Extra Chapter 16

Summer’s Point of View


I winced at Harvey's deafening shriek as Steven presented him with the twins. However, an unreadable expression remained etched on Steven's face, like he was barely stopping himself from lashing out against Harvey. I knew that asking him to tend to the twins had been a mistake; Harvey had already been enmeshed in something else before we asked him.

Well, Steven and I would go on a date. And they were the only people we could trust when it comes to our kids.

"Dada… dada…"

I was about to join in their conversation when Zack suddenly hugged Harvey on the leg, and Steven quickly gave Betsy to Celine.

"How can you both go on a dates if you don't know how to take care children? It is only one day, not a whole year, so don't be exaggerated," Steven said and quickly pulled me away so I could no longer hear Harvey's scream and shout.

Harvey, on the other hand, wanted to chase us, but Zack was holding his legs together so he couldn't do it.

“You! If you can't tak
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