Chapter 40: Suicide Attempt

Stefani found herself standing in front of the imposing hospital building. Her hands trembled and perspired, overwhelmed by a mix of fear and anxiety. Though she longed to flee, all she could do was succumb to her nerves.

As the sun beat down on her face, Stefani mustered the courage to enter the hospital and approached the front desk to inquire about Shaira's room.

"Miss Miller is currently in the emergency room. Please proceed to the second floor," the front desk attendant informed her.

"Thank you," Stefani replied, her response barely audible. Doubt began to creep in, eroding her confidence. She couldn't help but feel responsible for Shaira's current condition.

Ascending to the second floor, Stefani was immediately greeted by the presence of Emily, Frederick, and... Jacob.

Initially taken aback, as Jacob had mentioned he would be meeting her mother, Stefani and Jacob locked eyes. Surprise was evident in both their gazes.

For a moment, they remained frozen, until the doctor emerged
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Agree to that
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Stupidest crap ever heard of a damn Aunt! I would never ask my nieces husband to do that! Plus this biotch left him let her deal with her misery and move on!
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so, basically, they are all giving in to Shaira's tantrums. She is ruining lives and gets away with it by acting spoiled. Enough already.

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