Extra Chapter 11

Summer's Point of View

"Let's go upstairs."

He tenderly pressed his lips to mine, as if he were handling a fragile piece of glass. I felt every gentle brush of his lips and the sweet savor of his embrace. With one arm around my waist, he carefully lifted me up, bridal-style, and walked me up the stairs.

"I miss your scent. I'm losing my mind without you at my side," he muffled, his warm breath on my neck, giving me a tickle and releasing thousands of volts. “Like I can go mad every time I wake up in the morning, not seeing you by my side.”

With his help, I eased myself onto the soft bed, feeling its gentle support. As I settled in, he positioned himself beside me; the mattress creaking slightly under his weight. In a daze, my gaze fixed on him, my heart pounding so loudly, I could almost hear it in my ears.

His face was marked by a rugged handsomeness that couldn't be ignored. Damn this face! I want him all mine.

His ardent whisper hovered near my ear. "Wife, each day I wish for you
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One great love! Thanks a lot!!!!

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