Chapter 31: Liar

When they entered the building, all eyes turned towards them in disbelief, and whispers filled the air.

"Is that Mr. and Mrs. Hansley's son? Why is he already grown up? Did he get her pregnant while she's still underage?"

"Shh! Mr. Hansley might hear you!"

"I had no idea they already had a child?! So adorable! The boy is so cute! But it looks like our CEO has some questionable preferences!"

“Preferences? You mean a pedophile?!”

“You guys! He can hear you! Stop it or you’ll lose your jobs!”

Jacob wanted to confront them about their gossip, but he decided to keep quiet. He wasn't foolish enough to impregnate a minor, even if he was head over heels for Stefani. He didn't want to risk his life by angering Steven.

‘But since Stefani is no longer a minor… who knows?’

Jacob felt chills after thinking about that and immediately shook the idea away.

As they settled into the office, he immediately went to his desk to finish the documents he had left unfinished the night before. Meanwhi
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