Elizabeth: The Great Reckoning

Elizabeth: The Great Reckoning

By:  MME Friesen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ellie has two years at The Academy before she can escape to freedom and leave her life amongst werewolves behind. Two years left of Mark's taunting, two years left of the elite's bullying, two years left of staring at Jake wondering if he could ever see her as more than a friend. When a student turns up dead, Ellie finds herself in the midst of a mystery that may just make those two years seem infinitely worse.

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T White
can I give this book 10 stars? Absolutely LOVING this story! please finish the chapters, need to see how this unfolds...
2022-11-12 23:29:48
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cathy knoblauch
How often are updates????
2022-11-12 09:05:33
default avatar
I am loving this book so far!
2022-05-01 21:22:53
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Kristi Ja'sona Marshall
This book is very engaging! The double love triangle is interesting. The magical world dynamics are intriguing.
2022-04-25 05:52:37
default avatar
I am really enjoying this book…can’t wait for more chapters!
2021-11-30 00:42:35
49 Chapters
7 years ago... "Mom, please, can we go into Marie's?" Ellie's voice begged, as she pulled on her mom's hand, leading her in the direction of the jewelry and accessory store in the mall.  "Ok, but only 3 things, that's it," her mom, Cindy, replied, the mock stern tone giving away her tendency to give in to the little girl pulling at her hand. "Yay!" Ellie exclaimed, running into the store filled with racks of hair ties, earrings, fuzzy backpacks, necklaces, and every shiny thing a preteen girl could possibly drool over. Ellie pulled a basket from the pile at the entrance and started perusing the racks and shelves. A shiny tiara caught her eye and she pulled it off the shelf, looking intently at the fake diamonds adorning the peaks. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through Ellie's head, and she saw a burst of flames in her vision, engulfing the store next door. Ellie turned around sharply with a surprised gasp, searching for the fire, lo
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Chapter 1: The Bus Ride
"Do you have your uniforms packed?" Cindy asked Elizabeth for the seventh time. "Yes, mom, they're in my suitcase." "And do you have enough snacks for the ride?" "Yes, mom," Elizabeth replied in exasperation. "What about money, do you have cash and your debit card? I transferred money into your account for food and incidentals this semester. You'll let me know if you need more?" Worry creased Cindy's eyes as she searched her daughter's face. "Yes, mom, it will be fine," Elizabeth spoke in disinterested monotones. Ever since she found out she had to go to The Academy she had been detached, not interested in anything having to do with her mom and dad. They were public enemy number one. The duo had condemned her to a life at The Academy, a boarding school where she would finish her final two years of high school. She would graduate then she could finally join public life, away from werewolves, away from the pack, away from anything magical. The c
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Chapter 2: The Academy
The school appeared like a beacon in the dusky sky. The trees lining the road melted away as manicured lawn appeared to the left of the road. The bus turned onto the entrance road, winding up toward the bright lights shining through the night sky. Dusk had fallen over the school, the sun already set behind the horizon and weary students were unloading from the buses already parked in front of the great stone entrance.  Madame Richert stood at the front of their bus, clapping her hands to draw attention from the students in her care. "We have arrived. You will all proceed into the entranceway where you will find professors ready to direct you to the banquet hall. We will be eating dinner and then you will find your house assignments. Your luggage will be taken to your rooms directly for you. If you have any questions, you will be finding your head of house shortly and they will be able to help you navigate your first year at The Academy." She walked down the aisl
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Chapter 3: New houses, new friends
Ellie felt a pounding in her head. She tried to open her eyes, but she couldn't quite manage to see more than a sliver of light. Realizing defeat for the moment she instead focused on the words around her, trying to figure out where she was and who was whispering conspiratorially by her bed. "Do you think she can hear us?" a voice whispered. "She hit her head really hard when she fell. Her head just crashed against the wood floor, I thought for sure she was dead. I don't think I've screamed that loud in years." "We all heard," a second voice said sarcastically. "You could tone down the dramatics a touch when there's an emergency." There was a light 'oomf' as Ellie heard a punch. "Shut up, jerk face," the first voice said. "The fuck? Ouch, your fist has bite," the second voice said in surprise. "What do you think happened?" the first voice whispered again. "We were just talking and all of the sudden, she just blacked out. Poof. Do
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Chapter 4: Classes Begin
