Surprise 1

Emilia ate with gusto and left her apartment after cleaning the kitchen. As it was the winter season, Emilia wore a white v-neck silk blouse, denim skinny jeans topped with a beige trench coat, and a cashmere scarf with the same color as the trench coat. She paired it with black knee-length winter boots.

"Oh?... Emilia?" a male called her over and Emilia turned to the source of the voice and noticed that it was Albert.

"Albert" Emilia smiled at him.

"Whoa! that was an amazing trophy you got there, Albert," Emilia exclaimed as soon as she noticed the dark circles under his eyes. She giggled and Albert scratch the back of his head and said, "Well... can't help it."

"The run-through will be in a few days, right?" Emilia asked while they walked together to Emilia's Department.

"Yes. Even though it is supposed to be a winter break."  Albert said gloomily.

Emilia laughed and lightly tap his shoulders and said, "Cheer up Albert! your date was in 24 right? hahahaha"

"Gaah! how did you even know that?!" Albert exclaimed.

Emilia grinned at him and put her right hand on her chin.

"I even know the condom incident you know?~~~~~"

Emilia immediately went into her Department, fleeing away taking advantage of Albert's shock state. She was smiling on the way to her team's office, cannot stop herself from thinking about Albert's reaction.

"who's thirsty? I am going to fetch some water in the break room." Jules said, glancing at his colleagues.  Rosabelle gave her thumbs up, Denver just nods his head.

"3 bottles then." Jules while trying his best to hide his smile while looking at Denver who was nervous as hell as he looked so stiff with a straight face on. On the other hand, Rosabelle's hand was sweating a lot that she kept on wiping it with her hankie. Jules turned around to head into the break room only to notice that Emilia had just entered and was 8 or 9 meters away. Jules immediately made a 'U' turn and told them that Emilia is here.

Each of them went to their table in a flash and opened their unfinished work, while Luisa was saved since she went to the comfort room and noticed Emilia on her way back, so she hid in a nearby table crunching down while peeking at Emilia walking with a smile on her face.

"Uhm... Miss Luisa?"  Erick, who was the one occupying the table that Luisa had hid through reach out to Luisa as he was shocked at Luisa who was crunching down below him. If others would see it with a perverted mind, they would assume that Luisa was giving him a blowjob or something.

Erick Lawson, 29 years old, a guy who was commonly labeled as the boring and stiff guy to girls from a pub. He lived a life that is fulfilling for him. A straight 'A' student during his academic years, and a talented programmer, had a wealthy background. He can be considered as the perfect package in terms of his looks, money, and body build BUT he was not interested in 3D girls. It was even rumored that he had allocated two rooms for his figurine anime, another room for his anime collection (books and CDs)

"ha..ha.. ha" Luisa awkwardly laughs and slowly gets up to her feet. She offered her apologies and run to Emilia's office. Luckily, when she got there, Emilia was not there.

"Miss Luisa! you're here. Let's prepare now. Miss Emilia will be back any minute from now." Rosabelle said.

In Gion's Office,

"what brings you here, to my humble office Ms. Klau?" Gion asked smirked when he noticed Zia Klau's frowning expression.

Klau flexing her eyebrows and her newly brought handy bag, put them on the center table. She sat down on the couch and crossed her legs to have her shiny shoes look more apparent. This made Gion shake his head and heave a sigh. He continued to review some of the documents on his table not bothering Zia Klau again

Gion Adams and Zia Klau knew each other way back to their college years. Gion Adams was 2 years older than Zia Klau.

Gion Adams was one of those who are called a 'campus crush'. A guy who was smart, handsome, athletic, and wealthy. He was popular with both genders as he was kind and approachable. He was also part of the student council as the vice-president. While Zia Klau was the silent type. She was popular with the boys without her knowledge, as her attention was all on the technical stuff. She buried her attention to her computer most of the time, but Zia's life changed when she losses in a game they played with her classmates and she was appointed as the representative of their course. Their first meeting was in the student council's office where Zia arrived an hour early for their scheduled meeting.

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