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Cong Rong was a promising and hardworking novel writer who loved the fantasy world. However, no matter how much she tried to improve herself, the world dragged her down again. Losing her confidence, she got forced to change her genre to Romance. Tired of trying again, she pushed to a way where she felt there was no place for her. But was she right? Was there no hope of romance for her? Wen Shaoqing, a capable and brilliant CEO of a worldwide famous comic company. He had only one aim, and that was to see his company at the top. But what if two loveless people come together? Will there be a spark of love between them? Or will both ignore their feelings and remain hopeless? What will happen when two different types of personalities get locked in the same house for a few months?

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Bella 02
Loving it. Hope you update it soon. ...️
2021-10-24 13:51:10
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OMG!!!! This book is so amazing!!!! It's exactly what I have been looking for!!! Keep Writing Author 😊.
2021-07-20 00:54:50
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Zhang Jingmei
Worth reading. ❤❤
2021-04-30 06:11:55
12 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 - Her fantasy world
Chapter 01    - Her fantasy world The devil bound the jungle from all sides. It seemed impossible to escape from there without coming into their sight. On a misty night, there was nothing but chippers of birds. Once behind a dense tree, a girl was struggling in pain. Her hands seemed to crack vigorously. The blood was flowing deep down to her knees, covering them. She couldn't even utter a word as if someone sliced her dried throat and took out her voice. Tears were flowing from her eyes like raindrops. There was no chance for her to survive further. Her breaths slowly started reducing, and her heart rate was also getting low. As if she was taking her last pants.  
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CHAPTER 2 - The birthday party
Chapter 02 - The birthday party What could be the best way to beat the tiredness of working all night,  more than a shower? He just went to his favorite place, which could be the best place to release exhaust, the hot shower. He just stood up in his favorite hot shower and turned on the button. The cozy warm water escaped the shower's head and fell on his masculine, pearly skin. Breathing out, he closed his eyes while running his hand through his wet hair.   After enjoying the shower time, he wrapped his bathrobe around and came out of the bathroom. The drops of water were dropping out of his wet hair as he walked towards the wardrobe. Grabbing his favorite blue
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Chapter 03 - Meeting with her crush
Chapter 03 - Meeting with her crush Everyone was just staring at them when Song Mido came to her. Mido got furious seeing him flailing on the cake. Clenching her jaw, she glared at the Rong with her dragon-looking eyes.    "How dare you ruin Shaoqing's expensive suit? Do you even know the cost?"   "How much does it cost?"   "$10000. Can you pay it, stupid girl?"   She choked in the air while hearing its price. Gently speaking, she bowed her head. "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't know you were coming. Please, forgive me."   Wrapping her hands, Mido scoffed
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Chapter 04 - A new beginning 
Chapter 04 - A new beginning   "They want you... to change your genre."   These few words were enough for any writer to feel frightened in the world. She felt as if someone threw a stone and broke her glass-type career in a few moments. Upon hearing it, tears started forming in her eyes. Her cheeks turned all red out of shame.    "So I failed again? How many times am I going to disappoint them? How many failures do I have to see in my life?" she thought.   She lowered my head, not letting anyone notice those painful tears.    "Cong Rong, you'
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Chapter 05 - They met again
Chapter 05 - They met again   Pausing for a while, she held her breath before shouting aloud.   Ming: PLEASE HELP ME OUT!   Keeping a hand on her ear, she covered it.   Rong: Yah! You first calm down and stop shouting.    Ming: I have an urgent meeting. The file that I need is at our home. Please, bring it to my office, Rong. Otherwise, today will be my last day here.   Rong: Huh? Ah, sure. When do you need it?   Ming: Just now. The meeting is starting in 15 minutes.   Choking in
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Chspter 06 - Overcome a self-doubt
