Fake Love
Fake Love
Author: Happy

Chapter 1

Note - this book is like  a lot like a My other book We were together  ,i wrote it two years ago , the first book i have writen in my life hope you enjoy it.)

Cable entered his house balcony with a coffee mug in his hand. “finally, I 'm so happy, finally on a holiday. i will watch my favourite manga play with robin my cute dog and sleep as much as I want. " he happily sat on the chair on the balcony. 

house cleaner lily: sis that girl came again... and is creating a scan In Front of your house. 

Cable rolled his eyes "Man that girl again??? she’s so annoying I told her that I am not going to give any interview to her ..."

he sips his coffee.

"Mr. King Cable ..." and the coffee came out of his mouth. he was coughing sitting on his knee. "Who the hell is this? " he looked around.

"I am here, look I just want to say one thing."

Cable started to find the source of the voice and he saw Emma climb a tree beside his house and talk to him from there. He widens his eyes” are you crazy dote, do you want to die " he spoke.

"there was no option left so I had to do it. Mr Cable I am a good journalist and I have my principals I will not write any gossip I will only write what is truth believe me. "

"don't you understand I don't do interview so just leave me alone. "

" I won’t go until you'll say yes for interview, I’ll stay here ... *she climbed down from the tree*

Cable front his eyes and looked at her and then his dog a smirk placed on his lips 

"oh yeah ???"

"robin ???? go catch that girl she is your lunch ..."

robin energetically ran behind Emma, she got scared " you ...........cruel.... aaaaaaaaaa........"I will come back " she run for her life "

"Cable laugh seeing that girl "

lily (in mind): did I just saw sir laugh ???"

 Emma: “that cruel and unkind man I will do an interview with you anyhow just wait King Cable she shouted

 unknown:" yah crazy girl doesn’t shout here go to your own home" 

Emma ashamed look down "sorry sorry "she ran from there



 She was Working on a project when employees came to her desk and started teasing.

girl 1: "so how is going with the interview yes you are so lucky (mocking) that you got this project. 

man 1: "don't you know Cable welcomed him with flowers and music and dogs Emma got frustrated and angry. She said ``Unlike you at least I have work I don't wander around every day and think that today whom we should tease or which bosses’ feet we should leak today I have better things to do then you."

The mean girls and boys and went out being red in anger. 

Leo : " you guys don't have any work " he spoke strictly  I." Immediately  all went to their desk and pretended that they are working ."good morning sir" Emma spoke seeing her boss." good morning ammo what they gave you hard time again " he spoke again ." leave it I don't care about these . dogs bark I am so depressed about this king Cables project right now" she spoke  "I have already warn  you about Cables king project no journalist  have ever has his interview he just never allow any journalist to interview his personal life" Leo spoke and explain it to her " but you told me that are  if I can get in interview I get a great change to word up Mr career. "it's the truth but King Cable is so big deal everyone thinks he is rude as f*** he is Moody how can you deal with him " Emma looked at him and spoke "but now there is no turning back  why  just  I said I want to interview him on last meeting .(fake cries). But I believe in myself no matter what ... " sitting on her desk she looked at her boss again "what about you sir do you believe in me sir..."  Leo rolled her eyes  "I just want to say one thing after this project come to me I will recommend you some job " and walked away "thanks you sir " she smile but her smile faded when she realise what he told her  "wait a minute yeh you jerk" she shouted .  "Yeah I'm your senior and you can't beat me I am your sir go away". Leo laugh and run away from her.


(in mind)"I heard in this party King Cable is coming and that doggy is also not here finally. "today I have to make him say yes anyhow ".

guard:" excuse me can I see your invitation card mum "

Emma: “I am a journalist from eve news this is my ID card."


he was walking talking on his phone when he heard "I am a journalist from eve news this is my ID card. Cable cuts the call "a girl journalist from eve news ....and this voice??  turns around he saw Emma "oh my god this girl again I should hide right now"

 guard: "go ahead maim " Emma smile at him " thank you so much "

Emma (in mind)" now I have to find that Cable ".

There was a party going on in here the hall was decorated beautifully everyone was talking to each other about their luxury dresses and all. "sis you look fabulous" 

random girl "oh my god girl you are looking gorgeous. "Sofia:" is ok thank you can you tell me did you see Cable"

 girl: I saw him going to the corridor there "ok I should go and see him my Cable baby Cable "

Cable excited from the men's restroom he saw Emma also exist exiting from the women's restroom 

Cable: “what the f*** did you just follow me to the men restroom." he shouted 

 "I did not I was also here to use the women's restroom.  At least I don't do this kind of things to get interview you don't have to worry"

" yeah of course I already know that this kind of journalist who can do everything to get an interview " he rolled his eyes 

Emma (in mind)" this suborn stars is getting on my nerves I will kill you no, Emma come down think about your career its matter more than this killing this person just be calm and a smile "

Emma: “halacha videos of funny if you agree to do interview with me, I promise I will only show the truth the world nothing else "

Cable was going to say another insulting word when they heard "Cable baby " he understood it was his ex-girlfriend voice he got scared.

" Sofia was a clingy star who always chased him and claims that she is still his girlfriend. she always annoyed Cable and after breaking up with her she is clingier".

