Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

By:  Nelson Chisom  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everlasting love is a story of love between two teenagers who were separated by circumstances. Find out in this interesting story if these two lovers would survive the challenges

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Everlasting Love CHAPTER 1Rose was a very pretty girl, she was born in a very poor family and her mother was a bean cake (Akara) seller while herfather was a bicycle repairer. They lived in Lagos in a one-room apartment, in a very big compound, she was the only child of her a parent who doted on her, they took good care of her and alwaysmade sure they provided her needs even though they were poor they made sure she was comfortable.Rose grew up to be a very beautiful young girl, many guys admired her because of her beauty, apart from the fact that she was beautiful she was also very intelligent, she took the first position throughout her primary school education, her parent was so proudof her, whenever she comes back home with her report card her father would always buy something special for her, this always makes Rose happy and work harder the next term, her motherwould always advise her to focus on her academics and dreams so she would be succ
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Chapter 2
After the close of school, Nnamdi went to Ebuka’s class so they could go home together; they usually went home together any day his driver didn't come to pick him but Nnamdi noticed that hisa friend was very moody, he wondered what was wrong with his friend, it was so unusual for Ebuka to be moody, he was always cheerful. "Ebuka what is wrong with you? You are looking unhappy, is anything the matter? Did anybody offend you?" Nnamdi asked concerned. "It's nothing, am not just in a good mood today,” Ebuka said "Don't expect me to believe that tell me the truth, something is bothering you, why don't you share it with me, remember a problem shared is half solved", Nnamdi said. After much persuasion from Nnamdi, Ebuka opened up to him and told himeverything that transpired between him and Rose. Nnamdi could not believe his ears; he was so surprised that a girl could makeEbuka is so bothered. " Ebuka you can't be serious, so
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Chapter 3
The next day at school, during break period Rose decided to thank Ebuka for his assistance, she met him reading under a tree at the back of the classroom, many students were also reading around the tree which was always crowded with students who comes to read. Ebuka was so engrossed in his book that he didn't notice when Rose came. "Good afternoon" Rose greeted quietly. Ebuka looked up; surprised to see Rose standing in front of him. "Ah Rose, this one you came to see me, today is a very good day oo", Ebuka said closing his book. "I came to thank you for helping me with the payment of my waec fee, am very grateful, may God reward you richly," Rose said shyly. "it's nothing, I had not been seeing you in school so when I asked your friend she told me about the issue so I decided to do something about it, I don't want you to stay at home instead of writing the examination," Ebuka said. "I appreciate but how were you able to get the mo
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Chapter 4
One month later, all SS3 student wrote their waec, a few weeks later the results were out, Ebuka passed excellently, his parent was so proud of him and promised to sponsor him to the bestuniversity if he did well in his jamb.Rose came back from checking her result in the evening, she was excited and she met her parent in the parlordiscussing as she entered."So how was the result" Mrs. Chinonsoasked breaking from the conversation."I made it mum, I had the distinction in all the subjects" Rose announced happily as she handed over her result to her Dad.they were so happy about their daughter's performance."I know you will make me proud, I will make sure you are educated no matter what it cost, am so proud of you," Mr. Chinonso said as she hugged his daughter."This calls for celebration, we’llmake something special for dinner", Mrs. Chinonso announced.Rose and her daughter prepared a su
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Chapter 5
One week later, on a Sunday morning, while Ebuka wasgoing to a campus fellowship, he met Rose on the way, she waslooking so stunning as usual in her black, short, armless Blackgown, sunglasses, and handbag."Hi, Rose, "Ebuka greeted."Ebuka or whatever you callyourself, why are you trying to constitute a nuisance to my life?Why are you bent on frustrating my life? Please leave me alone",Rose spat angrily."Is it because of that boy, that makes you behave like this?you even embarrassed me and pretended not to know me becauseof him.", Ebuka said "How dare you call my boyfriend a boy? youmust be an idiot", Rose said angrily and slapped him hard on theface, I think this will teach you never to cross my path again, stayaway from me or I will make life so miserable for you on thiscampus, "Rose hissed at him and walked out. Ebuka stoodtransfixed on the spot as people turned to look at him."What hav
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About the book
  Everlasting Love is a book that talks about the undying love of Emeka for Rose who was his school mates. It shows that destiny can never be denied, even though Rose never gave him a chance to prove his love for her, Emeka was still persistent and never gave up, Rose never accepted because of the obvious different financial status quo between them. While Emeka was from a rich home, Rose was from a poor home, as a result, Rose didn't want to associate herself with Emeka in order not to be seen as a gold digger.     Emeka's parents on the other hand was not in support of him getting married to someone who was far below their class, his father especially had warned him against association with her, but Emeka was in love with Road. and even though his parent wanted him to get married to one of Princess Ugonma who. was a daughter of the family friend, Emeka was not happy about it because he never liked Ugomma and he knew that his parent wanted him to get marr
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