Jake woke early, his mind quickly going over the events of the last 24 hours. He never thought he would see her again, but as soon as she stepped foot on the bus yesterday, he knew. He knew exactly who she was, but she didn't remember him. She had no recollection of saving his life all those years ago. But he did. He remembered the color of her hair. He remembered her smell. He remembered her eyes, the piercing stare she gave him and her determined strength as she pulled him away from danger. But when she got on the bus, she didn't even glance his way. She barely acknowledged him until he went up to her at the stop. She didn't seem to feel the same pull that he did. Something was off, and he intended to find out what it was. Until then, he had to tread carefully. One wrong word and he was convinced she would run away from him faster than a cheetah on the hunt. He hadn't met anyone as skittish as she was.  Jake got ready and went to Firash's door, pounding on the
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Chapter 5: The Night Before Classes
Wednesday would mark the start of actual classes. Ellie lay in bed the night before, too nervous to sleep. She alternated between deep depression and mild hysterics. The depression was due to the realization she was still at The Academy and it didn't look like she was going to escape anytime soon. Once that realization settled in her mind, the mild hysterics started. She pondered the fact she would be spending the next several years at The Academy and she was sure she was going to make a fool of herself or fail miserably because she wasn't really a magical creature. It had been two full days since she had arrived at The Academy already and her parents hadn't shown up to take her home. She had been holding onto a distance hope that this was all going to turn into one big mistake, her parents would realize she wasn't really supposed to be here and they would show up and whisk her away in a flurry of hugs and apologies and copious amounts of chocolate. In fact, other than reass
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Chapter 6: Madame Richert's Explanation
"Hello, Elizabeth, it seems you've had quite the evening." Madame Richert smiled at Ellie, looping her arm around Ellie's shoulders and walking with her back toward the school. She was calm, with no panic or excitement marring her face. The tan wolf took off running back into the woods, presumably to help the other wolf now that Ellie was safe in the arms of the professor. "I'm so sorry, Madame Richert, I didn't mean to take off. I just, it's just that," Ellie stumbled over her words as tears finally coursed down her cheeks. "I just, I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe and I needed to get out. I needed out." She sobbed as Madame Richert pulled Ellie into her arms, holding her close. "I know. It's alright. You're safe now." Madame Richert said soothingly as she rubbed Ellie's back, encompassing the young girl's small body with her arms. "You're alright, you're safe. We found you." After a few minutes, Ellie calmed down and was overcome with embarrassment.
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Chapter 7: The Town
The week had gone by slowly and steadily for Ellie. After her run-in with a scary werewolf in the forest, she was relieved to find the rest of the week was mundane in comparison. Jake had avoided being alone with her Wednesday and Thursday, despite the fact they had several classes together. When she realized he hadn't told any of their friends about the chase in the woods, she breathed in relief, she wasn't sure when she would be ready for the fuss Sam was sure to throw over her adventure, but it wasn't today. When Friday afternoon finally came, she sighed in relief, glad that her classes were done for the week. She was looking forward to going to town with Sam and Meredith, looking through shops and trying out the Italian restaurant they'd been raving about all week long. Ellie was coming to realize that while she missed her friends at home, and she was desperate to return the first chance she got, her friends at the academy were pretty likable too. She had a lot in common
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Chapter 8: Despair and Dread
Ellie had never had pasta quite as tender and delicious as Fiorelli's. If she ate here every day, she was sure she would never have another worry in the world, except maybe how she would afford all of the new clothes she would need as her waist expanded. The food tasted like the embodiment of comfort and home, it was a warm hug in her stomach. She watched as Sam finished the last of her risotto and sighed in happiness. "I'm going to get fat," Sam said to the table. "From one meal?" Ellie asked. "No, but I'm going to eat here every day. Probably for the next month or two. I have dreams of this sauce," Sam said as she scraped her fork along the bottom of the plate, licking it clean. Firash closely watched her mouth; his eyes were trailing the path Sam's tongue took across her lips. His face was a mask of something close to desire before he shook his head and looked away. "You can not possibly be serious about eating here every day, it wo
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Chapter 9: The Countdown
Ellie raced back to campus, she thought how ironic it was that she had spent the last 16 years avoiding any physical exertion that caused her to break a sweat but since coming to The Academy, twice in one week she found herself sprinting as if her life depended on it. The last time she had been sprinting, her life had depended on it. This time she was sprinting as if Jake's life depended on it, which it did. A glimpse of the building flashed in her mind as she tried to work out where the shooter was going to be and when it would happen. The last time she had seen a vision, she had apparently saved a mall of wolves from a bombing but she didn't remember any of it. She didn't know if the vision seven years ago had happened right before the event or if it happened a few times leading up to it. Was the shooter going to try to kill Jake tonight? Right now? Did she have time to save him? Had it already happened? Ellie looked behind her and noticed with relief that Sam and Meredith
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