The Reborn Witch Princess

The Reborn Witch Princess

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She lives with her ordinary family. She was coaxed by her best friend, Arabella, to go with her to a party that King Magdon made for his son, Prince Ariel. But, she ended up falling into trouble. After she was killed by her best friend, a new spirit hosted her body an acted in her stead. She becomes 'Queen of the day' after she drinks the wine in a glass which contained a 'Queen ring' inside it. She was the chosen girl, and she was caught in the middle of two princes. It was rumoured that the chosen girl will unite the two different worlds. The human world and the gifted. She must finish the task that will help her to find and control her power to avoid both worlds from declaring war against each other. The typical peace offering made her feel suffocated. She had to marry a prince. Will she choose the love of her life or the hate of her life? Facing many challenges to put herself on the right track, Chihara, who never believes in the gifted, began practising her own gift with the help from the new host on her body. And while doing it, they faced chaos by chaos.

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Maggie Green
very good story
2021-06-11 07:33:03
91 Chapters
Strange Day
Chihara dragged her tired feet up the stairs, “I’m home!” Her mom, Adelia Joy, walked out of the kitchen with an apron tied to her waist while her right hand was holding a spatula. “Welcome back, honey! You hungry?” she smiled. “No, mommy. I’m tired. I’m going to take a nap first,” she replied with a sorry look on her face. “Sure,” Adelia went back to the kitchen, sighing and shaking her head. *** Turning the doorknob of her bedroom, Hara went in before closing the door behind her. She put her bag and books on her study table, which was situated in the corner of the room before she sat down on her chair in a huff. After dealing with college’s stuff today, she was drained. Don’t overestimate her. She’s holding a high grade in her college. Resting her elbows on the desk, she put her pounding head in her hands, closing her eyes. She doesn’t know why, but she was extremely exh
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Prince Party
“Hara! Come on!” Arabella shouted from outside the house. “Coming!” Hara replied, rolling her eyes. She watched her figure for the last time in the mirror. ‘Red strapless silk’ ‘Which stranger is so kind as to buy this dress for me?’ ‘Right, that pervert stranger!’ ‘Maybe mom knew about him.’ Hara grabbed her white purse. Grabbing the doorknob, Hara walked down the stairs and saw her mom waiting downstairs. “Hey, mommy!” she greeted her. “Hi, honey. Wow! Where did you get this dress? I’ve never seen you wearing this dress before.” Adelia looked at Hara with surprise and adoration in her eyes. “Mommy, did someone come to our house today?” instead of answering her mom, Hara asked her a question. “Other than Bella? No. Why?” her mom gave her a confused look. Hara sighed with relief silently, “Oh, it’s nothing.” “And about this dress, a frie
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Truth's Hurt
An hour later, they arrived at the castle gate. Both of them stepped out of the car and headed towards the castle gate. Several guards armed with guns stood in front of it. They looked at every person who came in and out of the castle like a predator. Cold. Cruel. Heartless. Hara shivered at the sight of them. Her trembling legs suddenly felt so jello when she thought about what kind of person the people are inside the castle. One of the guards stopped Hara when she was about to enter the gate. He extended his hand as if he wanted something from her. “Excuse me?” Her questions came wrong. Both of the guards exchanged a glance. Within seconds, they pulled the guns tucked at their waist and aimed at them. Hara’s heart pounded in fear, and she could feel the quiver in her hands, getting stronger and stronger. She felt her throat closing up, and no words could come out of her mouth.
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“Hara…wakeup...” An unfamiliar voice woke Hara up from her deep slumber. Opening her eyes, she saw nothing but darkness and her body was oddly cold and numb. Furthermore, she felt like she was floating on air. “W-who are you?” Hara sat up, but no matter how hard she squinted, she still couldn’t see through the dark. It was ridiculous and illogical. But, Hara felt that she and that person seemed to have some kind of bond. “I’m a wandering spirit, and I’ve chosen you as my host. Coincidentally, I was also called Chihara. You can call me Rara.” “What if I don’t agree?” “You can’t. The Universe has agreed to let me be a host of your body. I’ve been waiting for centuries to be reborn. I can’t waste any more of my time. I must get my revenge!” “What about me?” Hara frowned. “You? You will stay here. But you don’t have to worry. After I wake up, I will surely avenge you for your wrongfu
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Care to Explain?
