His 2 Story

His 2 Story

By:  Mindless Professor  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dr. Jean S Nicole, assistant professor at the Kiiing's University. The person with great thoughts, great personality and the role model for many. One day some backbenchers were smoking cigarettes, and one of them saw something unusual in the back of the main building of the university, Dr. Nicole was hanging from the roof. They called the Chairman and other staff, after a while police came and started to investigate. At first everyone thought it's a suicide case but police get something weird about VC. Dr. Sapphire and Dr. Nicole both were fighting last week, and the result came as murder. Dr. Sapphire killed his colleague by strangling and then he brought him to the back of the building and hanged him by the roof. Dr. Sapphire, VC of the Kiiing's University get arrested in the murder case of his colleague. Everything changed when the postmortem report came in sight of the investigation officer Clark Black. But it was too late because the Vice Chancellor got hanged by the court. People started to protest against the judiciary and lawsuit because VC was not the actual suspect. Then the question is who's the real suspect, who killed Dr. Jean. After two weeks of this case another suicide case came as a mystery. In this case, the victim was killed by thousands of nails. Most interesting thing was there was no mark of blood after getting a thousand holes in the body. Back in the case of Dr. Nicole's murder, investigation officer get to know in postmortem report that there was no blood in the body of victim. It was strange but it wasn't the end, in just ten days there were thousand cases in which the victims were killed in different ways and every case seemed like suicide but it wasn't.

