Desired By Three Mafia Lords

Desired By Three Mafia Lords

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"I don't belong to anyone," Brenda said, taking a step back. "You're mine, and you're always going to be mine," Damien replied, leaning closer and whispering in her ears. "Then show me you love me," she bit back. "Show me you—" His lips crashed into hers immediately as he pinned her to the wall. He let all his desires out as he claimed her lips hungrily. ****************************************** All her life, Brenda Williams has done everything her father asked. Because of his gambling excesses, she is forced to work tirelessly in school for her family. But when her father orders her to marry a mafia lord twice her age because of his debts, she doesn't find it hard to run away. Unfortunately, she is roped into another marriage with another ruthless mafia lord before she can bat an eye. Consumed with burning questions and a threat to her life, she struggles with the unfound hatred from her new husband. This unleashes a series of dangerous games, kidnap threats, burning emotions, and family secrets that lead Brenda to one question: WHY HER? Will she be able to figure out the real reason behind her sham marriage, or will she run out without turning back? Can she escape three mafia lords who want her for different reasons?

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Nice story. Author should update frequently
2023-05-16 17:12:53
user avatar
78 chapters with a weird ending. The book doesn't seem complete. Are there more chapters coming? The timeline and order in this book is very confusing. Maybe chapters were uploaded out of order? The ending just left so many questions.
2023-09-12 09:33:53
user avatar
Book needs editing for spelling & grammar and to make sense. It's a good story but is confusing at times with stuff not being clear & plot holes. Also, pregnant women are not supposed to drink, let alone getting drunk. It's hard for a reader to believe a mother is concerned about baby when drunk.
2023-09-11 02:07:50
78 Chapters
Chapter One
"I am tired of living like this," Brenda said to Carla angrily. "Why would he keep doing things like this to me?""Calm down, Brenda," Carla said, shifting closer to her. "Our parents are crazy, but we don't have to become like them. We just have to work harder and live the life we want.""How on earth am I supposed to do that?" Brenda asked, shaking her head. "I have done everything possible to make my family better. I have sacrificed everything just to get out of this place. Yet, the more I work, the more everything gets worse. I am tired of being this way." Carla remained silent for seconds, thinking of the best way to calm her down. She understood how Brenda felt and wished she could help her out. It wasn't the first time she was complaining about her family. As her best friend, she knew some of the problems they faced, and it hurt her that she couldn't help her best friend. "Have you tried talking to him? Maybe he will listen to you and change." Carla suggested. Brenda chuckle
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Chapter Two
"Where is your father?" The man asked again as Brenda gawked at him. Her mouth suddenly felt dry, and she couldn't muster any words. She couldn't tell whether it was the way the man looked at her or the way he made her feel. Although it was dark and she couldn't see his face, his aura and stature were enough to tell her that he was a dangerous man. He was over 6ft3, and his burly figure was somewhat terrifying. Her mind quickly darted back to the papers she found in her father's wardrobe. Could she be right that he was in trouble again? Did he really travel for business, or was he hiding? "He's not home," she muttered inaudibly. She slowly lifted her legs and moved closer to the door. "And where is he?" The man asked, his eyes not leaving her face. "I need to see him." Brenda thought of the best answer. Could she tell him that he was on a business trip? Would that give him away? She didn't know what to say to protect her father because she was convinced that the man was dangerou
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Chapter Three
"How could you? How could you do that to me?!!!" Brenda yelled at her father. "I was in a tight spot! You can't blame me for that!""You were in a tight spot?" She asked, her eyes wide with anger and her face red. "Then you sold your daughter to a man thrice her age? Is that what I am to you? Another gamble piece? Is that what I am worth to you? Answer me!!""You do not have a right to talk to me like that," Alex yelled back, combing his fingers through his hair. "I was desperate and he was going to kill me. Do you think for one second that if I died, you and your sister would have survived? Do you think you would be going to college or have a roof above your head?""Oh, spare me that crap! Spare me that f*cking crap!" Brenda yelled, her voice echoing across the room. "I have gotten where I am without you. I work my ass off every day to afford college and take care of Ralia. And what do you do?""I try—""You steal from me, lie to me, and make our lives more miserable. That's what yo
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Chapter Four
The wind was beating against Brenda's face as she propelled herself further as she ran. Her feet tapped soundlessly against the ground and her muscles burned from running excessively. But she continued. She had successfully escaped from their apartment without getting noticed. She had no idea where she was running to but she knew she had to get far away from her father and Ramirez. It would be all a waste if she was caught after running away. She kept glancing back as she ran to ensure that no one was following her. She stopped running after it was clear that she was far away from her apartment. With a tattered backpack, a jacket, and a torchlight, she stood by the sidewalk panting. She wiped the tears from her face with her jacket. She didn't even realize she had been crying until she stopped running. She couldn't stop thinking about Ralia and if she would ever see her again. She was sure that her father would look for her once he discovers that she had escaped. He would want to b
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Chapter Five
