The End

Summer's Point of View

We journey through life with no guarantee of the destination. Some lack a plan or direction, while others have already met their goals. We may become lost and disorientated at times, but we must always strive to move forward. There will be hardships and tough roads along the way, yet when we persevere and find our way out, all of our strength will be validated.

My arms embraced Steven tightly as we gazed out at the horizon. It was hard to believe that I had finally reached this destination — no more roads ahead, just a place where I could truly belong. As I stood there, looking around with wonder in my eyes, I knew that this was it; I was exactly where I needed to be.

I breath in the refreshing air and exhale a sigh. "Life is awe inspiring," I proclaim to the sky above us. "Sometimes it will take you off course, and when you feel lost, someone will come along to help guide you back."

He hugged back to me and kissed my forehead. "Just like me."

His words stirred
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Hello everyone! The new book is now published. Add the "Taming My Arrogant Husband" in your library now!!
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Hi, Karen! Thank you for reaching the end and I appreciate your feedback!
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I’m disappointed this was the end.

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