Three: Ready?

Petrified, I squirmed my neck to take a glimpse at Sebastian. Funnily enough, he was already darting hard scowls at me. I felt the need to tell him he had to continue to put on an act, but boom, he wasn't human. He'd only end up squealing insults at me.  

Thinking about the fact that mom would be hurt if I didn't signal to him soon, I was forced to shake my head at him, my eyes mirroring so much fear. Good, he grasped the intent behind the swaying of my head. 

He clenched his jaw, dropped his arm from my shoulder, took in a tired inhalation. "Mom," was what he said. His voice was shaky, hot and harsh, but silent. 

My heart pounded against my chest, anxiety engrossing me. Fine, it was stupid that I was fearful because of the mere words mom said, but, I was the only one who understood my problems. 

Three weeks ago, mom had spoken about the same thing. In fact, she was weeping at the fact that she had no grandchild at her old age. Sebastian and his younger sister were her only children. I knew nothing about his sister, but mom made it clear to me that she wasn't ready to get married, like Sebastian. 

Due to her craving for a grandchild, she had to lie to Sebastian that I came to her someday, crying that I wanted a child badly. For a fact, I couldn't blame her for that lie. She however didn't know that her irritable son truly didn't like me. If she knew, I was so sure she wouldn't think of making me seem stupid. To her, she felt like her lie was a better way to make him want a child sooner. 

"At least, if he thinks that you feel bad about not having a child, he would definitely consider your feelings since he loves you so much," she had said to me. 

Hell. I wish she knew who he truly was! But telling her wasn't a better option as well. The woman could go giddy, and end up collapsing like a demolished building. I would say she was an egg. So fragile.

"What… did you do?" He asked, obviously trying to be calm. Taking another glance at him, I spotted how hard his jaw had clutched. His teeth were gritted, and his nostrils almost flared. Gosh gosh, this dude was really trying to be calm. My life would definitely be a rock soon. 

"I bought some fertility pills from China." I turned back to mom when she started speaking, her smile still wrapped around her lips. "It cost about fifty thousand dollars. I ensured it was from the best pharmacologist in the state I resided for the little period."

Stressed, I flitched a forceful smile around my burning lips. Yeah, I could just smile. "Oh. That's— nice."

"I know, right?" She rejoiced, her smile almost reaching her eyes. Infact, her straight nose was flattening as a result of the tension from her hard smile. "Things will be good now." She stretched her hands to cup mine. "You'll be a mom. He'll be a dad. And mostly especially..." tears teased her eyes. "I'll be a grandma."

"Yeah," I affirmed, shattered, hot and nervous within. 

A thick breath left Sebastian's nose, thick that I felt it on the skin of my shoulder. "Since she's the one who'll be using it, I don't have anything to do with this then. I need to work," he announced. 

"Why leave so soon, darling?" Her face scrunched into worry. "I only got here. Can't you spend some time with me? Just for the evening."

"No." He didn't contemplate on her words. 

Slowly turning to him, my eyes met his. His gunmetal colored eyes stared intensely at me, showing no expression. He was angry, but my husband was a great actor. "I'm too busy for now." A smile grew by the corner of his lips, beaming a dimple on his left cheek, brightening his pink lips too. 

"Ok then." She sounded quite sad. 

I still stared at him, feeling hot. Hotter. Scared. Maybe scared-er. "I'll see you later," I choked out. 

He leaned forward, smirked, moving his lips to my ear. "Later," he prompted. I sensed a threat in his voice. 

"Huh." I swallowed, twirling to face mom. 

"Come, jelly-sweet." Mom curled her lips into a simper, digging her ass into the comfy couch. "Here." She tapped the space beside her, smiling hard. "Let's begin our convo. Mama's got a lot to tell ya."

I nodded, not paying attention to her, only being fearful. 

𝘓𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳, he had said to me. 𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘓𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳. 𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘰𝘯𝘦. 

I gulped, tugged my cold fingers to my pants, walking to her with a small smile. He wouldn't kill me after all. He wasn't God, he wasn't a devil. He was just 𝘶𝘯𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘯. Unknown human. 


"So, do you get that?" Mom winked, poked my arm, licking her bottom lip as she gave me a teasing look. 

"Oh." I realized I hadn't been hearing anything she was saying. "Sure." I grinned like a lost puppy, acting like I knew all she had said. "I'll just do that. I'll start taking it as soon as possible."