Prince Ariel took Rara’s hand before he bowed and kissed the back of her hand. Rara blushed when he chuckled at her frightened face. “May I dance with you, my Queen?” Rara nodded and tried to smile as best as she could. Her belly turns upside down at the change of situation. She shut her mouth and bit her lips as hard as she could to stop the anxiety crawling down her spine. However, her palm was turning cold, and she could feel the cold sweat sliding down her back. The music played, and the hall was full of people dancing here and there. They swayed following the music rhymes. Rara lowered her head. She doesn’t have the urge to look up. So, she just stared at Prince Ariel’s chest the whole time. “Look up.” Prince Ariel ordered. He had noticed that this woman was trying to avoid his gaze all the time. It was his first time to be treated like this by some unknown woman. Usually, women like her would flock
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Library & Dinner
Rara spent her time reading the story of Haguar’s Kingdom, the country currently ruled by King Magdon. So far, Rara found out that other than the great Haguar, another four great kingdoms were currently in line with Haguar’s power. No 5: That being Kaca’s Kingdom which is ruled by King Sudu Noops. He was a man in his sixties with five wives. The first wife is his military commander, Queen Pir Retaw. She gave him a son, Prince Ing Sudu. Prince Ing then married a lady from a middle-class Kingdom named Duchnie Blea Gin, Duke Gin Agu’s daughter, Ginira’s Kingdom ruler. Duchnie Blea gave birth to Princess Bliss Ing. The second wife is a spoiled beauty princess of the Mon Kingdom, a middle-class Kingdom, Consort Ney Yemon. She gave him a daughter, Princess Liney Sudu, which disappoints him. So, she decided to give up her beauty and gave him a son, Prince Coi Sudu. The third, fourth and fifth fiv
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She's Special
“Your highness, please forgive her!” sensing that the situation was about to get worse, Prince Ariel immediately stood up and bowed towards the queen. Consort Watelonu’s face turned ugly, seeing her son bowing to the queen. Her eyes flickered towards Rara in contempt for a second, revealing a look of anger and hatred. Rara bit her lips and kept her head lowered, not daring to look up and face those accusing eyes. ‘It’s your fault! Why did you remind me of home?!’ <It’s not me. It’s you! You’re the one controlling my body! Look at the mess you've made! My god! Can we still go home now?!>   Hara jumped around anxiously inside the space as she nagged and nagged. ‘Stop.’ <Oh my god! We’re gonna die-> ‘Stop!’ <Are we going to be executed in front of the public?  (Gasp) Perhaps they want to hang us and fed us to the wild do
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Old Man-Bun Kukkinos
Rara gritted her teeth when once again, the cute looking guard who had a white pendant tied to his belt-pushed her. “You-! Don’t go too far! It’s already good for you that I’m willing to be cuffed! There’s no need to push me around! I know how to walk!” Rara’s cheeks were puffed like a Bubble Eye fish. “Stupid woman...” the green pendant guard muttered under his breath, but his words still reached Rara’s ears. Rara stopped and turned towards him as she looked at him with anger. What happened next was too unexpected. “Ahhhh!” a roar shook the castle awake. “Assistant Bear!” the guards looked at the frighten green pendant guy in shock. “Assistant Panda...Chief me...” The two people who were still in a dazed immediately reacted after hearing their names called out. Assistant Panda tried to pull Rara away from Assistant Bear by her hands while Chief Lisun hold onto Rara’s jaw and tried his best to remove
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Fogs of Punishment
Rara waited and waited for the old man to come back in vain. A few hours after the old man was dragged away, Assistant Panda came to fetch her from the prison. Rara was surprised at this and felt a little bit suspicious. Why did they let her out? What? Are the king and queen really that kind to let an unknown girl like her to  escape from punishment? Hmm...interesting. However, she couldn’t help but felt a bad premonition in her heart. Could it be that...something happened to the old man? She hasn’t asked what happened to him! Assistant Panda brought her out of the mansion and into the waiting black car outside the palace gate. “Where are we going?” Rara asked as she tried to look out of the window. “We’re going to watch a show.” Assistant Panda answered coldly. Rara curled her lips in dissatisfaction. What show is so important that she has to be present along w
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Let Go Of Me!
“Enough!” Chief Lisun scolded him. Assistant Panda lowered his head as he hid his tail between his legs and looked at Chief Lisun with a wronged look. “Who are they?” Rara nodded to the people scattered on the field. Some of them was chatting happily while others stood like a frozen statue and observed everything. Chief Lisun pointed towards a group of people dressed in the same uniform with Birds Feather Hat on their head and white line marks of tribals on their face and other visible parts of their body. “They are the one who will perform the ritual today, The White Tribals family. Other than them, there are also The Black Tribals, The Red Tribals and The Green Tribals. They would take turns on performing the rituals by red, green, black and white.” “Beside them are a bucket of tiger’s blood to circle the stone and the prisoner to build a barrier between him and us. Other than that, they also brought some gong to accompany the
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