Chapter 06 - Overcome a self-doubt It was almost nighttime. Cong Rong was continuously revising those words of Director Xia. As if it clenched her heart. Those moist eyes filled with tears. She wasn't ready for this. However, she had to move on. Sitting on her couch with her hands and feet cupped like a tiny ball, she glanced at the door when Ming entered.She didn't want to bother Ming with her troubles at all. Thus, she immediately wiped her tears and hid her pain with a fake smile. "Ming, you're back. What would you like to eat? Let me cook for you." As Rong approached her, she instantly pulled her into a hug and shed tears. She broke down in front of her as her heart couldn't endure this agony. Shocked, Rong didn't know what to do. Thus, she put her arms around Ming's back and rubbed it. "Calm down, sweetheart. Tell me, what is wrong?" Despite her best efforts, she couldn't calm her down and let her cry as much
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Chapter 07 - The blind date
Chapter 07 - The blind date On a beautiful morning, Ming & Rong's face was blooming like a flower. No doubt, they were in a good mood.They held some handbags in their hands and enjoyed a pleasant day while chatting. Their shining smiles spread all over their faces, revealing their happiness."Ahh! Nothing is better than shopping," Ming commented while spreading her hands in the air."Indeed. It makes me feel free from all worries," Rong replied.After yesterday's mess, both of them came to their favorite mall to refresh themselves.Stopping for a while, Ming put her hand inside the bag and took out a black packet."Surprise!!" She showed it to Rong as her smile curved into a tiny grin."Where did you get this one? I thought it's a limited edition of a new face mask."With her eyes gleaming, she flipped her hair. "Hmph! I'm a master of sales. I got this pack at a discount. Also, with a get on
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Chapter 08 - The unexpected encounter
Tearing up the wind and taking long breaths, she ran towards the turn.As calm as Zhao Ming looked, she looked full of anger. That anger only came out after seeing people close to her in trouble. Even when the boys tried to tease Rong while shopping, Ming stood up for her like a true friend.Reaching further into the turn, she called out her name and informed her, "Cong Rong, they're coming. Be ready!"Saying this, she turned left.*Bamp!!*A voice started echoing amidst the calm weather. Holding a baseball bat, Rong opened her eyes as Ming began to panic."Boss!""Boss?" She looked down at Ming with puzzled eyes. Her hand covered her wide-open mouth as she realised it was none other than Wen Shaoqing. She gulped, stepping back to hide.He put a hand over his head and rubbed it in a circular motion."What were you even doing?" He asked, throwing a pissed-off look at Ming.She quickly bowed and asked for an apology. "I'm so sorry, boss. Some goons were after us. We were only trying to
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Chapter 09 - The lie she said
While having a phone call with Zhao Ming, she carefully pressed the top to close the steel lunchbox.Rong: Ming, can you send me your boss's address?Ming: Xiaomi Ge?Rong: Not him. I'm asking about Mr. Wen.Ming: Wait, why did you need his address? What's going on?Rong: I'll tell you later, for sure. Can you do me a favour, please?Ming: Just don't let him know that I gave you the address.Rong: Deal!Hanging up on her call, she headed towards the given address.After a quick ride, she arrived in one of the most expensive areas. She could feel wealth in the air, as most of the houses were worth millions.She gasped before entering his house. She easily got access, as the guards weren't there at the moment."Woa!" Her mouth remained open as she watched the living room. It appeared simple yet sophisticated and luxurious.She kept walking until someone called her out."Miss?"She turned to face a middle-aged woman wearing a black and white shirt and skirt."May I know who you are lookin
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Be my girlfriend
Leaning back, she rested her back and got lost in thought.*Flashback*He brought her to a nearby room and made her sit on the bed. Opening drawers, he searched for the medkit.After a while, he sat near her, gently cleaning her bruise with cotton.Unaware, Rong felt strange seeing him take such care of her.It was the first time she had no words to express her feelings. She was clueless about the bluster of those heartbeats.The whole time, her eyes were only asking to see him. There was something at that moment that she could not express. Perhaps she didn't know what had happened to her.A text notification snapped her out of her thoughts, making her smack her cheeks."Cong Rong, what are you even thinking? Stop it."She extended her hand to reach the phone and opened Ming's chat.Ming: Rong, can you help me pick up a parcel from nearby? I guess I'll be late today.Rong: Alright, no problem.Ming: I love you. Tomorrow's breakfast is on me.Giggling over her text, she sent a heart em
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