Embers Of Hope

Embers Of Hope

By:  Dark Slits  Completed
Language: English
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Worried with his wife's views about sex, and her refusal to let him please her the way a woman should be pleased, Karl refuses to give her the one thing she so desperately needs, which is a child. This sets him on a path to distract himself, leading him to an unlikely fellow, his first love.

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40 Chapters
Karl and Lexi
She had tears in her eyes when she knelt before him and took him in her mouth. Karl knew her religion was against it, yet, he had let her go through with it. She used her lips just like he had told her to, but she did it with fear written on her face. No matter. Before the night was over, those tears would no longer linger when he showed her what she and her tribe had been missing.Karl and his wife, Lexi, had been married for two months, and all that time, he had not had sex with her because of her view about sex. Lexi was taught to believe that women were mares, meant to be mounted and ridden. "A horse," Lexi had said, "should feel the ache and pain of its riding, and the rider is to feel the pleasure.""I guess you've never ridden a horse," Karl had said. "People normally get sores from riding horses, and since women aren't horses, they shouldn't be ridden like horses. They are beings of pleasure, meant to feel ecstasy, the shattering euphoria of climax
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Karl and Gina
Karl sat on a smooth stone outside one of his tents, staring blankly in the distance, under the night sky. The cold pressed him on all sides, and he relished the chill. Save for the singing of crickets, coming from the tents around him were the pleasurable low moans of ladies and the groaning of his men. He tried to ignore the stirring this gave him and focus on what he was going to do with his wife. Lexi wasn't the only lady the Chief of the North Hill Tribe gifted to him. Gina was waiting for him in the tent behind his back which was one of his tents, and what he missed with Lexi, he could make up for with Gina. Why did Lexi fear her people? Her father, the Chief, had gifted her to him as his price for protecting their tribe from invaders, but Karl, seeing how precious she was, had insisted on paying her bride price, and he had.
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In a thrusting motion, Karl moved his tongue inside Gina, making her wright in pleasure. When he licked and kissed her at her pleasure spot, he saw her hands clutch the fur mattress. "I want you inside me," Gina said. Karl didn't submit to her request. But he made her quake a few times. Gina was jerking vigorously from a climax, and Karl had to stop pleasing her with his tongue to watch the beautiful sight unfold before him. Spasm and spasm of pleasure swam over her, she was lost in the stars. "Now, it's my turn," Karl said and went to lay with his back on the fur. Gina regained herself, moved to a sitting position, and stood to sit astride Karl. She took h
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The Value Of Women
It was hot when Karl set out to meet the Chief of the North Hill Tribe. Karl was with five of his men, and he met the Chief at the center of the Night Witch camp with ten of the tribe's men. Karl raised a hand, his men paused their footsteps. Their hands rested on the hilt of their swords which was fastened around their waist in its scabbard. Karl made his way to stand before the Chief, and the chief smiled at him. "Welcome, Commander," the Chief said. "Thank you, Chief," Karl said with his face down. He was annoyed that the Chief had chosen to meet at a time like this with no consideration for the blazing sun. He hoped the Chief and the men with him didn't see it as an insult that his face was down. He was only trying to conceal his irritation. He raised his head when he th
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Two days later, Karl and his entire host arrived at Strongfall. Close to the gates of the walled city, Karl and his men pulled their horses to a halt, and he had his gaze squinted due to the glow of the sun. He looked up at the soldiers on the wall, and he could see they were all staring. Metals groaned, Karl leveled his gaze to the gate to see it was now opened. Fifty knights on horses rode out and approached Karl. The knights pulled up at a stone throw from Karl, but one approached. He was well covered in a dull silver armour, and his visor was open. Slowing his horse, the knight asked, "Welcome, commander Karl. I am general Finley, and the Queen has asked me to escort you inside the city." Karl curtly gave a sing
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Princess Alex
"The princess wishes to see you," one of Karl's guards announced. Karl gestured for the guard to see her in. Gina continued caressing him. "Do you want me to leave?" Gina asked. "No," Karl said. "I'll like to see how this goes." The Princess entered inside the tent with her maid. Karl saw her gaze avert from him to Gina. This made him smile. "You wish to see me?" Karl asked. Alex's eyes darted upwards, and he watched her struggle to compose herself even as she stood erect with her maid doing the same behind her, her gaze returned to him. "Yes," she said. 
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"Will you marry her?" Lexi asked Karl over dinner. Karl choked on his wine. He hadn't seen that coming. Lexi! She always had a little mystery to her silence. Regaining himself, he asked, "What would make you think that, Lexi? She's a princess, one that should get married to a prince. I am merely a mercenary. I'm too low for her kind." "But you're a soldier." "A soldier of fortune," he reminded his wife. "A soldier of fortune." "Doesn't matter. Court ladies, I've heard do wed knights," she said. Karl shook his head. Would she ever understand? As beautiful as she was, she was also naive about a lot of things in this world. "This particular princess can't just
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The Worried Wife
It got busy within the encampment of the waiting imposing, and the gallant army of the Night Witch. Men walked horses, armours were crafted, and blades were sharpened. Karl set his men to the task of secreting themselves among the citizens of Strongfall in order to bring rebels to heel. "This is substantial information," Henry told Karl in his war tent which had been set up to discuss information from spies and strategy. "I believe the men are telling the truth. There's no road there." Karl was resting and on his long sword as he reviewed the map. "Still, their words can't be trusted," he said, looking up at Henry. "These men are citizens of these kingdoms, are they not?" "They are." "They are mercenaries. Even if w
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Breaking Rules
Sex with Gina was always a beautiful experience. Karl knew this for with her, there was no rush, and one could try anything. Karl was lying naked on his tummy on a fur mattress in his tent, and before him was a naked Gina, also on her back with her legs propped up and separated, rocking her waist to the pleasurable sensation the thrusting of Karl's fingers caused within her. "I'm telling you, she's improving," Karl said, enjoying the wetness of her around his fingers. He used his thumb to caress the cleft of her core. Gina writhed in pleasure. "She was talking about war and other things," he continued. "Do you know my scout even confirmed something she had pointed out to me yesterday? It was amazing she had seen all
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Make Me Feel Like A Woman
Lexi thought of him with lust, then. But here he was with her, and he didn't want to let go of her. "What do you call this?" Lexi asked.  "An intimate moment," Karl said. "I can hear your heartbeat." Lexi pulled apart from his embrace. "Is something wrong?" Lexi shook her head. "I don't know much about lust. That's for those in the south, but in the north, it's a sin. It's evil to feel such." "Do you know marriage overrides all that? A man can feel lust for his wife. Surely, you've seen some of the men of the north moving with bulges in their trousers?" 
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