Vampire Gone Wrong

Vampire Gone Wrong

By:  Tray-CKierra  Completed
Language: English
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"Xander. Please, have pity" she pleaded miserably at my feet.Disgusting. I thought and scowled....Her pitiful state did nothing to me.Seeing her lying in her own filth, crying in pain and on the brink of death brought a little bit of satisfaction to my distorted empty heart.......Crossing the threshold of her cell, I turned my head and looked one last time at the pitiful mess that was my mother. *******Meet Alexander Rage.Sociopath, psychopath and neighborhood villain with a secret agenda. You could say his behavior is influenced by his horrible past or just the fact that he's a sad miserable vampire.But then again,he might just be really evil deep down. Elite vampire. *******Meet Elle Rivers.Not so quiet,shy, straightforward kinda girl.Middle class vampire.Isn't too fond of the elites and prefers to stay at home taking of her father and serving as the village doctor.Do they find love in each other in the mad chaos that is their lives?This is a cliché-ish vampire book. Read at your own risk. Though some unexpected twists and turns are promised.

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90 Chapters
Xander's pov(year 1653)"Xander! Please. Have pity." She pleaded miserably at my feet.Disgusting. I thought and scowled. Can't believe I ever
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Elle's pov(year 1753)"Good morning father" I greeted my father while getting into his room as the cock had crowed a few minutes ago and it was time for his medicines.
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Xander's pov (year 1753)
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Elle's pov"Good morning Leatisia" I greeted as I got into the fairly sized space I called my clinic. I owned it and worked there. I said I worked there but as the village doctor,I found myself serving people more often outside or in their homes than in the clinic. The villagers were still getting used to the idea of having a particular place where you always have to go to get treated rather
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Xander's pov"Ben! Leave the servants. They are beneath us" I said while scowling at him and coming around the couch he was lying on.The serva
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Elle's povA few patients had been coming in... surely to see how a clinic works and get treated. I used herbs that I grew and plants from the forest surrounding my house to treat them. I used a little magic too but no one had to know that. People didn't have to know of my warlock heritage. To them, I'll just be the vampire doctor who treated them and who lived with her dying father and frien
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Xander's povThe carriage boy started the horses and we left the Rage mansion through the pathway in the forest that surrounded the house.Thro
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Xander's povMaking my way out of the house, the cool crisp air hit my face. I had spent a huge portion of my normal life here but I would never regard it as home. I had forgotten what a home felt like.
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Xander's pov"....your sister has been poisoned" he let out in a breath.WHATTTT!!!
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Xander's POVI closed the door behind me and moved towards Lexi's bed in great trepidation. I was so afraid. I was scared even breathing wrong might kill her.
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