Extra Chapter 15

Steven’s Point of View

"Good news?"

I took her hand and gave it a little squeeze as her expression was clearly one of confusion. "The baby…"

"The baby…?" She heaved a sigh, and after a little pause, tears began to fill up in the corner of her eyes as she asked, "What happened to my baby? Did anything bad happen to it?” She started acting hysterical.

"No, wife. Don’t think like that.”

“Then, what?”

“It turns out that it is not only a baby but a twin.”

As soon as I let go of those words, the inexplicable mix of emotions were evident in her eyes. There were hints of joy in her, along with astonishment and a little bit of terror, all of which I believed were a result of the accident that she suffered earlier yesterday.


We were interrupted when the door suddenly opened. Then, the doctor rushed in with her examination tools.

As the doctor assessed both of us, I clung tightly to Summer's hand. Despite the test results yesterday indicating that everything was fine, my mind couldn't s
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