Descending of the Moon

Descending of the Moon

By:  Chrisade Dee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meeting and being associated personally with the moon goddess brings one a lifetime of misfortunes. That’s what they all believed. The goddess is good, but they shouldn't be seen by mere creatures like them, or else that would be bad news. The wolves first experience their first turns when they reached the age of eighteen. But the night before his eighteenth birthday, Morgan Muller unexpectedly met with the next moon goddess. They made a promise to meet again someday but after this, his so-called misfortunes started. He wasn’t able to turn at the age of eighteen, the enchantress diagnosed him to be mateless and it was also, later on, found out that his wolf had left his body. The brilliant boy’s life turned three hundred degrees as his father, decided to not passed down the pack to him. Years later, a beautiful woman descended from the sky on a night of a red moon and this changes everything.

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Authoress Jane Ese
I love where this book is going so far. Amazing storyline.
2021-07-04 13:05:27
47 Chapters
Chapter 1
The moon was full and bright, the howling of wolves hunting at night could be heard coming from the deepest part of the forest. The seventeen-year-old, Morgan Muller was running around the forest with his best friend, Oliver Woods. Their birthdays were fast approaching and they needed to ready their bodies for their first turn.“Come’n Oliver! You can do better than that!” Morgan teased while laughing as he quickened his pace to get closer to the already panting friend. He had been friends with Oliver eversince they were pups. He liked him so much because Oliver was different from all the people who treat him like some sort of a god. While the people almost worship him while showering him endless praises, Oliver was the only reminder that he was normal. They hang out together, do silly things together, and train together like normal teens would do.“Morgan! Dang! Just how can you be so fast?!” Oliver called out as his eyes widened after re
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Chapter 2
Amira stares at the young goddesses playing outside. She smiled bitterly as she remembered how she wanted to play like them too when she was their age but her mother told her that she can’t just carelessly run around just like them.She sighed and looked back at the glowing scrolls placed on her bed that were made of stars.“That’s still a lot. How does mother never get short of stories for me to read?” she asked exasperatedly as she begrudgingly walked back to her bed and started opening the scrolls of love again.She sighed and choose one of the brightest scrolls in front of her. She figured that the brighter the scrolls were, the greater the love shared. The scrolls of love contain stories. Stories of the matches, pairings, her mother, and all the former goddesses of the moon had made. The scrolls record everything the match had to undergo for their love, how they met and how they ended.Some of them end up happily but the ones
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Chapter 3
She immediately turned away from the pavilion after realizing that she was once again catching the attention of the other goddesses that went out of the pavilion and ran towards the direction heading to the Pond of Living.The Pond of Living is the portal that the Goddess of Goodwill uses to communicate well with the enchantresses. It was actually forbidden for young goddesses and even to some other full-grown goddesses as well but she was feeling extra lonely tonight. She was sure that the Goddess of Goodwill was still inside the pavilion, having fun with the others so no one else would know that she had sneaked in.She carefully looked around before she sat by the pond where she can hear endless chants and voices of enchantresses addressing the concerns of their people.Amira stared at the rippling waters that showed the reflection of the glowing fireflies above it. Her forehead creased as she bit her lower lip as she thinks of a way to figure out how this com
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Chapter 4
Amira stared at Morgan for a while before nodding with a hesitant expression on her face.“I am a moon goddess. But who exactly are you looking for?” she asked, completely puzzled.“Huh? Aren’t you the only one?” Morgan asked back while they were walking away from the falls. Amira shook her head while chuckling as she held Morgan’s clothes closer to her body as she felt the cold breeze of the wind. Morgan saw her do that and immediately thought of how he could help her warm up without scaring her.“Our packhouse is a bit too far from here,” Morgan informed as he stopped walking. Amira was already a few steps ahead of him when she realized that he had stopped. She turned around and looked at him questioningly. She was wondering if she did something wrong.Morgan gulped as he struggled to stop himself from being mesmerized by her beauty. He subtly heaved a deep breath before smiling at her.“My fa
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Chapter 5
