Everything happened for a Reason

Everything happened for a Reason

By:  XiaoyenLi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emilia Blanche, 25 years old. Worked as a Quality Engineer in GoKaria Technology Inc. One day, she was given a celebratory gift and a three-day vacation and went to the place she planned to go during her college days. She never knew her alcohol meter so she decided to drink until she could. Upon returning to her rented room in a hotel, she felt dizzy but still could remember her room number which is 809 but she entered room 806. Many things happened and she discovered that she was six weeks pregnant. Will she be able to know who her child’s father is? How will she be able to handle her situation? What will her parent's reaction be?

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 Many people asked her, when will she be able to find herself a boyfriend?   What is so great at reading in that drawing? What the heck?!  Are you what? 5 or 7 years old? Still, watching that cartoon? Can you even understand what they were talking about?
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The Night 1
Emilia staggered back and forth inside the elevator with the motion of the elevator that was about to stop, she leans in the elevator to support herself and noticed that it was the 8th floor already. She took off and walked to her room.Emilia stopped walking and bend forward a little to feel her keycard in her back pocket. She was getting dizzier and her vision was getting blurry too. She tried to focus her vision to read her room number."Ghad everything is turning around. I am not
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The Night 2
Emilia stumbled a couple of times on her way back to her room. Due to embarrassment and with her sore body. She could not believe that she just had a one-night stand. She wanted to slap herself not because of humiliation. But because of regret that she was not sober when it happened. She dejectedly went into the bathroom. While removing her clothes, she noticed the hickeys on her body, especially near her breast. "Did he like my breast that much?" She said as she traces the hickeys in her chest with her finger. "I wonder who made the first move first? Ah! But I am more curious if we had kissed! Damn! With that luscious face of his and damn hot body! I wonder how it looked like beneath that white shirt? He looked God damn sexy in the bar last night. But then again! Why can't I remember anything?! That was a total waste!"
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His Here
Emilia was lying in the infirmary's bed as Luisa brought her in when she saw that Emilia's complexion did not look good."Still the same but I felt like throwing up any moment now," Emilia replied."Did you eat something bad during lunch?" Luisa inquired while she was waiting for the doctor to come."I ate the usu
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Emilia's eyebrows crooked as she heard her name being called. She slowly opened her eyes while her vision was still blurry and felt her dizziness."Urgh, what is it?" She answered as she could feel another person's presence in the room. From the sound of the voice, she could tell that it was a man. She heard the man say something, but she was not able to hear it properly.Emilia frowned and get up as she supported her body and pointed at Aiden."you!" Emilia stopped and stared at Aiden's face. She scooted closer to him and touched his face."Your handsome." Emilia used her fingers to trace the contour of Aiden's face to his shoulders, chest and lifted his shirt, and saw his abs. She gasps in surprise."damn hot pandesal" Emilia stared at his firm and muscular abdomen. She licks her lip and stretches her hands to feel it in her hands. Emilia did not glance at Aiden as her attention was all on his abdomen. Aiden stared intently at Emilia.Emilia's face turned red
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Aiden was distracted by the knock on his office. He looks outside of his glass wall and saw Justin, his secretary.  “come in.” Justin, with the folders in hand, came inside and greeted Aiden. He put the files on Aid
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"Sir, Mrs. Wisteria left a message saying, drop by and have some dinner tonight I'll wait," Jacob said.Aiden lifted his head to stare at his assistant for a few seconds before glancing at his wristwatch before burying his attention on the pile of papers in front of him.'When will I be able to finish this?' Aiden asked himself.A week had passed after Emilia took a day off and got a confirmation that she is pregnant, and she is now in her seventh week, and it is also been a week when her morning sickness had started and her frequent visit to the comfort room. She was glad that she was not like other pregnant women who are sensitive to smell and foods, but she would constantly crave foods that she usually doesn't like, and she is also obsessed with anything that is color white.While Emilia was busy reviewing for the weekly report, Kendrick announced his presence by calling out to Emilia. Emilia stopped what she was doing and asked Kendrick what he needs.
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The sun rises quite late as it is winter season, snow quietly filled the streets, the roofs, and people started to clean up their driveway. Many people start their day early despite the cold. They started their morning with a greeting and smile plastered on their faces. While in the GoKaria Technology Inc., Quality Department team 3,(Emilia's team) was busy preparing for a small farewell surprise for Emilia, noting that it is Emilia's last day in the office. The company's office hours start at 8:00 am and end at 12:00 pm, a lunch break for an hour and a half, and the office hours in the afternoon starts at 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.On this day, according to what Luisa had told them, today being the last day that Emilia would come to the company. She would only come to the office to give a few pointers for Rosabelle and say goodbye to her team, to Mr. Adams, and to Miss Klau. The team bought gifts that they had planned weeks ago with Luisa.
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Surprise 1
Emilia ate with gusto and left her apartment after cleaning the kitchen. As it was the winter season, Emilia wore a white v-neck silk blouse, denim skinny jeans topped with a beige trench coat, and a cashmere scarf with the same color as the trench coat. She paired it with black knee-length winter boots. "Oh?... Emilia?" a male called her over and Emilia turned to the source of the voice and noticed that it was Albert."Albert" Emilia smiled at him. "Whoa! that was an amazing trophy you got there, Albert," Emilia exclaimed as soon as she noticed the dark circles under his eyes. She giggled and Albert scratch the back of his head and said, "Well... can't help it.""The run-through will be in a few days, right?" Emilia asked while they walked together to Emilia's Department."Yes. Even though it is supposed to be a winter break."  Albert said gloomily.Emilia laughed and lightly tap his shoulders and said, "Che
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Surprise 2
"oh!" Zia Klau exclaimed as she just walked in the office absentmindedly and was surprised to see someone in the office. She was scared of her wits as she was afraid of ghosts.Gion gently smiled at her and says, "Hi. you're early. Are you a first-year representative?""yes from Data Science," Zia replied. "hmmm... Then you find yourself a seat after you sign the attendance sheet over there,"  Gion kindly instructed Zia as he continued to prepare the materials needed for later's meeting. The meeting ended with a positive vibe. Zia packed her things and immediately went out but she was stopped by her childhood friend, Laura Johannsen who was also the representative of her course, first-year Finance Management."Zia let's help out for a while," Laura said. Zia didn't say anything and just followed Laura. Days had passed and Zia's life routine completely changed after joining the student council, a
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