly a must read
2020-11-28 23:06:11
user avatar
This is an amazing book. I feel so much pity for Adrian. She doesn't deserve such misfortune. I can't wait for more chapters💞💞
2020-11-28 06:11:48
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You are a good writer, another successful novel, very interesting novel
2020-11-27 18:36:43
user avatar
wow, the blurb is so intriguing. good job author
2020-11-27 18:30:49
38 Chapters
Prologue. "Karen", Adrian called from down the stairs. "I'm here, it's time to play in the pool"."I'll be there Adrie. Just give me 5 minutes", Karen called back."Okay", Adrian said and went to sit. The Bayler's house was large but not as large as the Kendall's.Adrian Kendall, the daughter of a successful businessman, was waiting for her best friend, Karen Bayler because it was time for them to play as usual. The six years old girls do everything together. Even though Karen's Parents are not as rich as Adrian's, the two get along well."Adrian", Karen called running down and she hugged her best friend."Let's go Karen. I don't want you to be late before you get back, you know your Dad will be mad if you come home late.""It's true, let's go", Karen said and waved to her Mum who was coming over to the sitting room. "Bye Mum, I'll be back soon.""Okay baby and don't stain that dress. It costs a
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Chapter 1
? Adrian's POV? I stepped down from the plane, I knew immediately that my life is going to change for the better. My chest tightened as I smelled the not too familiar air of New York after 11 years of leaving home. I tightened my grip on my bag and continued walking to see the familiar face that will welcome me back home. I know my family will miss me... I mean why won't they, it's been 11 years but I'm certain not all of them will. As I walked, I heard the sweetest voice I missed calling my name."Adrian", I recognized the voice immediately and smiled. I turned my head to the direction of the voice and I saw him, my twin, Aiden. He is taller than I am with black hair and blue eyes like mine. He was wearing a green shirt and a pair of black trousers with a pair of black shoes. His smile was so heart warming and welcome. I had to walk faster because I can't wait to hug my crazy twin brother whom I misse
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Chapter 2
? Adrian's POV ?I saw that one person I no longer consider family....My father.He is a man with dark hair and brown eyes. He was putting on a black suit with a blue shirt and a pair of black shoes. He was talking to a maid and when he noticed me, he looked up at me. He gave the suitcase to the maid and dismissed her then he moved closer to me."Adrian", he called with his thick voice. "You are back.""Yes, I am. I'm back from the prison you sent me to", I said and I started to walk but stopped when I heard him talk again."You know that is a rude way to talk to your father."I turned to look at him and said sarcastically, "I'm sorry, Mr Kendall. I meant to say, I'm back from the 11 years adventure." I rolled my eyes and walked away from him. I didn't look back but I know it hurts him to hear me talk to him like that but I don't care because he didn't care about me 11 years ago when he believed when Karen
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Chapter 3
? Adrian's POV ?Seeing the painting on Dad's table brought tears to my eyes but I quickly pushed it back because I know I'm not a coward and I don't want to look vulnerable. I can't forgive him easily.Aiden looked at me when he heard me sniff and mouthed "what's wrong?""Nothing", I replied and he nodded.Dad turned to look at us and began. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I had to check those documents."I rolled my eyes because I don't get why I should care about him checking the company's paper work."Aiden, I want you to brief Adrian about the school and tell her all she needs to bring along. I won't really have a free time again this week that's why I called you today. I want you to guide your sister well and take good care of her.""No need to tell me Dad, I will take care of Adrie just like an older brother should", Aiden said and poked me to make me laugh and I did."Okay", Dad said and
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Chapter 4
? Aiden's POV?I woke up on the sound of the alarm. "Ohh, is it morning already?", I said and checked the time. It was 7:00. I have to dress for school. I got up, took my bath and was ready for school. I went downstairs for breakfast and saw my parents."Good morning Mum, Good morning Dad", I said and kissed my Mum on her cheeks."Good morning", they replied."Why are you still at home? You should be at the company by now, right?""It's nothing we just want to go a little bit later.""Okay", I said shrugging."Where is Adrie? Is she still sleeping?""I don't know", Mum said."I'll go call her", I offered."No. Let me go", mum said and stood up.I remained silent and began eating my food and Dad was just reading the newspaper.Some minutes later, mum came running downstairs and said, "Tom, Adrie is gone.""What do you mean she is gone?", Dad enquired."She is not in h
