Dirty Deals With The Devil

Dirty Deals With The Devil

By:  lola12033  Ongoing
Language: English
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I belonged to the Devil, only it wasn't emblazoned on my forehead. ***Desperate times calls for desperate measures as they always say. When 10-year-old Ruby Davies accidentally kills her mom in a freak accident, she's totally terrified and torn.What was a ten year old to do in such a situation?That was exactly what the Devil banked upon when he swooped in as the hero, the savior, ready to bring back her mother only for a seemingly small price which little Ruby eagerly pays. Giving up her soul seemed like a wise decision at the time.Eight long years later, with a condemned life banned from all holy contacts and soul forever destined to perish in eternal fire and torment, Ruby wants absolutely nothing to do the lying soul thief.Until he comes once again with an irresistible offer only the biggest of fools would refuse...

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1. |Halloween and Horrors|
Halloween.I hated that holiday, in fact, I hated just about anything that involved scares or the likes, my life already contained enough nightmares as it was. I was a soulless monster.I inwardly cursed the holiday as I dragged little Frankie, my seven-year-old cousin, along. After walking around trick or treating with him for what seemed like over three hours now, I realized that I should have charged my mom more than the $100 she had hastily squeezed into my palm as a reward for babysitting Frankie.I could have been at the costume party Jenny and my friends, the other cheerleaders were throwing tonight but here I was looking stupid in the black, catgirl costume accompanied by a seven-year-old dressed as a fat, orange pumpkin."Ruby," I heard Frankie whine, snatching his arm out of my firm grip and gently rubbing the gloved arm with his other hand. "You're squeezing me."
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Chapter 2. |Deals and Dummies|
 *If only darkness was given chance to take full charge* There'd be loud inhuman laughter sounding far away, or near Skeletons would emerge from their graves and roam about freely Giant cats would be ridden like horses, because they only see brightly in the dead of the night Demons from hell would be rulers of the world Newly birthed babies would be given blood baths, fed with blood and not nursed by their mother's busts Monsters would roam about freely, while humans would hide Skulls, belonging to both humans and animals would be used to build towers Halloween would come to live. All varieties of beasts would freely hold humans as captives and torture them. Blood would be like beverages because of it's iron after taste. There'd be free access
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Chapter 3. | Meetings And Madness|
The big, black cat was still staring at me with those strange, black eyes that scared the heck out of me. I knew that cat was no cat at all, it was something worse. My tight catsuit suddenly felt tighter as I turned and immediately started to stumble away from the cat, trying get away fast. Almost like they were under some unexplainable influence, my feet refused to move a pace faster than a small jog. It felt like the air around me had gone thicker and more viscous, that movement was difficult, almost impossible. What the heck was happening? The cat was stalking away from the street lamp and slowly coming towards me now, like it had all the time in the world. It's eyes fixated on me like a predator would on a trapped prey. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the cat was morphing and after a series of stretches, a man stood before me. He hadn't changed a bit since the first time we met
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Chapter 4. |Hell and Heavens|
"Huh?" Was all I could say at first. I stared at his callous, unfriendly eyes and tried to discern if they were currently being truthful, staring at those things just gave me cold chills instead. "You heard me, kid." He ran a hand through the tangled dreadlocks and sighed, almost wearily, like he was tired and exasperated all at the same time. With the cigarette stick still dangling between his black lips, he spoke. "Do me this favor and I'll free you, terminate our contract and give you your soul back." He blew out the cigarette smoke right at my face and I coughed, inhaling the choking smell. I surveyed him through narrowed eyes, not trusting him one bit. After all, they always said, once bitten, twice shy and I didn't want to get my hopes up for nothing. "Release my feet first," I told him, pointing down at my black boots which he had enchanted to the pavement, causing my inability to move. He rolled his eyes, like he
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Chapter 5. |Coffee and Curses|
If you've ever had a terrible first day of school, you know by now that it always starts with you minding your own business, probably trying to navigate the large hallways until that one person destined to ruin your existence bumps into you and makes a complete fool out of you. Only I was the one sent to ruin someone's existence. I raced through the multitude of straggling students either trying to get to class or loitering in the hallways and bumped into some of them resulting to loud insults being thrown at me. I didn't care though, I was on a mission. When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had dreamed up the whole events that occurred last night until I saw the date which clearly read, October 1st and then there was the fact that things seemed to be repeating themselves. I had really gone back in time. I glanced at the clock above at the main hall as I halted to a full stop and breathed a sigh
