The Haunted Vibrator

The Haunted Vibrator

By:  DestinyAitsuji  Completed
Language: English
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When someone tries to break the No Nut November rule, the haunted vibrators will dish out spine chilling, blood curdling and mind breaking punishments instead of heart warming, toe curling, mind numbing pleasures. Watch these horny sinners meet their fitting ends. Haunted Vibrators do not discriminate genders, age or sexuality. If you nut in No Nut November, you get neutered.

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51 Chapters
Welcome to Wanda's Love Accessories Incorporation's Contest page!No Nut November started as a meme by horny teenagers for horny teenagers. Eventually, this movement because hugely popular and many youths turned this into a 30-day challenge.Rules of No Nut November:1. No masturbating2. No sex 3. No pornography4. No ejaculations5. Participants must complete all thirty days successfully to complete the No Nut November ChallengeWho can participate?Anyone with functioning sexual organs and appetites.How to track your progress?Register as a participant of No Nut November challenge with Wanda's Love Accessories Incorporation for a free limited edition Vibrator Set and report your Nut Status on our app. Upon succeeding in the challenge, Wanda's Love Accessories Incorporation will send successful participants a customised love android doll!
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Calibration Addict (1)
“I miss you.”“I miss you too, babe. Sorry about it. I wish stupid Covid were gone.”Cassie sighed. It has been way too long since she saw her boyfriend from a different state. Not only was she stuck in university and online classes, but she also lost her job since the pandemic and was too broke to get air tickets even if she could afford the move.November was approaching, and even though the long-distance couple had their fair share of video calls and surprise sexts, it wasn’t enough. It was hard remaining monogamous in such a trying period of the relationship. Honestly, Cassie was surprised her boyfriend hasn’t cheated on her yet. She was close to making out with the gym coach just the other week.“How about this,” Cassi
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Calibration Addict (2)
Ding! Dong! “Ma’am, could you please confirm your name and address?” Cassie wasn’t expecting such quick delivery. She only signed up with Wanda’s NNN Challenge yesterday before forgetting all about it. The delivery person didn’t look like they knew what was in the box, so Cassie signed it casually, pretending that it wasn’t a box of sex toys. “Enjoy!” the cheery delivery lady smiled, and Cassie waved with a laugh. “Oh, don’t worry. I will,” she replied before slamming the door shut with her new delivery. Snapping a picture of the new arrival, she texted Jake. As if also receiving his delivery, Jake texted back with his goods. Cassie quickly grabbed a cutter, curious to know
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Calibration Addict (3)
“Let’s see, step one. Download the app?”The first step was probably the simplest to follow, and Cassie scanned the QR code to download the Wanda app, signing in with her created account. The app was easy to access and use with a guided tutorial for first-timers. Cassie found herself staring at her profile page and filling up details about her height, weight, age and other regular things that she would be expected to fill for accounts like that.However, that was where the ordinary experience ended. On Wanda’s app, a special survey section was designed to record her sexual habits and experience. Some of the questions felt slightly invasive to her privacy, and Cassie wondered if everything in here was compulsory.Unfortunately, there was no backing out option once she started that section of t
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Calibration Addict (4)
With school and deadlines piling up, November became a very hectic month. Cassie did not have the time to think about anything else for the two weeks with examinations and project presentations.It was finally Sunday and Cassie woke up for the first time in a long while feeling fully rested. Exams were over, and every project that needed submitting was turned in. She had no idea how everyone survived the chaotic end of the term period, but it was finally over.From now until December, Cassie did not have any classes. School was closed for the winter break, and many of her schoolmates were moving back to their hometown to spend time with their families until the next year.Unlike them, Cassie had no such desire. She wasn’t particularly close with her family and Jake was far too busy to visit her. The lockdown w
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Calibration Addict (5)
Even as Cassie spammed the option to increase the vibration strength, the intensity only grew weaker as her frustrations increased. Eventually, the app had to pause everything due to the Bluetooth falling out of connection with the toy.“Calibration cancelled. Please charge the toy before trying again.”Fuming, Cassie stared at the dumb screen. Calibration cancelled? All she needed was a little more, but the process was cancelled. Must she do it all over again?Sitting like a silly goose in the middle of her tub, Cassie thought about a quick solution. So what if she had to recalibrate? She had time. What was more frustrating was the lack of battery lifespan. Then again, she was so busy to bother checking on the toy collection in the last two weeks. Cassie forgot all about it until earlier too. The goods
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Working with Wanda: Electric Mites
Crack!The sound of whips reached Wanda’s ear the moment the lift doors opened. Her employees were hard at work again, but she wrinkled her nose. It didn’t matter how much they invested in air circulation technology. This place always stank of sweat and other things.“Get back to milking! At your rate, we won’t be able to meet this week’s quota for 600 litres of sperm!” a managerial witch cracked her whip mercilessly, inciting moans from the part-timer who was riding a magical milking saddle.Fuelled by the stimulation, Wanda watched the young teen explode in ecstasy. The manager caught every drop of his ejaculation with a quick spell and stored it in the colossal cum tank with practised precision. It was half full, but they needed more to feed the magical monsters in the lower le
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Fake Celibate (1)
Beep! Beep!“Two books?” a bespectacled stern lady asked from behind the counter as the jock searched for his seldom-used library card.Already, the middle-aged librarian could tell these books weren’t going to be read. If anything, they would be used as a ‘reference’ for ‘studying’. If the blushing girl beside the jock was any indication, the date idea was hers.The couple was severely mismatched as the boyfriend was a musclehead. He might be a rugby player while his girlfriend, possibly new, was a little on the ‘creative’ side with that typical nerdy fashioned glasses despite the very trendy ‘nerd’ fashion. Those weren’t even real glasses. She just liked the look of a smart student.Honestly, why w
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Fake Celibate (2)
After downloading the new app, Mary replaced her usual bedtime reading routine with calibration. She could always change the sheets tomorrow and do laundry. Her vibrator of choice wasn’t the beginner level Asian dick. As someone who could fit three fingers every masturbation session, Mary didn’t want a basic dick.The next alternative was a similar length, but it was adjustable in width. The vibrator could be adjusted using the app after syncing to expand from 2.5cm to 3.5cm. This size measurement felt somewhat right for a test run. The biggest vibrator in the set was in black, measuring a whopping seven inches in length with an adjustable width from 5cm to 7cm.Naturally, it became Mary’s aim to conquer that.Following the instructions on the app, Mary quickly signed into her account and filled in
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Fake Celibate (3)
No Nut November month started on a busy note as more students crammed into the library for studying sessions. The reading program for elementary students meant more people were borrowing books they usually didn’t read to collect stars on their reading cards to exchange some prizes decided for the school. Mary sighed. It was a busy week.Fatigued, Mary trudged back to her apartment. Honestly, she didn’t think keeping the smallest vibrator inside her while she worked would take up so much of her energy. According to the app, the bottom handle of these vibrators could be detached to make them smaller that she could use them as kegel weights. There were a few things about these vibrators that Mary learned over the course of a weekend. Firstly, there were several handles to the vibrators that could be changed. The most common handle was the vibrati
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