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Chapter 5
Location: McGregory high school? Aiden's POV ?"Aiden", Adam called me."What's up?", I asked."You said you had a problem to deal with this morning.""Ohh. That. It's nothing serious. My sister came back yesterday and-""What? Your sister? You mean your twin sister?", he asked shocked."Adam, calm down and stop shouting. You are too nosy", Anthony said."Dude, didn't you hear? He said his twin sister is back.""And?", Anthony said. "I hope you are not thinking what I think you are thinking?""You better don't move anywhere near my sister because I know you", I said glaring."Calm down dude. I won't touch your sister without your permission", Adam said smirking. "But at least show us a picture.""I can't show you. Wait till Monday. Today is Friday so just have a little bit of patience", I said."Okay. If you say so", Adam said sounding def
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Chapter 6
? Adrian's POV ?I was checking through my bag when I noticed something fell. It was the handkerchief. I took it and put it close to my nose."What's that?", Aiden asked and almost startled me."It's just handkerchief as you can see", I rolled my eyes.He took the handkerchief and smelt it. "There is no way this is yours. A man's cologne is on it. Who owns it?""It's just someone I met at the cemetery this morning", I said and explained everything to him."Wow. You have a guardian angel", he said beaming."Just shut up, Aiden." Just then the door was knocked. "Who's there?""Dinner is ready Ma'am", a maid replied."Okay, we'll be there soon", I replied. "Aiden let's go. I'm hungry. I thought Mum said she would be back before dinner.""Maybe she got stuck in traffic. She'll be here soon. Let's go.""Okay", I said and we went to the dinning room.We were eating when Mum came
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Chapter 7
? Adrian's POV ?This is surprising. I know Aiden's friends. The first guy I saw was the guy I met at the mall and the second guy was the one I met at the cemetery. I was really surprised."Adrian, you've met my friends before?", Aiden asked."This is the guy I met at the mall", I said pointing to the guy. "And this is the guy I met at the cemetery", I said pointing at the second guy."Is this your sister?", the guy I met at the mall said looking at me angrily."Yes. Adrian this is Anthony, my friend", Aiden introduced him. "And this is Adam, my other friend.""Hi, I'm Adrian", I said and smiled sheepishly at Anthony but he looked like he is gonna kill me anytime soon. "Adam, I'm Adrian. It's nice to see you again.""The pleasure is mine", Adam said and kissed the back of my hands."Ugh... Can we just go now?", Anthony said obviously annoyed."But I don't see anyone holding you", I said raisin
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Chapter 8
? Adrian's POV ?"How was your fisrt day at school", Mum asked during dinner."It was great,  Mum", I said grinning. We continued eating but I noticed Mum was feeling uncomfortable like she have something to say."Say it mum", I blurted out and Mum & Aid looked at me."What is it?", Mum asked."You look like something is on your mind. Tell us about it.""Oh! I have something to tell you two", she said and Aid sat upright to listen. "Don't freak out.""We won't", I promised and Aiden nodded."From now on, you'd be going everywhere with bodyguards.""Bodyguards?", Aiden asked confused."Yes baby. You won't go anywhere without  bodyguards with you.""But why?", I asked her."It's for your protection darling", she replied."Protection from what?", Aiden asked."You know what?", Mum said and we listened. "The both of you won't ask any mo
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Chapter 9
? Adrian's POV ?I woke up feeling a heavy hand on me. I opened my eyes and saw Aiden sleeping peacefully beside me. He was very handsome even with his messy hair falling on his face. Then I remembered when Mum came into the room yesterday, she was worried. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and woke Aiden."Aid", I called shaking him gently. "Wake up. It's morning.""I don't want to. I still want to sleep", he responded still sleepy."No, you won't. We have to go to school.""I don't feel like going to school. Let's just take the day off.""No, we won't take the day off. Get up", I said pulling him but he didn't respond. I went to the bathroom and put water in my right hand and placed the left hand under it. I went back to the room and sprinkle the water on him."Hey. What's that for?", he said jumping out of bed."It's for you to wake up out of your sleep and get ready for school", I said
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