Extra Chapter 10

Summer's Point of View

Time dragged on, and there was still no sign of Steven. I did not expect him to find us so quickly, however, given the fact that he was well-connected, it should have been a rather simple task for him. Could he possibly be doing this deliberately?

"When are we going home, Mommy?" Devon inquired as his eye began to deteriorate.

As he laid on my lap, I stared at him. I kissed his brow and gently lulled him to sleep. “Why? Do you want to see daddy?"

He just nodded till he was completely enveloped in lethargy. On the other hand, I just leaned back and felt as if I were suffering from a headache. I was at a loss for what to do to keep him from constantly asking where his dad was. Fortunately, Stefani was old enough to understand things. She was just reading book and not complaining. However, I was not sure if the situation was burdening her.

I wanted Steven to find us as soon as possible. Nevertheless, with no sign of him, it appeared that he bad no desire coming. Si
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