 Cable (in mind): “oh God why all the problems coming together towards me "

Cable ran into the washroom again in between the conversation  and Emma started thinking through the situation ."Sofia :" what I think I heard  Cables voice from here where did he go " she looked around she noticed Emma and asked "you did you see my Cable baby here anywhere ??"

"Cable baby??? “(Emma smirked at that) asked Sofia rolled her eyes "the king Cable the big star you stupid girl" Sofia spoke annoyed. Emma understood the situation perfectly why Cable was hiding. She just controlled her laugh and said "no miss Sofia I didn't see him here I think I saw him in the main hall.  she spoke innocently "

"oh, then I should go there. " as Sofia moved toward the main hall when Emma leaned toward the men restroom door and said "Mr Cable do you want to give an interview to me now?? I have saved you "she smirked" 

Cable silently opened the door of the men's restroom and saw Sofia was standing a little too far from them Cable "hug!! (whisper) you did not do anything. 

 "hug really " okay then let me call miss Sofia here.   Emma shouted "miss Sofia here is your Cable baby is hiding"

  Emma did not finish her sentence when Cable grabbed her mouth and pulled her into the men restroom.  Cable was standing as he pinning her into the wall grabbing her mouth.  Emma was trying to say something when they heard.  "I heard someone call my name but no one is there.  “Cable more tightly pressed his hand on Emma's mouth Cable  didn't notice that they were really close that Emma's body was touching his.  "EH?! whatever I should find my Cable baby " they heard Sofia walk away. after that Cable took a deep breath and looked at Emma who was still uncomfortable. looking at her body up and down and realised she kind of sexy. (In mind)"oh my god Cable stop thinking dirty about this girl she is just an annoying journalist ". Cable finally removed his hand from Emma's lips when she started to take a deep breath.

"what the f*** was that why you just pulled me in the men's toilet". She shouted Cable now smirked to see Emma uncomfortable and started to tease her.  "You started first I should take revenge. " Emma oh my God! I did not know Mr King Campbell the famous Idol is a low-key pervert. “Cable smirk "oh! am pervert hu?  then I should do what perverts do *smirk*". Cable again stepped toward Emma most probably to scare her.  "Mr. Ki-king Cable, what are you trying to do?? stop right there. I am warning you I know judo."  Cable kept pinning her when Emma aimed her target and kicked him in the balls. Cable fell into the flooring pain started rolling on the floor in pain "f******************”! " look who's crying now I told you now I'm going to shoot everything now ".   Emma took out her Cam and started to shoot Cable hello guys this is your heart to be king Cable he was trying to molest me so I gave him a kick off death and he now screaming in pain.  I hope you will stop loving him after this video. and Emma stopped recording and kept back the Cam in her bag again.  Then she helped him to stand again.  Cable looked at Emma in confusion. "What are you looking for? Why am I helping you?  "Cable nodded and Emma said "I know you were only doing all this to scare me so I won't disturb you for an interview again and I did this so I can get footage to blackmail you."  she smirked. Cable was standing with help of Emma he gulped as he understood how dangerous is this woman " so now do you agree to give me an interview "or should I leak this video footage.??. " Cable nodded sadly as he knew he had no option left but to agree. 


Cable and Emma chose an empty beach because it was not that popular.   Cable exited the party hiding from Sofia and by his car he reached this beach and Emma took a cab and reached here. They choose not to come here together to not catch attention or gossip about them.  Emma sat on the beach, crossed her knees and said to Cable.  "sit Mr Cable. " . Cable looked at her "are you telling me to sit on the sand with the expensive suit I am wearing???? ". Emma looked at Cable "oh my! so sorry your highness I forget about this wait a minute. Then Emma spread her handkerchief on sand and said. "you can sit here now your highness... Cable wasn't happy, still he managed to sit on that handkerchief...  and he also crossed his knees said.  "finish it quickly".

Emma rolled her eyes "I will try " she spoke. she set her Cam in front of them and started a recorder and placed it between her and Cable and asked.  "so, Mr Cable, how old are you?? " Cable rolled his eyes seriously, are you going to irritate me with this type of question??? just google it.  "Emma really felt embarrassed that was really a dumb question so she just shook her head and asked "what do you do in your spare time? "

"I watch anime.  play games, sleep a lot, and play with robin. "

"EH your dog I have not so happy experience with him ah! leave it,  why did you keep his name Robbin?."

Cable made a straight face and replied "no reason do I need reason to name him Robbin seriously annoying girl can you be serious?? my time is not free as you can think..

Emma got silent..  Cable looked at her and saw her sweating even in those cool breezes of the beach. 

"are you by chance numerous?? "

Emma nodded and Cable started laughing. 

Cable: “a ha nervous, you can get nervous too?? I cannot believe you are the same girl who kicked me in the balls at a party. 

He rolled on the beach laughing. 

"okay look at me, do I look handsome"

"NO! "

Cable suddenly kissed her on the lips and said "do I look handsome now??  Emma was confused at first but then she got mad and said "Cable I seriously know judo if you try anything now, I will make sure that you 'll never be a dad in future.

"oh my God" 

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