Chapter 39: Which hospital

Upon hearing the man, Stefani's memory was jogged, bringing to mind the words spoken by Liam and Summer.

Liam had informed her about Jacob having a twin, while Summer had emphasized the seriousness of the Hansley Family's reputation in the business world. Additionally, she recalled Summer's mention of the arranged marriage orchestrated by Senior Hansley, where the old man had the authority to select a suitable partner for his children and future generations.

In an instant, Stefani's throat grew dry, rendering her unable to swallow. Although Jacob spoke with conviction and assured her that he would never leave her, an unsettling fear enveloped her, as if impending doom loomed.

"Primo, I can't accept grandpa's offer. I appreciate that he is willing to embrace me as part of the family and that I am welcome to return, but I cannot agree to his request for me to divorce my wife and marry someone I haven't even met!" Jacob's voice had a hint of frustration.

"But do you really want to conti
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