Surprise 2

"oh!" Zia Klau exclaimed as she just walked in the office absentmindedly and was surprised to see someone in the office. She was scared of her wits as she was afraid of ghosts.

Gion gently smiled at her and says, "Hi. you're early. Are you a first-year representative?"

"yes from Data Science," Zia replied.

"hmmm... Then you find yourself a seat after you sign the attendance sheet over there,"  Gion kindly instructed Zia as he continued to prepare the materials needed for later's meeting.

The meeting ended with a positive vibe. Zia packed her things and immediately went out but she was stopped by her childhood friend, Laura Johannsen who was also the representative of her course, first-year Finance Management.

"Zia let's help out for a while," Laura said.

Zia didn't say anything and just followed Laura. Days had passed and Zia's life routine completely changed after joining the student council, and the student council body was now familiar with each other and they are all aware of Zia's personality as well. With Zia joining the student council, her popularity had also risen, of course without her knowledge, they are all happy as she has now exposure to the public, and they all can see different kinds of sides of her as a student leader. Many things had happened and Gion and Laura dated for two years, and they broke up because of the scandal of Gion's cheating. This made Zia hate Gion even further, and even hated him until this day.

Gion is now 35 years old and Zia is 33 years old, both of them hadn't married nor found a partner. While Laura Johannsen was now happily married with three kids.

Erick Lawson was in a daze for the rest of the day, and his output has slowed down in which earned him a pat from one of his colleagues saying, " Don't worry, you can still make it."

they are referring to the upcoming anime flea market. Erick frowned and replied, "No, that's not it."

They are confused and one of them grasps and held Erick on both of his shoulders and frankly asked him, "If it's not 2D... then is it 3D?!"

Erick was annoyed at their reaction. He stood up and walk off to the break room, leaving his colleagues' mouth hanging from shock as they could not believe what they had just witnessed.

Erick felt exasperated towards his colleagues.

"I am still a normal person. It doesn't mean that I do not take interest in the girls in the pub meant that I am not interested in girls(human) in general." Erick let out a breath to calm his mind and clear out the silly thoughts... he tried to, but ... Erick could not help but recall what took place before, Luisa hiding under his desk. Erick could feel his body heating up, his ears turned bright red.

*knock* knock*

Emilia opened the door and saw two persons inside, Ms. Klau and Gion in a weird atmosphere.

'oh? what's this weird aura lurking in here?' Emilia wondered what was going on, but she did not ask anything and just invited herself to the office.

"Miss Klau, I heard that you called for me here," Emilia said to break the eerie silence in the room.

"Today is your last day right?" Zia smiled and pushed the shopping bag towards Emilia.

"Yes, it is. I would only collect my remaining things and have a few words to Rosabelle. After that, I am good to go." Emila said and walked closer to Zia and asked took a look at the shopping bag that Zia had motioned for her to take it.

Upon a closer look, Emilia saw a white-creamed color backpack. Emilia threw a questioning look at Zia, and she calmly told Emilia, "that's a must-to-have item for a mother with a newborn baby you know? Besides, it is not a regular backpack... that is Harmony Life Land Backpack Diaper Bag."

"I didn't know you had a thoughtful side of you Miss Klau." Gion suddenly chimed in.

A frown was visible on Zia's face for a second but was replaced by a smile that does not reach her eyes as she directed it to Gion, and said: "It is because I want her to leave the company with a smile and happy memories than to let her leave crying and felt betrayed."

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