"Ensure he digs you in bed tonight." She winked for a second time. 

Dig me? Who? That man? With me?

"Yeah, yeah." I flushed fakely. I wished I could flush for real. 

"Alright, hun." She jumped from the couch, took a glance at her wristwatch, and grasped her bag from the glass table. "Mama's gotta leave now. I've got a dinner by ten. Dinner with my friends."

"Oh." I smiled, and stood as well. "I hope to see you anytime soon."

"Soon sweetie," she added, making her way to the huge door.

As soon as she stepped out, I dropped on the couch, blinked like a confused idiot, and leaned my back on the seat. Rubbing my cheek with my fingers, I pursed my lips, groaned at myself. 

"Gu-wad!" I cried to myself, quietly. "Trouble now. Why trouble? No other option?" 

Okay, I was really acting like an idiot. I was scared, and the only option was to start talking to myself now? I ought to be thinking of how to talk to that grumpy man!

Tensed, I stood up, ready to speak to him. He thought his mom said the truth when she told him that I was crying for a child, so I guessed I would just tell him she lied. But how would he believe me over his mom?

"Try, baby," my subconscious mind instructed. Yeah, I just had to try. 

Like a hopeful rabbit, I strided up the stairs, heading to our room. It was night already, so no doubt that he was in the room. 

Getting to the hallway, my fingers uncontrollably linked to each other, my teeth gripping my lip to the point it could bleed. I was scared. Still so scared. To worsen it, my pain killer wasn't anywhere now. Lauretta was probably saving herself from the devil. 

"Ouch!" I squeaked as my forehead hit something. Rubbing the pain on my forehead, I raised my neck to spot the hard substance I hit it against. To my surprise, it was the door of our room.

Woah, I was so fervent in my thoughts. When did I even get here? 

Sebastian was making me insane!

Taking in a deep breath, again, and again, and again, I held the door knob, biting harder against my lower lip, then walked in. 

A gasp escaped my throat for no reason. I was blank. Almost like a moron. 

The place was quiet. He wasn't here. He must have disappeared. Amen. 

I inhaled in relief, shut my eyes, planning to get to bed before he appeared. "Thank God," I murmured underneath my breath. 

Just about to take a step further, the door of our closet sounded. The door was smooth, of a flush type. It was suspended by the left side of our room, close to the bathroom. And, I was staring at the right side of the room, where the balcony door stood. 

Wait, did it mean he could be in here?

Dumbfounded, I gulped, hard; so hard, then spun around slowly. My hands shook, a plummet in my chest. Obviously, the feeling was my heart dropping to my stomach. 

Good Lord. He didn't disappear. He was here. 

Unsteady, I kept staring. I could just stare. What else?

Still in my track, my eyes traced down to his naked stomach. He was my husband, but I hardly saw his body. Now, he was shirtless. He only had a sweatpant on. 

For the first time in a long time, I was seeing his beautiful body; the hardness of his abs, broadness of his chest, V-line on his waist, build-maybe-ness of his arms. He was hot, fine, sweet. Yeah sweet, but bitter too. 

Wait, had I forgotten he was a devil in a human body?

I blinked, feeling stupid that my eyes were immense in worshipping his body. Did he notice me?

With widened eyes, I goofed my gaze back to his face. "Sebastian?"

Shit, why did I call his name?

For the first time, his gunmetal eyes weren't beaming cuteness. They only held an expression I couldn't understand. What would he do now?

After a long stare at me, he flicked his neck to his side, a portending smile twitching by the side of his lips. A snort left his nose as he dug his hands into his pocket, then he turned back to stare at me. 

God, this was it. 

I heard him mutter some things, but all I did was to keep staring. Was I supposed to talk now? 

After a short murmur, his legs moved from their position, walking somewhere. Oh no, somewhere was my direction. 

I wanted to move backwards, but I would only seem like a coward. An idiot. A moronic birdbrain. 

Dreaded, I formed a fist with my fingers, debating whether or not to avert from looking into his eyes. Finally, he settled in front of me, his hands still in his pocket, and his gaze still hard on me. 

After a long, intense, weird moment of staring at each other, he cut the silence by releasing a throaty laugh; sinister in its sound. 

The corner of his lips twitched higher, and he took a step further, almost so close to me. I wanted to speak, but I was so short of words. My heart was only pounding like a commotion was set within my organs. 

"Ready?" He finally spoke, his voice husky in tone, dangerous in my hearing. 

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