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"What's your name?" He asked, adjusting the bulge in his pants. "Maya." "Maya, this is your last chance to walk away." He warned, hoping she would leave but she slowly ran her fingers around the hem of her panties. “I want you to touch me." Her voice nudged all his dirty desires. "I won't be able to stop myself." He told her. "I don't think I can fuck you gently. Not when you're driving me crazy and bringing my fantasies to life." ************************* When Maya was accepted to her dream school, Emerald School Of Arts, she cried for an hour. Part of her tears came from the excitement that she was accepted but the major reason for her sadness was that she could not afford the tuition. Orphaned at fifteen, she had no one to take care of her and possibly pay the tuition. Left with no option, she decided to sell her virginity at a sex for cash motel. The deal was simple: fvck the unknown man, get paid and forget about him. But one night with the man who bought her changed everything. A month later, Maya was sitting in the front row of class when her professor walked in and he was no other person that the man she sold her virginity to.

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8 Chapters
Chapter One
Maya's POV "Maya, this man is not like our usual clients. Are you sure you still want to do this?" Madam Julia asked, her eyes peering into mine for answers. She wasn't one to say much so I knew it was really important. "What do you mean?" I licked my dry lips, avoiding eye contact with her while my fingers twirled a strand of my hair. "He has a special taste; quite dominating and demanding in bed. Can you handle that for your first time?" "Yes. I want to do this." I flashed her a fake smile, raising my shoulders to appear confident but the truth was that my nervousness was like a swarm of bees, buzzing uncontrollably in the pit of my stomach. "Trust me, I can handle him." Madam Julia patted me gently on the shoulder before walking away to talk to other girls who were getting ready to meet their clients. If you haven't already guessed, I was in a motel. But I wouldn't be there if I wasn't desperate—and I was. I was going to sell my virginity to a man I didn't know.
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Chapter Two
Damon's POV God! She was a walking sexual drive. I couldn't believe that I was allowing my fantasies, my hunger to take control of me. I had always wanted to fvck someone way younger, but that was a desire I buried within me. But not any more. For the next few hours, I wasn't the strict art teacher who sent students out of my class for the slightest misbehavior. I was just a faceless girl's daddy, aching to rip an orgasm out of her. Perhaps, the first order of business would be to punish her for being late. But as my eyes danced around her body, I wanted to do more than punish her. She seemed to erase my conscience, leaving me with a throbbing cock and a head full of desires. "Am—am I in the wrong room?" The sound of her voice which was both confused, excited and perfectly fucking whiny made my cock pulse painfully. Where the fuck did they find this girl? Her blonde hair was curly but simple, parted down the middle and tumbling across her shoulders. Her eyes were dee
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Chapter Three
Maya's POV "Get on the bed!" Damon groaned, lowering his head to place a kiss on my belly button, then inched closer between my breasts. I was panting by the time he got to my throat, before he settled his lips on mine. My body obeyed him without any hesitation, my back flat on the mattress, heat rising in places they had never before; between my knees, my neck and my nipples. "You're so beautiful," he moaned against my lips, his body angled partially on top of mine, his erection pushing against my hip. "Can you feel that, Maya?" He asked, moving my hands to his throbbing cock. "This is what you're doing to me." I bit my lips nervously and dug my toes into the bed, hoping to fight the ache between my legs. "Is it going to hurt?" "Yes." He brushed his fingertips across my breast, leaving me quaking with desire. "But I will try to go slow." Without giving me a chance to respond, Damon slammed his lips over mine. His big bulge rubbing against my hip grew bigger when I ran
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Chapter Four
ONE MONTH LATER Maya's POV "Watch it!" My heart raced as my art supplies scattered across the hallway, causing a few heads to turn to my direction. "Don't you have eyes?" The tall brunette I had crashed into glared at me before trying to get her things which were also spread across the floor. "Sorry." I mumbled an apology, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "It's my first day and it's just so...." "I don't care." She replied flatly, then picked up her colored pencils and walked away with a loud hiss. I managed to pick up the rest of my things before scurrying away to my locker in shame. College was supposed to be a place I could finally feel free, make friends and even fall in love. But within the first thirty minutes on campus, I realized I didn't fit in. Emerald college wasn't a place for people like me; poor, lonely, and misunderstood. I was completely out of my element and I felt naked, exposed. It felt like everyone could see through me, like they knew that I
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Chapter Five
Damon's POVI watched as my students shuffled out of my class and I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in their heads. Did they find my interaction with Maya a little too weird? I noticed their surprised looks but I ignored them. Were they walking away with suspicions in their mind? Yet, beneath my contemplation, I couldn't take my eyes off Maya, in her loose floral skirt and black top. She was sitting at the front desk, waiting for other students to leave. Her legs were crossed, revealing the smooth skin of her thighs. Her top exposed her cleavage slightly, and her round boobs were almost threatening to explode out of her neckline. God! She did things to me, things I wasn't proud of. I could eat her alive, and I wanted to. My body was yearning for her, pushing me to scoop her up and fuck her while she's gripping a desk, begging me to take it slow. But that was the problem. Seeing her in Emerald was the last thing I wanted. The memories of everything we did in that hotel c
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Chapter Six
Maya's POV "Asshole!" I muttered within my breath and dashed out of the lecture room, slamming the door behind me. I felt the tightening of my throat as I raced to the bathroom to avoid breaking down in the hallway. Tears threatened to escape my eyes but I forced them back, my heart aching with anguish. When you're eighteen, you make a lot of mistakes. You make out with a lot of boys, attend numerous parties and even do drugs if you can afford them. But selling my body to Damon wasn't a mistake; it was a choice, one that I would have to endure the consequences longer than I expected. I never thought I would see him again. When Madam Julia refused to give out his personal details, I had given up on finding him. But who knew that I would run into him several miles away from home? I wouldn't have thought he was a professor, let alone, in a prestigious school like Emerald. "You don't fall in love with every guy who sticks his dick into you." His words replayed over and over in my head
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Chapter Seven
Damon's POVDamn! I hated the way he looked at her. I despised the way he always jumped to defend her, hoping she would notice him. I saw his desire for her in his eyes and it ripped a tear in my heart. It was her fucking first day of school and she already had the boys drooling over her. I didn't know why that bothered me more than it should. Why couldn't she be one of those unnoticed nerds in college? Why couldn't she be invisible to these horny boys? She was mine and even if she wanted nothing to do with me anymore, she would always be mine. I tried to convince myself that I would stay away from her to protect my reputation. That it would be like we've never met before. But after learning about the truth, the real reason she was in that motel, I was determined to make things right. Or perhaps, I realized it was impossible to stay away from her. Not when I would be seeing her every day, in her tight little skirts and tops that exposed her cleavage. And watching those brats try t
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Chapter Eight
Maya's POV"Damon..." I gasped when his tongue licked my wetness. I draped back on the desk, trembling, while he buried his face between my thighs. I'd never had a man worship my body like he did and it felt fucking good. "Do you want this?" His voice was strained but I was more concerned with the way he looked at me. I should have stopped him but the part of my brain that was telling me to push him away was lost in the fire of the pleasure. "God, yes." I breathed, squirming gently. My skin broke in goosebumps as his hands ran up my thighs and back. "I want you!" I screamed and he slammed his hand over my mouth. "Someone is going to hear us." He warned and I rolled my eyes. If he really cared about that, he wouldn't be fucking me in his office. He slammed his lips against mine, and pleasure whipped through me, pleasure that I'd only felt once in my life before. But it was better than I remembered, far better than that night at the motel. As I draped back on the table, I grasped hi
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