At the sound of the man’s voice directing orders to his men, two of them immediately rushed to pick Brenda up roughly from the couch they had placed her on and where she had just woken up from. They dragged her to a smaller room where a chair was placed right in the center of it. The room was dim and empty except for the chair and a few broken items. She was dragged and dumped hard on the chair and the men began to pace around the room, she glanced around and soon realize that she had been brought to a place where enemies or offenders where tortured till they talked, just as they were about to do with her that moment, taking her for a spy.“Please! I am not a spy!” she let out again trying to convince both men who walked round the room and occasionally around the chair she sat on.“Shut your mouth bitch!” one of the men screamed at her as he slowly brought out a penknife from his pocket before walking towards her and landing her a painful blow on her mouth.She screamed painfully when
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Chapter Six
Brenda was grateful in her mind that she was no longer going to be tortured every day anymore as Damien had said – not that she was in haste to believe him and anything else he says, but she was wondering why he would say something like that to her. He doesn’t like women? What sort of a man is he anyway? She was bothered that he just refused to let her leave even though he believed her, so she began to imagine just how much danger she was in falling into the hands of these dangerous people. Well aware of how dangerous mafias are, and now finding herself held captive by one of them, a new wave of fear hit her.Still seating on the dining table, Brenda tried to shake off the fear that gripped her, she looked down at her plate once more which had now been served. She had not touched the food even though she was starving, her gut told her she could not trust Damien. He just sat across her silently enjoying his meal while occasionally send gazes at her. Her stare shifted from the plate to
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Chapter Seven
For two more weeks Brenda remained confined inside Damien’s mansion. They had stopped the maltreatment and tortures towards her already. Now they fed her well, gave her clothes and let her do what she wanted except leaving the house or roaming in the compound unescorted. She was restricted to just her room, the kitchen and a few other unrestricted areas. Everyday, still bent on finding a way out, Brenda failed to see a way possible. Regardless, she still studied all who worked there and every activity that went on inside the house. There were maids who provided her with anything she needed – she suspected they were doing so under the instructions of the master of the house. They served her food and gave her medicine for her wounds, a doctor was even called to check up on her. It was still very unclear what Damien wanted with her, she had begged him so many times to let her go but he would have none of it.Aside the maids, the guards and other workers inside the mansion like the garden
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Chapter Eight
The question about Edwin Ramirez struck Brenda hard with surprise. Never did she imagine Damien to mention the name of the mafia lord who she was running away from. How did he even know who Edwin Ramirez was? How did that even link with her situation with him where he constantly blamed her of being a spy? She had planned to tell him everything about her escape but here she was shocked at the mention of Ramirez, or did Damien think that she was working for him or something? The sense of the matter began to dawn on Brenda but still confused how it all connected, she looked stunned at the raging Damien.“What? How do you….” She stopped herself from asking Damien how he knew Ramirez.“Answer me this instant Brenda! I’m not going to ask you again!” Damien kept screaming at her.“I don’t know who that is.” She denied.Waves of anger rushed through Damien making him grab Brenda by her blouse pulling her closer to him effortlessly with one arm. Standing closely, face to face with him, she tre
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Chapter Nine
Damien left Brenda’s room quite in a haste after telling her that she was safe with him. He told her that until he figured out what to do with her, she was going nowhere. What kind of trouble was she in? What sort of prison has he placed her in? Brenda went deep into thoughts for the next few minutes after Damien had left her. She wondered the magnitude of danger she was now learning that her captor was a mafia lord too. It explained a lot to her but it also disturbed her. She had been running away from one dangerous man and had ended up in the hands of another one, worse, they both were enemies, which placed Brenda right in the center of it.She began to think of what Damien had in mind to do with her. She could not understand what he thought of her to keep her in his house with no clear purpose. She concluded that it might mean or eventually lead to her end, everything seemed to crumble the moment she thought it was going to be fine. She needed to get out of here, she needed to be r
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Chapter Ten
Brenda could not believe what Damien was saying to her. “What?! She exclaimed.Did she hear him say get married? Does he really know what he was saying at all? What made him think she would ever marry him after all he had done to her. He had let his men beat her up, treat her like trash and even though he had stopped treating her that way, she wondered why on earth he imagined she would marry him. She was his prisoner and she had begged him every time to let her go but he had refused, yesterday, he had said he wouldn’t let her go until he finds what to do with her. Is that it then? Was that the idea he thought of to do with her? He must be insane if he thought she would escape from one mafia lord to end up marrying another, someone who held her against her will and had treated her less than an animal before.“I know, it sounds absurd, it did to me when I first thought of it and it does even now. But before you express your contempt listen to me first.” Damien said trying to convince h
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