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Chapter 6. |Splits And Smashes|
 At the end of the school day, I had finally come to one conclusion; if I thought Blake Johnson hated me in the morning, I was wrong. So very wrong. Blake didn't hate me, he despised me and it all started with a few splits by the bleachers after school. Here in this little town in the heart of Texas, football was everything, if you didn't like or appreciate the sport, you had just dug yourself a literal shallow grave with your own hands. And that's why if you were a student here that didn't like football, you were instantly unpopular. Girls, namely like me joined the cheerleaders to support the boys because if we didn't, a drastic ostracization would take place. If being yelled at by Amanda every day after school during practice was the price for popularity, we all gladly took it. "Look sharp, girls," Amanda snapped, placing her right hand on her hip and stretching the left arm towards her right foot in a fl
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Chapter 7. | Buses And Beggings|
I met the Devil on the school bus. Okay, so it would be pretty fair to admit that after smashing Blake's windscreen, I had pretty much given up on stalking him. I tried getting to him a few more times but the look he always gave me told me to maintain my lane or else. The other day in the cafeteria when he was sitting alone, quietly chewing his spaghetti and looking like a fallen god while at it, I had walked up to him with my lunch tray which consisted of only an apple and yoghurt, and sat down right in front of him. He glared at me with those stunning blue eyes, hissed and picked up his textbooks before abandoning both me and his lunch. Talk about awkward. I had kept my distance after that. And there was also the fact that Molly was super into him and had spent the past few days going on and on about how his curly hair made her stomach go all wonky. Then there was also schoolwork, it was just a repeat of everything I h
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Chapter 8. |Apples and Allies|
I met the devil way sooner than I had expected. When he had told me he would intervene and help me out, I didn't think it would be so soon or that he would suddenly walk in as the substitute Calculus teacher. Yes, you heard me right. There I was, biting at the tip of my Bic and wondering if by any chance, Blake was staring over at my side. This was the only class I had with him and when he came in earlier and spotted my seating position in the middle of the class, he intentionally decided to go pick the seat far end of the class, at the corner. God, that boy hated me so much and it was all my fault. Our regular Calculus teacher, Miss Simeon was running late which was very unusual and most of us were already getting all rowdy in the class. For final year seniors, they all acted pretty dumb for my liking and I dully watched, Asher Hu, one of the blonde, football jocks lob paper balls at his teammates w
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Chapter 9. |Hospital and Hoaxes|
The hospital stench was getting to me. After school today, my mom had called from work to ask if I could kindly swing by the hospital to drop off some files she had forgotten in the process of her rush this morning. Molly and I were about to have some sandwiches at my place for lunch when she called, I agreed and we packed up some tomato sandwiches and pink lemonade to go for all three of us. After taking the bus heading out of town and a very long hour or so, we got to the psychiatric hospital where my mom has worked as a nurse since before I was born. She appreciated the lunch we brought her and after a few minutes of sitting around and eating, I was already impatient and ready to leave. Molly, on the other hand had made herself completely comfortable on the office couch and was ranting to my mom about how she had been saving for some new designer boots that had gotten even more expensive over the weekend. Sometimes, I
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Chapter 10. |Taxis and Teas|
The Devil was driving the cab. At this point, I wasn't even surprised to see him anymore and I felt the first signs of a splitting migraine as he continued to weave the car at insane speed not the least disturbed by the heavy rain. Molly's eyes were still closed, with her plump, pink lips slightly parted and wet hair matting to her soft face. I wondered if she had fallen asleep by her own will or that of our infamous driver. It was probably the latter.  "Are you following me now?" I asked. "Yes." He replied without an ounce of hesitation and I didn't know whether I was supposed to be creeped out or reassured by the thought. "And I helped you out of this rain, didn't I?" "Thanks," I murmured sourly. "Also, could you maybe slow down, I wouldn't want to die before my twenty-two days are up." The dark, casual tone that I used to refer to my death scared me. Had I accepted my fat
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