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I am enjoying this story more than anything! The narrative is fun and intriguing while still maintaining a halo of suspense. The story line is gripping in itself and those author notes at the chapter end .......... Keep up with the good work, Author...
2021-11-28 20:53:02
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Y.o.u n.a.i.l.e.d i.t! keep up the good work Alpha...
2021-09-19 21:47:33
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Midnight Shines
2021-04-15 05:31:48
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Apratyashita Thakur
Seems interesting
2021-04-08 00:06:17
user avatar
Mr Grinch
This is N.O.I.C.E... I like it🤧💜
2021-01-12 15:42:16
27 Chapters
The experiment is what we do before knowing the actual result. Well, it's human nature that makes us do such things without being sure. What is an experiment is actually all about? When an idea comes to our mind we think a lot before applying it but it makes more sense when the idea is interesting and exciting. Thus, we give it a try. After the experiment or in the middle of the experiment, we expect. Now the question is, an 'expectation' is? The experiment is what you want to do or you're doing at the time but expectations are the opposite of your experiment because it can be anything. Possibly, your experiment has met your expectations but will you be satisfied. I do not think, because it cannot be. Then, what will you do to be satisfied? Until you
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F. U. C. K
It all started with a scream! Oh... Sorry? Not a scream, It was an ice-cream. I guess. (I know you are thinking how stupid this narrator is, but believe me... I'm the best you've ever experienced). Before killing any innocent bastard, I wanna clear 3 Things... Number 1 - This world is not Earth. This is "ARD." And the people are 'Ardians.' Number 2 - In this world there is only country name "The Kiiing's Empire" every other place of the ard is part of this empire. Number 3 - The first conqueror of the Ard who named the empire after him is the real reason why everything is abnormal in this world... (He was real shit). 
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T. H. E. M
In the previous chapter, officer Walls gets a note written by professor Jean... Crushed-stained by blood, he opened it and started to read. It was a suicide note in which Jean had written the cause of his death-   17th of Feb, 1722    'I' Dr. Jean Sharp Nicole, Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Kiiing's university's 12A Block building, Age-21. I'm writing this letter in my senses. If you get this letter then it means I'm dead already and you found my dead body in the backyard hanging like a wet cloth. Last week our VC was mad at me, surprisingly our VC was jealous of me-maybe because of my early success in this field. On the day, when we were fighting-he said to me with rude behaviour, 'This place is not for anyone-anyone like you? From the east, what do you think, what this university
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P. O. E. T (1)
I know you guys missed me a lot, I'm your Master Narrator. Without me, you will be lost in the sea of Ard. Hmm, I do not want to say it twice but... I'm the best you got...! Let's start the story from the last conversation between Clark and Patrick. Ahm, I guess they were talking about the First King (King Ma'la) Ummm..... Okay, fine! Clark was worried after reading a file in the headquarters and he contacted Patrick, he tried to tell him about his problem but all the time he was making it typical to understand. "Sir, why don't you just say it straight on my face like you usually do?" 'Long ago, when I was young like you. I faced someone... someone crazy, mad about experiments, totally a psycho.
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P. O. E. T (2)
As you know, some bastards have pain in their butts and then there's this person who uploaded the whole conversation of these two fools on the internet, but he should respect someone's privacy and even refer to an officer who's working daily for these trouble-makers. Thus, the news is breaking billboards and people are breaking their own properties (the property which was built by the government for the people, I mean the public property) ard's citizens are the people of the future they can possibly announce results before the event starts itself. The news rapidly spread in the whole empire and the president is mad at the whole department of crime that they cannot even hide the secrets from the people. So how can they catch the actual culprit? Somehow Deck convinced him and now the department has only three days to solv
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A. N. D
Tik-tik-tik, the sound of the wall clock is irritating not just Clark but everyone in the room, with a cold voice Deck asked, "What you got?" Clark stared at him and smirked like an idiot, 'Even I do not know?' "You know na, we don't have much time? We are at the edge of the sword of the president." 'You're thinking about one thing and it's death which is making you mean Deck!' He turned his face and said, "You think I'm afraid, you think I am scared of death? I never expected it from you, Clark!" Clark shouted at him, 'then what the hell you are expecting from me, as I said, I don't know anything... And now it seems like I'm fuckin forgetting myself? You think I'm just passing my time like I don't care but my friend. Oh sorry, Chief! Deck Volt, I do care, that's why I'm waiting for the sake of a Poet?' "Who? Did you just say a poet?" Patrick asked. 'There's
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S. H. U. T
Patrick opens his eyes and sees the smiling face and two big eyes are just upon his head staring at him. 'Woohoo! Who the hell are you?' He shouted and stood up and sat. "Oh! You're still alive, I thought you'd never wake again. By the way, I am Professor, the one who gave you coffee." Professor told him and smiled. 'You bastard, how dare you...?' Patrick tried to punch him but Clark stopped his fist and said - I think, you should stay calm and take rest. "Angry young man, I remember my old days when I was young like you're now but I was never short-tempered like you're.' Deck sitting on his chair - tell us the truth Prof, where you were and how you came back? "Do you wanna know everything?" 'Yeah, I meant.' "Someone tol
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T. H. E
When Clark and others found out that Professor is the poet they asked him to help them to get out from their problems. Professor told them that he can convince Mr. President to stop his action that would be taken to the department and to the officers. Professor asked Deck, 'Do you know, who is the assistant of the President?' "Let me think of it, I have heard that a former economist of mid age was appointed for that post. The name is Garry Allen." 'A former economist said, interestingly, that we will give him a lot of time to think of the data of the future incidents.' He smirked. 'I want you to gather all the possible information about him within the two hours only and after these two hours I want to know his exact location too.'
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C. A. S. E.
Since the last chapter we know that Clark and his department is in a serious situation where the President of the Kiiing's Empire is angry with them because of their unnecessary efforts. Chief of the department, Clark, Patrick and their old friend Professor came up with a plan that they'll convince Mr. President to forget about the recent incidents. Professor asked Clark and the Chief to kidnap the assistant of the President. And Professor suggested he can disguise as Garry and will try to save them from Mr. President. Clark and Chief blocked the road and all the four cars stopped. Garry asked his driver why he stopped the car even when he was in a hurry. The driver simply answered that the car next to us stopped suddenly so I. He also said that he is going to see what the problem is. Garry ordered him to clear the road immediately. Garry is stressed about so
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The Lost Empire
Let me take you to the history, I mean that time when Ard was not united. Before the appearance of the first king. Because the last time we had a good ending. Ending that every narrator loves and every reader hates. Suspense and a question, so I thought you need a rest from that and I brought you this new arc in which I'll tell you every detail of Ard's beautiful landscapes and the mysteries of its people. I have been here in the Ard from even before the beginning of time and I witnessed every single thing. I know more than any ardian. I am like air, it's everywhere. I am the narrator, you see me here and I'm nowhere. When Ard was divided in four directions by every civilization of different places, people's only desire was the centre of the world. People fought many years for their selfishness and I saw every loss of the poor nature. People who weren't able
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