Chapter 32: Selfish

Stefani found herself momentarily stunned as she locked eyes with Jacob, completely oblivious to the presence of others around them. Their intense gaze only broke when Harold returned, wearing a somber expression as he held a piece of food for the tiger.

"I couldn't give this to the tiger..." Harold murmured, glancing back at the other children being carried by their fathers to reach the majestic creature. "I need to be taller..."

Jacob, though visibly annoyed, looked down at Harold and without hesitation, lifted him onto his shoulders. "What about this height? Can you feed it now?"

Harold was taken aback by Jacob's unexpected gesture, but he nodded in response. Stefani, observing the scene, felt a flutter in her heart and a sudden thought crossed her mind.

‘Could he also be a wonderful father... to our children?’

However, before she could delve deeper into her thoughts, her phone rang, interrupting her. Without taking her eyes off Jacob and Harold, she answered the call, seeing that
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Nardia Robinson
story is heightened
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessie Gearacam
why does the author making shaira so lowly lady the first place she knows that stef is her cousin and Jacob is her cousin's husband..though they have their past affairs Jacob is already married.
goodnovel comment avatar
finally, she is getting a backbone! Don't back down now.

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