In Bulan, the once joyful celebration turned into chaos as the goddesses run back and forth the whole place to look for the daughter of the Goddess of Love. Celestia felt terribly worried when her daughter didn’t come back hours after excusing herself to get something to drink. And now that she’s nowhere to be found the whole Bulan was in a quest to search for the young goddess.While everyone was busy looking for Amira, the Goddess of Goodwill, Agatha, and her daughter, Elpis was already contemplating what they should do. They saw the young goddess jumped into the Pond of Living which scared them so much.No one else knows that the Pond of Living is a direct portal into the living realm. It was only the Goddess of Goodwill who was in charge of the pond, her daughter, and the highest goddess which is the Goddess of Love. And now her daughter jumped off into the portal and the mother-daughter duo didn’t know what they should do.They looked down
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Chapter 6
Calliope slumped herself down the couch as she felt her knees weakening. She took a few heavy breathes before she turned to the head enchantress once again.“I just don’t understand…” She uttered weakly.“Why does it always have to be him?”“Can’t my son live normally?” she asked while sobbing.Enchantress Inessa’s heart clenched as she watched the luna weeping. Although they were not yet sure of what really happened, she was sure enough, it was nowhere good.“I don’t know too, Calliope. This… this is not what I had envisioned when he was born.” The enchantress uttered as she turned to the huge window which shows the bright moon that lights up the midnight sky.Meanwhile, Alpha Romero and his men scattered along the forest in search of his son.“Mind link us immediately if you find him! If he’s in a rather dangerous state, immediately con
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Chapter 7
In Bulan, Agatha and Elpis were watching the people searching the forest. Agatha was extremely worried and was already walking back and forth around the pond.“Mother,” Elpis called out after finally making up her mind.Agatha stopped pacing and turned to her daughter with questioning eyes.“I made up my mind.” She announced as she stood by the pond and stared at the rippled reflection in front of her.“I’ll go down and fetch the young goddess.” She said with full conviction.“But Elpis!”“Mother! Goddess Amira is young and naive. She won’t survive it down there. Let me go down and get her.”“But Goddess Celestia—”“That’s why we need you to cover for us, mother,” Elpis said seriously.Elpis had always pitied that young goddess. She can see how Amira envied the other goddesses her age who can freely walk and play a
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Chapter 8
Morgan turned to look at the enchantress after hearing her words.“What… How… How did that happen?” His mother asked. Calliope felt like she would collapse on the ground after hearing the enchantress’ words.“You… you told us that he would be the strongest—the greatest alpha ever born. How… How can he lost his wolf?” she asked tears streaming down her face. When Morgan saw his mother crying he wiped away his own tears and embraced his mother tightly.“Stop crying, Mama. I’ll be alright…” Calliope's sobs escaped as soon as his son comforted her. Morgan turned to the enchantress with a serious expression.“What are you talking about, Enchantress Inessa?” he asked.The enchantress stared at him and sighed heavily as she remembered the vision she had seen just after she held his hands.Morgan was helping a faceless woman out of the water, and the
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Chapter 9
Morgan can't sleep. The enchantress' words keep on repeating inside his mind. He was tossing and turning around his bed but later on finally decided to give up trying to get some sleep. He sat up from his bed and turned to the mirror placed in one corner of his room.He stared at it for a while, waiting for his eyes to glow just like usual. Only that it didn't.While he was washing up earlier, he realized that his eyes had changed. Of course, he panicked. After all those warning stares and haunting words from the enchantress, who wouldn't freaked out?But he just can't bring himself to think that it was all because of Amira.That innocent goddess.He sighed before getting out of his bed and wore a shirt before getting out of his room.Morgan went to the kitchen where he found his best friend, Oliver who was busy washing the pile of dishes the pack had used earlier. He sighed heavily which caught the young omega's attention.Oliver tur
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Chapter 10
Amira sadly stared at the red cloth in her hands. Goddess Elpis had to literally drag her as they avoided the eyes of the other goddesses that were walking around.“Amira!” Elpis called out in a whisper. Amira immediately clutches Morgan’s polo closer to her body as she worked hard to focus on hiding.Amira heard Goddess Elpis sighed in relief as they arrived at their own fortress. She immediately looked down to avoid the gaze of the goddess of hope who turned around to face her.“You should never do that again, Goddess Amira,” Elpis said in a soft tone in order to not scare the young goddess.Amira felt her heart wavered as she listened to the light scolding the goddess was giving her. She knew that what she did was wrong. She broke a lot of rules too. But she just can't say that she regretted doing all of that when she knew to herself that it was the first time she felt what freedom is.In that short span of time tha
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